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Bloody Gauntlet
13-01-2007, 22:28
Has there truly never before been a posting for bo5a?

... well, I just bought it and it looks cool. Any experiences out there? Is it really the same game mechanic as Warmaster?

14-01-2007, 11:49
Yes, the game is (almost) exactly the same as Warmaster.

I think its a great game- the idea of getting everything you need in one box is inspired. You might find it difficult to find an opponent though...

Good news is, because you get everything you need in one box, you should be able to persuade someone else to play with you just because for them its free!

28-06-2007, 02:52
I head BoFA is coming back in style.

28-06-2007, 07:35
So, it's the new black, then?

28-06-2007, 15:13
Really? I certainly hope so...

06-07-2007, 20:13
I head BoFA is coming back in style.

So, it's the new black, then?

Really? I certainly hope so...

It's taken more than half a year for this thread to get to 7 posts, and it includes the above exchange.


06-07-2007, 21:19
lol, indeed.

09-07-2007, 15:10
sounds cool, where do you get the rules? and what is it about LOTR?


09-07-2007, 15:21
Linkage (http://www.specialist-games.com/bofa/default.asp) for all you ever wanted to know about BofA but were afraid to ask....

09-07-2007, 17:33
The rules are only available in the boxed set, though if you look at the Warmaster Living Rulebook you should get some idea as the rules are almost identical.

You'll probably have to mail order the box, not sure if it's still on sale in the US though (it is available over here in Blighty).

10-07-2007, 14:06
This is a game that I would definitely pick up if they still sold it over here, but alas, they don't. By the time I ever heard of it, it was gone. (Have I mentioned how much I love the "Specialist Games" concept?)

Seems like a great way to keep a game from getting any traction.

21-07-2007, 20:59
This game was only created to fulfill part of their tolkien enterprises contract.

Quickly churned-out game in one month, probably only just made back it's production cost, and is now doomed to obscurity.

At least they still sell it, I guess... that's not bad. If it's one thing GW do well, it's keeping their back catalogue buyable and usable.