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15-01-2007, 10:26
Well, myself and ashc are currently on the verge of starting Urban War (woo!), but now I've been overcome with a desire to look into new weird and wonderful (ie non-GW) games, and I've stumbled across Dark Ages.

I'm easily overwhelmed by new things, but I've been looking over their website, and I think I'm starting to get a basic idea of what's going on. I thought the friendly people here at Warseer might be able to give me a more manageable run down of the game though.

I'm just after the basics really; what the setting is like, how well the system runs, how different the forces are, etc etc.

Thanks in advance :)

15-01-2007, 16:53
Well I accidentally lost my post on this topic so youll only get about half the stuff I was saying

The setting is post apocalyptic more or less, its basically a backwater planet but there are caches of higher tech here and there as well as aliens and other indigenous stuff

Gameplay is fast, uses d20s, cm, Action points, is close quartered, high rolls are bad lows are good, has critical misses and hits, and has alternate activations

Criticals help to keep the game balanced, additionally points costs tend to be balanced with all the other factions keeping the playing field fairly level

The factions lists are suprisingly diverse
each Saint for the forsaken has its own list sharing some squads with the others but also having its own unique stuff, theyd be the shootiest faction if you wanted them to be
Dragyri will almost always outnumber everyone, but thats because for every big trueborn you take you have to have 3 slaves, they have a large focus on close combat, but they can shoot suprisingly well
slaves can beat other models through numbers (criticals help alot here)
Brood have regeneration, but some things ignore it, they have a low model count, but are generally faster, and are mostly CC oriented as well
Skarrd have a lot of variety among units, with alot of balance between big guys and little guys, they probably have the weakest shooting in the game, but also have some of the best answers to shooty forces

The game is probably my favorite current system right now, and is also one of the cheapest games out there (your standard games range from 350-750, the St. Mark boxset contains a 500 point army for $33, though dragyri are about double the cost for a similar point army because of slaves)

also pet peeve its Dark Age, not dark ages, thatd be historical not scifi, unless this post was actually about some dark ages historical

there was a pretty big thread sometime back on this Ill see if I can dig it up

16-01-2007, 01:58
Dark Age is a very cool game, it uses alternating unit activation (i.e. IgoUgo) and a roll-off for initiative every round. It flows extremely well as a gang-tactics skirmish game, and you can play a helluva game with pretty few models (my 500 point Brood list has 9 models in it, looks awesome, and is a blast to play!)

One of the things I like most about DA is the absolute control you have over each model's activation, being that every model in a unit spends its AP (action points) however you want. Aside from things like the rate of fire for ranged weapons, there is really no limit on how or what order you conduct a model's activation. A model could charge into melee and kill its intended target with it's first action, charge another model, killing it with it's second action, then move into cover and make a ranged attack. Or charge a target, kill it, shoot something else, then go On Hold to save it's last action for use during your opponent's turn.

You can do some amazing stuff with the DA system. Recent example, I was playing a demo where I had two Coils (primarily ranged support unit) in melee with a Death's Device (the Dragyri are generally pretty fearsome in melee, and the Death's Device is one of the big bad daddy's for the Dragyri, even though it had taken some damage earlier on). Death's Device failed to kill the Coils with it's last attacks, but now I'm stuck fighting on my opponent's terms and not liking it one bit (since you generally can't used ranged weapons in close combat). Then I remembered if a model goes prone its not considered to be in close combat, and a model can spend 1 action to go prone (hit the deck, basically). So given that each Coil has 3 AP's, they each spend the first action to drop to the ground and roll over with their guns pointing straight up at the (now startled) Death's Device, spend their second action to aim (taking that extra split-second to make sure the shot counts), and they spend their last actions to blast the Death's Device at point-blank range. They succeeded in killing the Death's Device, but if either of their shots had missed they both would've been slaughtered (since being prone makes it easier to hit you in melee).

If you get a chance I'd highly recommend a demo, personally I love demoing at the 350 point level. If you gave us a general idea of your location someone might be able to scare up a demo for you!


16-01-2007, 10:50
Thanks for the replies guys.

This game does sound really cool actually, and if its as cheap as you're making out I'll probably end up getting hold of a copy to do alongside Urban War. I'm quite liking the look of the Dragyri at the moment.

Anyway, thanks again.

p.s @ jazzdude78: yeah, I meant Dark Age, as I realised right after I posted :rolleyes:

16-01-2007, 23:55
Dragyri and Brood are what really sold me on DA - I wanted stuff that really looked 'alien', and by looking at Genesis (main rule book with Dragyri force list) and Evolution (Brood background and force lists) I knew I'd found my aliens.


