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11-01-2007, 16:05

That's it. They just snuck it in. I know the boxed game was still in the store a day or two ago, but now the 1.5 rulebook is there.

Not even a mention in advanced orders, just tucked away quietly in new releases and the BFG store.

11-01-2007, 16:24
Is anyone else unable to access the site? As in the whole online store?

Must of been temporarily down for me or something.

But ya... almost no announcement and it is kind of just there. Does that mean that they ran out of box sets?

11-01-2007, 17:06
Boxed sets are gone from US and UK store. :(

11-01-2007, 17:25
Humm what are the changes to the rules? Any new ones? And is the Blackstone ?ber killy shot in there? :)

11-01-2007, 17:33
It looks like the same book. What is different about it?

11-01-2007, 17:51
Mainly the changes that were on several other .PDFs are included, like different rules for the Nova Cannon, Different rules for ordinance such as not running out on doubles and fighters in play limited to the number of launch bays, misc. other things like massed turret fire and so on, in a slightly more durable cover to withstand being out of the box.

One key thing to look forward to will be the points reduction of some ships with launch bays that were obscenely overcosted, like the Despoiler and the Styx.

Also sometime this month the new 1.5 core rulebook [not the 1.5 errata that's been around] will be a downloadable .pdf, so the book is only for convienence and to show GW you still support specialist games.

There were rumblings it would go to Store shelves as well, but we'll see how that pans out. In the meantime, I say buy it to support BFG, maybe it'll show GW there's still life in SG.

11-01-2007, 18:06
I think I'll order a copy, I mean yeh downloading great but when I travel I can't really rely on a pdf :)

11-01-2007, 18:49
had hope they would go to a vertical/portrait format

11-01-2007, 19:42
nah the wouldn't have done that - it would have been virtually a total rewrite to change the formatting and art.

On another note i don't see the plastic cruisers up on the stores yet? Or am i blind?

12-01-2007, 00:51
had hope they would go to a vertical/portrait format

Why, oh why? The floppy sidelong horiztonal spacescape format is so much more unique...it has that Battlefleet Gothic feel to it...

Fair enough though if you've your reasons, you crazy madman! :p

Basically it's an updated version of the game. There's not enough revision in it to really be a next edition, as most folks will have been playing with the stuff in it for years already ( I know I have, points costs excluded).

It's always handy to have a book with everything you need in it. Which means that between this and Armada you not only have the vast bulk of the rules you'll need (unless you want to play a proper Eldar fleet [no silly movement], or any kind of Commerce Protection Fleet...or Rogue Traders...), but also a pair of rather nice books too (I'm thinking artwork and background).


12-01-2007, 03:01
does it include armada fleet lists?

12-01-2007, 08:42
On another note i don't see the plastic cruisers up on the stores yet? Or am i blind?
They're still up on the UK site.

12-01-2007, 09:24
does it include armada fleet lists?

I asked the same on the SG forums - Armada is still separate. This is purely a replacement for the book that came with the box, with v1.5 rules and a hardcover.

12-01-2007, 18:11
Really? I thought that armada was included as was all other official updates and rules publications

12-01-2007, 18:48
they should have included armada.
one rule book for all.
would have made it easier to sell the game.

14-01-2007, 06:09
I wonder when they are going to update the Canadian online store, as the new book is not listed, and the box set still is.

14-01-2007, 06:58
No Armada is a big dissapointment. :cries:

15-01-2007, 07:43
If there is no armada I will pencil in the changes in my old rulebook when the 1.5 rulebook becomes available for download

15-01-2007, 14:07
defnitely a disappointment without Armada
and less of a must buy

Inquisitor Samos
15-01-2007, 23:04
I'm more than a little turned off by the $40 US price tag....

19-01-2007, 20:15
Maybe I am dense, but I dont see BFG 1.5. Did they pull it off the website?

