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15-01-2007, 18:54
Made my band for my first campaign today; The Blazing Saddles, an Escher gang with a preponderance for stabbing things :)

Starshine: Leader: Chainsword, Plasma Pistol
Big Bertha: Heavy: Heavy stubber
Sparkles: Heavy: Plasma gun
Deadeye Mary: Ganger: Lasgun
Ganger: Lasgun, Sword
The Lady :Ganger: Shotgun w/ manstoppers, Sword
Twisted Jane: Ganger: Laspistol, Sword
Ganger: Laspistol, Sword
Juve: Laspistol
Sandy: Juve: Laspistol
Li'l Kim: Juve: Laspistol

Afraid I've forgotten the rest of the names; don't have the list in front of me.

Any thoughts/ideas? Expecting to face Scavvies, VanSaars, Spyrers, and prob a few others.

A little worried that I want Li'l Kim to die already :D

Oh, rolled 2 ruins, an armoury and 2 holesteads as territories, giving a potential 20+3d6*10 creds a game.

15-01-2007, 19:02
Expect to get attacked. A lot lol. Looks like you will be facing a wide variety of tactics and styles so try to be flexible. Early on though, I find it important to work on your storyline and fluff for your gang. Arch enemies, personal fueds ect ect. That makes the game SOOOOO much more fun then just playing straight up.
Good luck. :)

15-01-2007, 19:33
Oh, I plan to work on storyline, art and models soon, once I get through the mountain of college work facing me. It was origionally going to be based on my fencing club, with all members wielding swords, but the prospect of telling my girlfriend I threw her into a scuicidal holding maneuver so I could make my escape didn't fill me with joy.
Gang selection ok though? Are there too many las weapons, too few clubs etc?

15-01-2007, 19:49
I personally would hold off on the plasma gun on 2nd heavy and give it a las weapon and spend the extra on another juve or hand to hand weapons for the juves.
The las weapons will get you called cheesy but fit well with the precision fencing theme.

15-01-2007, 20:44
A good mix of ranged and combat models there. good call! Too many people equip Escher purely for close combat. Good to see you didn't fall into that trap.

I'd recommend back up weapons for any of your Plasma armed models. Remember if you fire on Max Power you can't shoot next turn.

For variety's sake, I would consider swapping a few Laspistols for Autopistols unless you have already painted your gang.

16-01-2007, 10:10
Whats the story with the amount of weapons a model can carry? Or what they can use? Does a basic weapon always take a hand, or can it be slung over your back so you can use a special weapon or a pistol and sword? Or a knife and sword, for that matter.

16-01-2007, 14:20
You know, there Should be a rule on that but I dont know offhand if there is or not. I dont like the idea of being able to equip until you run out of room to cram onto a model LOL. I usually try to go for one main (heavy or basic but in case of a heavy a heavy and basic but no sidearm), one or two pistals and a close combat and knife.

Autobot HQ
16-01-2007, 16:58
There isn't a rule, Necromunda goes by the "Jill Valentine" rule of weaponary - Somehow, the woman in hotpants can carry a missile launcher, a grenade launcher, a shotgun, a magnum and yes a berreta.

Necro models, as long as it's modelled (Except grenades and at a push, pistols) can carry as much as you want. They are seemingly more trained than a guardsman in using them too, bless em.

For the juves, I know there is a las theme going in there, but give them autopistols. Anything that helps them hit something is a godsend, once they mature then swap them out for the lasguns if you want the nice safe 2+ ammo role.

Besides that, looking fine. I concur with giving the heavy a back up weapon. To be honest I'd be tempted to give the heavy a normal lasgun, and spend the money on more people - There isn't much to begin with that you'd need a plasma gun for, and the 70 creds you'd save is another ganger to help against the numerical advantage the Skavvies will have, and an ablative shield against the Spyrers. The extra ganger moves you closer towards the next tier in bottling out too, as you'll take tests at 3 casulties at the moment until you get 13 gangers, then you'll be testing on 4 casulties.


17-01-2007, 11:31
Thanks for the explanation and advice Autobot HQ.

Would a spirer gang and two Scalies in the scavvy gang not warrant a plasma gun? Those Orrus guys are pretty heavy armoured.

I was thinking of the numbers thing when setting up the band, but couldn't fit any more in. I know that the guys I've got are well equipped, but I wouldn't like to remove anyones guns at the moment. I'm considering the autopistol thing though. What about stubbers? Or are they just a no-no?

17-01-2007, 16:24
Most Necro players will strongly advise against Stubguns. However, if you don't care about rules and just want models to look cool then arm themn however you please.

Spyrers can be taken out with Manstopper rounds, Flamers(If you can get close enough) and Heavy Stubbers. Plasma Pistols are cheaper than Plasma Guns and have a better Save Mod. Spyrers are tough but if you concentrate on dropping one of them with your whole gang they die pretty quick. They have to take Bottle Checks after losing one model so try not to panic too much.

18-01-2007, 08:24
Give the juves autopistols so they can hit the broad side of the barn. 5 gangers also means you probably will end up with not working territories consistently early on, so you may want to either ditch the plasma gun and a juve or downgrade the extra heavy to a ganger. Early money wins campaigns in the long run.