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10-01-2007, 03:19
This is for using beastmen in Necromunda. I had wanted to just use the orlock rules to make them appear to be working for fell purposes but then thought goliath rules would be more approprite. Then figured even those would be too techy so decided upon using the unknown rules.
Each "gang" or warband would serve different "powers" whether they be directly aligned with a god or chaos or just a reliable strain of mutant that resembles beastmen, it would be up to the player. Each gang would have thier own name associate with themselves. Anyways, they live at a tribal level and are highly mobile. They are of course, highly shunned by all other gangs and steal what they need to live. On rare occasions, they trade with those brave enough to trade with them.
Weapons added with the unknown warriors rules are- great weapons, chains/flails, swords, clubs and hand flamers (leader only).
Fundamental skills- ferocity, major skills- combat, minor skills- stealth, reiferial skills- techno.
They would not really have many ties with other clans at all for obvious reasons. Scavvies would have relatively close ties with them as they have so much in comman. Likewise, as they are not about polluting the hive and might even actually share the same ideals in some cases, ratskins usually turn a blind eye towards them or even leave stuff out for them when creds are left in a marked "trade" spot.
The idea is to have them highly close combat oriented and primitive Whatcha think?
They could be a usable gang or could be used as antagonists run by a gamemaster when 2 players wish to work together against a comman foe or compete for a treasure held by a 3rd party or even if an opponant is not available but a gamemaster is.
Edit for clarity

10-01-2007, 03:56

What's this about? You're not making sense, or I'm just missing it. (Also entirely possible...)

Dark Apostle197
10-01-2007, 04:04
Maybe he is saying he wants beastmen to be able to align with a chaos god? or he is making his own rules for review... Huh? BTW hi Tkitch

10-01-2007, 04:06
My apokogies. I have been discussing Necromunda here with several other members. This is for a necromundsa gang using the Unknown Warriers rules where you can create your own gang. I will edit the original post to make that clear.

10-01-2007, 04:20
Ahh, that makes sense.

Oh, and I woulnd';t know the first thing about Necro ;)

and Howdy, DA! ;)

10-01-2007, 04:53
@Evil Inc

Well, if it's any consolation, I knew what this Thread was gonna be about before I looked at it but I remembered what you had said on my Thread.

Skills and Equipment wise it looks good. "Raar, Beastman smash! Etc..." Seems to work quite well. Nice choice with the Handflamer, btw. I remember Rogue Trader too! Are you still going to include Heavies? I'm thinking they could be big hairy guys with Flamers or Heavy Stubbers. The simple stuff. Otherwise you could just ignore them and take as many minions as possible.

10-01-2007, 05:05
Yeah, I figured the hand flamer would be low tech enough for them and would fit into the "roar we have discovered fire" thing. and make all other weapons harder to get, not totally unusable but much less prevelant.
heavies yes but likely only one with a big weapon and maybe both with specials. Or maybe only one, who knows yet. Gimmie time.
Hell, I dont even have anyone to play, just like the idea of having the models "just in case". lol

10-01-2007, 05:08
No one to play Necro with? That sucks. There must be somebody. Hiding somewhere. Thinking nobody else plays. Where abouts in the world are you? I don't know anything about Portent.

10-01-2007, 05:18
LOL. Portent was this site before the name change and restructuring.
I am currently in Frederick MD U.S. and only have mondays/Tuesdays off and not always those days.

10-01-2007, 05:27
I'm an idiot... As you can see, I only joined Warseer recently and have never really frequented forums before that except The Conclave (Inquisitor rules!:D). I haven't been there for a while though.

Got a local gaming club that runs on Monday or Tuesday? A local GW store? They may let you put up posters seeking players for Necro or other games.

10-01-2007, 06:26
Here is my first try. I think it comes to 995 credits. (how much do great weapons cost anyways? I cant find it so didnt take any, but after find the price, can buy and trade around after recruiting new members (if I ever actually get to play).
1 leader with shotgun, chainsword, las pistal, knife
1 heavy with flamer, auto gun, chain weapon, knife
1 heavy with las gun, sword, knife
2 gangers with shotgun, auto pistal, chain weapon, knife
1 ganger with auto gun, auto pistal,chain weapon, knife
1 ganger with las gun, chain weapon, knife
1 ganger with shotgun, sword, knife
4 juves with chain weapons, knife

I suppose that the titles of the members may vary from "gang" to "gang". Leaders might be called chief or boss and heavies might be called shamans or brainy boys and so forth depending upon the respect tech is treated with and so forth for the gangers and juves. Since it can vary so much, I am using the reguler titles.

10-01-2007, 06:46
A "Massive Axe, Sword or Club" (Great Weapon) costs 15 Creds.