17-01-2007, 09:06
Right, I've ordered the Genesis book to get me started, hopefully it won't take too long to arrive.

If you get a chance I'd highly recommend a demo, personally I love demoing at the 350 point level. If you gave us a general idea of your location someone might be able to scare up a demo for you!


I don't know why I didn't spot this earlier :confused: I'm currently residing in Lancaster (UK). I'm not really sure what the gaming scene is actually like here, beyond the University's RP soc, but if anyone else lives in the general area and plays Dark Age (got it right this time :p ) then I'd be really interested in getting a demo.

Cheers again

17-01-2007, 21:40
I know theres a gaming shop in Lancaster, but I've never been there.. Saw some stuff about some B-Tech stuff they'd played. There are, however, some pretty good gaming shops in Manchester and, so I hear, Liverpool. Not too far from you on the train.

17-01-2007, 22:43
I'm talking to a DA buddy of mine in the UK right now to see if we can hook you up!


18-01-2007, 10:23
@Senbei: There are a couple of gaming stores in Lancaster, one that only stocks GW-stuff, the other I've never been to so I have no idea what it's like, but I'm going to try and get up there at some point. As for Manchester (or Liverpool), as a student bum I don't really get much of a chance to go there, but I guess I may have to.

@Smedley: Thanks, I'm not expecting miracles on this demo game thing, but anything you can do is greatly appreciated!

18-01-2007, 11:03
If Leeds is any better for someone to demo at then Im here. And im sure Karanthir could pay a visit.

Im on the fence on this game at the moment; reading the quickstart rules Im quite impressed, but then i feel a bit underwhelmed by the races in the game.


18-01-2007, 20:32
Underwhelmed? Specifically how? As in not enough, or are the races presented just not doing it for you?


18-01-2007, 20:48
Underwhelmed? Specifically how? As in not enough, or are the races presented just not doing it for you?


Bit of both i suppose. The races that caught my eyes were Skarrd and Brood, but then found the models didn't really enthrall me.

Is there more stuff to come out for the brood? the range looked lacking on their website.


18-01-2007, 21:09
Oh, much more. Keep in mind, there's probably less than half of the Brood army list that's been released, and many of the most impressive units are still on the way. Specifically the Numbskull, Lashers, Mandible and especially Scion are going to be amazing when they come out (Scion being my favorite!). I think the folks at DA were working to churn out the models that would be most recognizable to those familiar with Brom's artwork, like MJB, Helexa and Murtros.

As it is, when I'm demoing DA I generally make it a point to have some of the most recognizable pieces on display while smashing/getting my face smashed by my opponent with whatever else I'm fielding.

As for the Skarrd, I think most of their army list has been released, but for the most part it seems like they put priority on getting base poses of the different unit types out first, then going back and fleshing out the variety of poses for each unit type.


19-01-2007, 08:20
Skarrd are only missing Drillheads and Charity's zeal IIRC
and the zeal should be out in the US by the end of the month, drillheads by summer at the latest unless there are complications with the mold
therell also be a new raze in a month or 2, also coming sometime soon is a new chitin, plus hopefully by the end of the year a new book with the Skarrd Blood cult (toxic cult was in genesis)
Everything in genesis short of the taskmaster (1-2 months), guardslaves (rumored to just be the old slaves), and Lucky (not sure on the ETA) has been released
In theory all of exodus short of the drillheads will be out in about 2 months as well

Id definitely wager that when the first brood stuff was released the newer non brom concepts werent even made yet
though mandible, the broodhounds and broodlings are all fast approaching
plus a new helexa/army box

19-01-2007, 10:46
so whats a typically good game size? and how many models is that typically?



20-01-2007, 21:58
350-500 are the standards really
350 runs anywhere from 3-10ish models depending on what you get, most skarrd and dragyri will be in the higher end while brood and forsaken on the smaller

500 goes from 10-20, though many models do have multiple wounds
like the st. mark box which is 500 and only 7 models, but only 2 have one wound

21-01-2007, 07:37
Karanthir, I spoke to a fellow DA player and it turns out he's in St. Helens (near Liverpool?). Here's a link to his shop's site:


Far as game size goes, I'm playing a 500 pt. Brood list with 9 models, and it's a blast (4 Sawblades, 2 Grists and 3 Broodlings). I imagine once some of the fancier 'big' models are out for the Brood I'll be playing more 750 point games, simply because I'll want to use ALL of them!


21-01-2007, 10:58
Cheers again Smedley.

