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The game is afoot
10-01-2007, 06:53
It's tourney time !! Woohoo Armies of Arcana is growing up fast.
Certainly faster than I was expecting it to grow.

We will be having at least three AoA tourneys this year in England, with the first being a small one day 3 Game Tourney in London at London Gamers HQ courtesy of Soapy and the crew.

Next up will be big bad Britcon up in Manchester, Friday 10th to Sunday 12th of August, full residential accomodation and close to the Manchester train station. The rulespack should be confirmed within the next few days after we took the strong foundation that Thane has laid down for AoA tournaments and reworked some aspects of it to suit the UK style.
We are working out the points scoring system so that it fits into the framework required by BHGS guidelines.
Swiss Tony (London Gamers) is also a busy bee working out more historical lists to assist with those WAB fellows who want to cross over and try a little AoA with their WAB armies.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with as he has a huge amount of experience with WAB over the last several years.
Being able to get 2 for 1 as in two game systems for one army is a huge bonus.
We will dry run this tourney pack in late April at the mini tourney and give it another run at Britcon.
After that it can be revised as required or desired for the third AoA tourney on the calendar so far, the two day tourney in late September.
I am hoping that this can coincide with the London Gamers WAB tourney mooted for around the same time of the year.
A great chance for London Gamers to showcase both systems concurrently.

So gentlemen, start your engines, who is interested and available for the mini tourney in late April in Richmond London?
There are only 16 spaces available so be in quick gents for the April one dayer,
Entry cost 5 quid a head, byo lunch or chip in for Pizza. (Or both )
3 Games in one day 4000 points of AoA goodness.

Start your engines for Britcon, 3 days in the warm glory of beautiful Manchester... , one game on the Friday night, three games on the Saturday and two more on the Sunday, it's a beautiful thing, Count Me IN.
Anybody else interested in joing me and the usual suspects please let us know in advance. Britcon also boasts a miniature trade sales convention and a whole host of other historical systems. It's a classic tourney. Held up in Manchester, Friday 10th to Sunday 12th of August, full residential accomodation and close to the Manchester train station.
Entry fee is on the BHGS website.

Last tourney to register your intent for is one with plenty of spaces open and there is plenty of time to get ready for it, it will be in London, in the Hampton Court area and we are aiming at Late Sept. Exact dates and costs etc TBC. Please let us know if you are interested in coming to the London Gamers AoA/WAB 2 day five game tourney.

16-01-2007, 22:53
Excellent news... I plan to make it along to Manchester and London ones if I possible can. :cool:

Jonny Shoreboy
20-01-2007, 19:28
I'm looking forward to the tournies too!:D

The game is afoot
25-01-2007, 16:25
You're all most welcome.

Jonny Shoreboy
31-01-2007, 17:17
Places are filling fast for the first AoA tourny in April at London Gamers. :D

The game is afoot
02-02-2007, 19:54
I think there are only four places available now.