20-01-2007, 03:08
The rulebook isn't titled 1.5, it's just now available under Getting Started where the boxed game used to be, and says "...updated edition..." in it's description.

20-01-2007, 03:57
When will the living rulebook that can be downloaded from the web be updated to reflect this?

20-01-2007, 04:39
I've been scouring the SG forums for that too.

Only word is that Andy Hall said it would be up "In January", so within a week or so then unless it runs behind, though the hardback did come out right when he said, early new year.

One of the mods who got an advanced copy said the Styx had been reduced by 15 points in cost. A step in the right direction, I was dreaming of more like a 40 point reduction but it must be admitted it's as nasty a carrier as you'll come across. Though it's still a bit odd that it's nearly the points cost of an Emperor and not nearly as powerful in any respect.

20-01-2007, 13:00
Well I checked the book out in WW yesterday and to be honest there is not that much that justifies paying another 25 when you already own the rule book (and have probably downloaded the FAQ anyway).

The whole thing about it having a sturdier cover is a bit rubbish, as it is hardly any different to the one you get in the box set. If anything it may be a 100th of a gram thicker than the old one.

And no...all the Armada stuff is still exclusive to Armada.

Of course die hard fans of the game will, and should, buy this to show support of the game.

On the other hand the Aeronautica Imperialis is an outstanding hardback rules book and well worth the extra, as for the game....well I am still making my mind up about that!

21-01-2007, 00:27
You looked at it and didn't look at point values to relay to us starving simpletons?!

Shame on you! :p

21-01-2007, 01:00
You looked at it and didn't look at point values to relay to us starving simpletons?!

Hehe....well you starving simpletons will be able to download the whole thing soon! ;)

21-01-2007, 22:43
Right, but we wanna know now!

...At least I do.

Though patience is becoming a growing necessity with BFG. It's been a solid month since I ordered my stuff from GW US and I'm STILL waiting for 3 blisters of Escorts. I ordered some stuff from the UK site and Forge World the same day, both of which are on the other side of the world and all, and they still go here two weeks ago :rolleyes:.

24-01-2007, 03:44
PDF is up now:

24-01-2007, 07:03
Be warned: they're serious about the file size. The core rulebook pdf is over 21MB, and the core ships are 33MB.

On first glance, it looks similar enough to the old rulebook that it may be possible to just annotate the old one to bring it up to date instead of shoveling out dough for a brand-new book.

I like the Imperial ship changes (Emperor & Retribution swap costs), but the Chaos ones are inadequate I think (Styx reduction is miniscule, and they don't even update the Repulsive's options.)

Danger Rat
24-01-2007, 08:50
Nice to see that all though they have altered the points costs of the styx and so on on the ship description page they failed to do so on the fleet lists page! Good to see GW is still employing proof readers!

24-01-2007, 09:15
GW's IP department has also been unusually assertive and copyrighted them retroactively by two years. :p

24-01-2007, 18:41
Good revision. So far I've noticed the massed turret rule. What else?

24-01-2007, 20:38
My thoughts, compounded as I read through the entire thing:

Nova Cannon has 3 range sets now, rather nice. 3D6 at >60cm is cool, though I would have preferred 2D6 and no chance of a direct hit [using the little arrow on the hit symbol mentioned in 40k rulebooks but never used for anything].

Rules for ordinance limits instead of running out on doubles, and massed turret fire as well, now in one place and not buried in an errata. No mention of fighters adding one to a bomber's attack roll, does this mean that rule is no more? Or where did it even exist to begin with?

Emperor and Retribution swapping points makes sense. The Emperor was far better in my eyes, and now that it's more expensive you can take both without having to take your Admiral away from the +1ld command vessel.

I'm pretty disappointed in Chaos though. No changes whatsoever on the Despoiler? I was hoping for some little perk to ease that 400pt blow, maybe S8 on the weapon batteries, or the prow lances being changed to a 270 degree fire arc, or maybe lowering the points closer to that of an Emperor. Wishful thinking of the highest magnitude apparently.