Yes, St. Helens is near Liverpool, which is fairly near where I am, but unfortunately I don't get down that way much, mostly because of time and money. On the brighter side, though, at least I now have a site with most of the DA range thats based in the UK :D (the only thing I can't find is the Evolution book, but I'm not too concerned about that just now).

I think I'm being drawn most to Dragyri, and possibly Forsaken, which looks like it'll end up being a good thing based on what ashc is saying about Brood and Skarrd.

21-01-2007, 21:05
Good to hear! Far as the Forsaken goes, I wasn't drawn to them initially because, well lets face it, there are tons of mini games out there with 'people' armies. But I've had enough time to come up with army ideas, and the fact that you can build a Forsaken list that is about 75-80% generic units and just attach whatever Saint-specific units you'd like to it (for me it's St. John and St. Mary) is very cool as well.


21-01-2007, 21:08
Smedley, Im interested in your Brood list; but what are broodlings? I cant find them online :(


21-01-2007, 21:10
Think squigs!


21-01-2007, 22:21

heres my bad pic of some broodlings
theyre basically puds crossed with a dragyri slave

25-01-2007, 11:21
Well I finally have the Genesis book, and I have to say it's even more exciting than I hoped. I'm well into the fluff now. Unfortunately due to the continuing time and money restraints I've mentioned a couple of time already, the actual gaming may have to wait a while :cries:

It's certainly in the pipelines now though.

ps, Smedley, thanks for that PM

26-01-2007, 23:06
What's the best thing to start with? The missus and I had a look at the figures that just went up on Arcane Miniatures and quite tempted to get 2 sides to play. Forsaken and maybe Skaard. Which rulebooks should we be looking at?

Anyone likely to be doing any demoing around Leeds?

27-01-2007, 01:48
The best force to start with is probably forsaken as you can basically have access to at least 4 different armies.
It works like that because each Forsaken list is based off of a certain saint who has their own unique solos/squads, but additionally all Saint forces so far have access to Weaponsmiths, Field Medics, Sisters of Compassion, Warwinds, Coils, Banes, Ravages, Strikes, Firestorms (I may have forgotten one) meaning you can make a core for the army from those and then switch out saint specific stuff.
Additionally Forsaken are generally the cheapest army dollar wise
any of the other forces are good counterparts to forsaken but each book thus far has been Forsaken/other meaning you'd need 2 books if you wanted 2 non forsken lists
Dragyri and Skarrd also have a generic unit structure like the Forsaken but they dont have the additional lists yet (Dragyri Aircaste has a beta list)
Skarrd currently have the Toxic cult and will soon have the blood cult
Additionally theme wise it is easy for the Skarrd to get a 3rd theme from the grafter based units (drillheads, abomination, harpies, sister of charity, charity's might/zeal)
The main rules are all in Genesis as well as St. Mark and Dragyri Ice Caste
Exodus just has lists for St. Mary and Skarrd toxic cult
Evolution has St. John and Brood

Coming soon (last ETA was march I believe) is Essence a mostly fluffless/listless rulebook, meaning you dont have to get genesis to get the rules

Silent Wolf
31-01-2007, 22:42
here is a sneak peek at a new scuplt for Saint Marks Reaver http://fatkatgames.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=84

02-02-2007, 19:58
I'm a large Forsaken fan myself. Though considering how inexpensive the models are I can see myself eventually getting an army of each type, starting with Skarrd.

03-02-2007, 09:04
My Skarrd just showed up a few days ago - man, are some of those Harpies nekkid!


04-02-2007, 19:04
I have seen a Skarrd Toxic Cult Pack I am interested in, consisting of:

Father Curwen
Bone Doc
2 Toxic Mistresses

i was just wondering how many points (roughly) that is, and whether its any good for 500pt games?



04-02-2007, 19:12
Yeah I really like the Father Curwen figure and that was on my to buy list.

05-02-2007, 03:52
the father curwen list is something like 476(give or take 5 points cause Im lazy) plus filler points for psychogenic on curwen and the bone doc (spells basically)

Its a good box, father curwen is a nice sculpt as are the rest of the box
an even worse pic than those broodlings, I should post my wip or somehting
the chitins pose isnt super outstanding though (excellent repose here:
http://www.dark-age.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=30454#30454 )

Im not sure if the box is technically out yet though

05-02-2007, 08:03
It's on Arcane Miniatures for order so I'm guessing it must be.

Picked up a St John warband cheap yesterday.

05-02-2007, 19:44
You folks should stop by Forsaken Ground. We could use some skarrd players in there. Plus, the more people I get registered in there, the more exclusives I get from the staffers of DA Games. :D