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14-01-2007, 18:03
What happened to the raiders of the Dark Eldar?
I noticed FW dropped the double hulled raider from their 40k-line a year ago, but the small raider is still in there. They never got Epic models, though, probably because DE hardly fight battles. They could make their appearance in Aeronautica, though.

Any idea or information on them, or on other races left out in AI?

14-01-2007, 19:12
Nothing official, but easy enough to use the Eldar rules for them. There is a Dark Eldar trial list for Epic (http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/FO70EpicDEldar.pdf), so there may be model support for them from FW in the future. The Void Dragon Phoenix is useable by the DE in 40k, so the Phoenix rules can be used as is.

The Raven and Razorwing didn't make it into Imperial Armour Update 2006 though; not sure if this means they are on the way out and will no longer be supported by FW in the future. I hadn't noticed before that the Razorwing is no longer available - good job my DE playing friend already has one. Maybe they'll be redesigned along with the DE themselves in the future - GW keep stating that the DE are not going away and will be getting a new codex and completely new models at some point in 40k.

As to other races, I guess it's all down to when a designer wants to create the necessary models. From what I've read in the past it seems FW model production is driven by the designers themselves.

14-01-2007, 19:14
Proposed rules for playtesting Dark Eldar have already been proposed here (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=78;t=8341).

The biggest hurdle is the lack of mininatures at the moment.

15-01-2007, 06:27
Look at these (http://anargo-sector.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1122) Dark Eldar aircraft

Chaplin Davius
15-01-2007, 09:26
They'll probably wait for Dark Eldar to be redone, as they'll get a massive redo when they get there new codex. So any models that they do now will probably not look right with they're new look.

15-01-2007, 09:28
Why wouldnt it be right? I mean using older models of scratchbuilds are just as cool! Look at the old skool 2nd edition Necrons, while the new ones look totally different you would still recognise them as Necrons.

Same goes for Eldar aircraft and Titans, look at the various generations of those models!