15 points down on the Styx is better than nothing I guess. It's still more expensive than the Mars, and S6 weapon battery does not equal nova cannon. It's still an awesome ship and I'll take one every time, I was just hoping for a bigger cookie I guess.

I'm also slightly irked that Andy didn't fix the typo for the Murder class character ships. I know "Firepower 4 and Strength 2 Lance Batteries" means S4 weapon batteries, but it's still a choppy nasty sentence.

I wanted to buy the rulebook to show support for SG, but I cannot justify it.

The legions of ships I buy will have to suffice then :D.

24-01-2007, 21:27
I really wish they would have posted the PDF online prior to publishing and given us all a chance to give feedback regarding missed errors and what not. Releasing a new updated version that doesn't address some obvious and old issues is very sloppy in my opinion... not to mention bad for business.

24-01-2007, 21:34
Maybe that's why they just released it straight under the carpet.

24-01-2007, 23:57
Anyone notice the first four pages of the basic rules PDF are out of sequence too?

25-01-2007, 03:23
And again we encounter the readily apparent problems with having one single staff member do a book. [much like Codexes are starting to be as well]

25-01-2007, 10:08
<rant>GW need a real proofreader. It's been obvious for several years. I find it offensive that stuff like this is palmed off on us time and time again, even more so the typos that impressionable youngsters take away with them as 'proper' English.</rant>

25-01-2007, 14:48

Here I am, as hardcore a GW fanboy as there ever was, ready and primed to buy the thing, money in hand and perfectly content that it was just going to be a revision, but they still managed to turn me away!

Makes me *extremely* glad I got two boxes in the last couple of months. They will be sorely missed, I could have easily justified buying a third. Save $10 on the cost of 8 cruisers, plus a rulebook that becomes a $40 value if you ink in a few changes, as well as wonderful cardboard counters and 6 of those lucky lucky starter dice and order dice.

[/lamentation and gnashing of teeth]

26-01-2007, 20:47
Being a long-time BFG player I was quite happily waiting for the rules revision of this game. oh how wrong I was... The game has frankly from the start worked well with the (in early WD) added rules for CAPs, massed turrets and fighter support for bomberwaves. Seeing that in the new version they included all but the most imporant rule: that of fighters adding their number to the bombing value of bomber squadrons. Why on earth did they take this away as fighters are pretty much useless now (well not as such but their use is very limited to the bomber defence role). Pretty bad move but in the end it only helps me coz my turret 5 Emperor class is pretty much invincible to bombers, huzzah!!! I can pump out 8 bombers a turn without having to care for fighter defence other than maybe for the other ships in the fleet...

30-01-2007, 08:17
I'd be surprised if they don't FAQ the fighter/bomber issue shortly. However the guys I play with are still allowing it.

There are Army builder updates available at web.aanet.com.au/metaphore/bfg.html for ab2, and they say they'll have ab3 updates completed by the 1st.

13-02-2007, 18:40
All you need is this PDF to update your printed edition.

13-02-2007, 20:11
Have they updated the fleet lists at all?

14-02-2007, 00:19
There's a few modest points-value changes to vessels that obnoxiously didn't make it into the fleet list summaries.

The option of prow power rams is now a standard option for imperial vessels instead of a FAQ-reliant one.

And Chaos grand cruisers no longer count toward the number of cruisers needed to take a battleship.

Other than that I don't see any changes.

14-02-2007, 04:27
Good to know about Chaos.

Have they incorporated the Eldar pirate list and the Craftworld list into one, other than with Yriel as the admiral?

14-02-2007, 18:15
Nope, none of the Armada stuff got into 1.5, you still need that book which is unchanged.

14-02-2007, 21:04
Yriel and the Craftworld list aren't in Armada, so it would have been especially nice for them to finally see a print form of some sort.

But no. :(