I would think about dropping the Basic Weapons on a couple of the "Gangers" so you can use 2 combat weapons. Pistol and Club/Sword on a couple of them. Possibly the Leader as well.

10-01-2007, 15:40
1 leader with shotgun, chainsword, las pistal, knife
1 heavy with flamer, auto gun, chain weapon, knife
1 heavy with las gun, sword, knife
2 gangers with auto pistal, clubs, knife
1 ganger with auto pistal,great weapon, knife
1 ganger with las gun, chain weapon, knife
1 ganger with auto pistal, sword, knife
1 ganger with great weapon, knife
4 juves with clubs, knife
How does it look now? more close combat oriented and switching out and losing the extra weapons left me enough to buy a whole new ganger with great weapon. Figured I'd leave the leader with his shotgun as a status symbol. Also switched some chains to clubs to add some strength in close combat.
Thinking back on it fluff-wise, I am thinking that these fellers would likely not ALL be strong what with the pollution and not being able to lay thier hands on the steroids and all the goliaths can so muscle as thier minor skill probobly wouldnt be best. Stealth however makes more sense as these guys would absolutely need that for thier survival as they need to remain hidden from detection.
Will alter original post and add some more fluff to it.

16-01-2007, 10:33
You know, many years ago I did a little work on drawing up a possible Beastman gang list. They ended up being similar to the Pit Slave gang (released a year or so later), being close combat monsters but with even less shooting and more toughness. I never got to playtest the rules, but looking back I think they were a tad overpowered...

I should think about revisiting those rules and updating them... :evilgrin:

Lord Humongous
16-01-2007, 23:56
Scavvies and Ratskins already fill this niche tactics wise, and have rules that fit the fluff better. I'd just run the Beastmen as one of those two- maybe as one of the Ratskin varients, even.
The "unknown warriors" still collect income as a house aligned, non outlawed gang; they own multiple territories and can't suffer starvations. That hardly seems the proper rules for a gang that can barley manage to find people to trade with!

17-01-2007, 02:21
They can find people to trade with fairly easily actually. Scavvies would easily trade with them and even help to bolster thier numbers through recruitment of the more mutated scavvies. Likewise, many ratskins would trade with them or even give offerings to these "hive spirits". Others like goliaths would respect them as fellow outcasts or muscle builders and the hive is chock full of criminals who will accept creds/barter from ANY source no questions asked.
True, they wouldnt exactly be able to stroll down the prominade of the upper spires but then again, neither would any other gang really beyond spyrers.
The idea is not to greatly rewrite the fluff of the warhammer 40k "world", it is to allow us to make a new, nice looking, and fluffy "gang" that would allow for a greater variety of fun. If you do not like the idea of using beastmen in your games, that is perfectly ok. Dont use them or allow others in your group to. That does not mean others cannot use these Games Workshop approved gang creation method to enhance our gaming experience.

17-01-2007, 02:44
Beastmen are legal Abhumans in the Imperium, they could be Enforcers if you wish.

17-01-2007, 19:11

Beastmen are only legal so far as the less mutated ones are barely tolerated as low class workers. Cloven hooves will get you shot! Any mutant would never be able to get into the Enforcers, no matter how minimal their mutation. I guess a non-physical thing like minor psychic powers might get through the selection process. Even then it's debatable.

18-01-2007, 00:08
That is exactly how a "beastman" gang would be formed in many cases. The children of mutants which are too different to be tolerated would be hidden away and raised by these hidden "gangs" and the parents would definately still trade and assist in what ways they could.

18-01-2007, 09:47
The club i run has just started up on Necromunda. I remember the game the first time and really enjoyed it, but didn't want to collect one of the old gangs.

After a bit of thought i have decided to collect a beastman gang. I will be using them with Goliath rules. The fluff will be considering them legal abhumans.

I have purchased a box of Catachans and Orks to make the models and will combine with the spare heads i have from my Beastmen.

I have already made 3 models, 1 is a catachan with an ungor head, 1 is an ork with a gor head, the other is a bit of a mix. They look rather nice,

18-01-2007, 16:52
Cool deal, be sure to post pics.
Originally, I had had in mind a world where the fantasy races all survived and used technology until it developed into a hive world.
This way we could all use different fantasy races as gangs and I figured that the 2 easiest fantasy regiments to convert would be beastmen and norse.

25-01-2007, 01:30
Just picked up a box of beatmen yesterday. I cant wait to get them together. Only problem is, my bitz boxes are at my buddies house back home. It will be 2 weeks or longer before I go back home to get them so I cannot put the models together till then.:mad:
Oh well, that will give me time to find out if the local store plays that or blood bowl and see if they will set something up for one of them on the days I have off.
Yes, I will post pics after I get them finished but dont expect them to be super great.:rolleyes: