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15-01-2007, 22:43
I've just started playing Mordheim and put together this warband out of models I've had kicking about since the game was first released. what do you think?

Witch Hunter Captain with Sword, Buckler and Pistol

Warrior Priest with Two Hammers

Witch Hunter with Greatsword and Crossbow

Witch Hunter with Greatsword and Crossbow

Two Flagellants with Flails

Three Zealots with Swords

Currently I the only extra model I have is a Warhound, which I'll hire as soon as I have some crowns, and then I'll have to buy an extra Witch Hunter and a seconf Warhound - maxing me out at 12 models. I may hire an Elf Ranger too, if I can ever afford one, as I have a model that suits...

The theory is to equip the Zealots with Shields and Shortbows once funds become available, giving them an essentially defensive posture. They can parry, shoot a bit and even have a save... The Captain runs around with the Zealots, actually killing stuff, whilst the Flagellants and Priest (who has already rolled up the "Armour of Righteousness" prayer) go and tackle nasty monsters...

Opinions? I'm aware that more models would have been advisable, but that's pretty much all I've got.

15-01-2007, 22:50
Given that a Witch Hunter warband can only have 12 models, I wouldn't worry about only having 9 just now.

Regarding the Zealots and future purchases. Shields are not worth it in Mordheim. The best defence is a good offence so give them a Club for the extra Attack and Concussion. The Sword should be sufficient for defence.

The Shortbows should serve you well because having a ranged attack is always useful even if you are only BS2. Sometimes you just can't get into a position to charge so shoot them instead!

Good luck with your first game. Hope you enjoy Mordheim!

Autobot HQ
16-01-2007, 19:10
Take the maximum heroes you can have. Always. Without fail. Best tip anyone can give you.

16-01-2007, 19:45
I think it would be good to change the captains pistol for a crossbow, given his nice BS.

Drop the great weapons, they are not good, buy 2 weps (preferably clubs) for them each.

Switch the zealot swords for clubs, the zealots are very cheap by themselves and swords would be a waste, I wouldnt recommend the sword on the captain either, but because its the leader a little extra protection wont hurt.

You should indeed take the max heroes, I dont know for sure if this is the max, but anyway, take the max amount.

SOme warhounds wont hurt, they can be quite good in the beginning.

As previously mentioned, shortbows are worth it, cheap and leaves room for extra tactics.

Enjoy your stay in the beautiful city of mordheim!

17-01-2007, 00:43
Well, I've got a few games in now and the warband has grown a bit...

It looks like this now:

Witch Hunter Captain
Equipment: Sword, Buckler, Pistol and Heavy Armour
Skills: Eagle Eyes and Step Aside

Warrior Priest
Equipment: Two Hammers and Heavy Armour
Spells: Armour of Righteousness and Soulfire

Witch Hunter
Equipment: Crossbow and Greatsword
Skills: Nimble and Wyrdstone Hunter

Witch Hunter
Equipment: Crossbow and Greatsword
Skills: +1BS and Hideous Scars

Witch Hunter
Equipment: Sword, Buckler

2 Flagellants
Equipment: Flails
Skills: +1I and +1WS

3 Zealots
Equipment: Swords and Shortbows
Skills: +1I and +1BS

1 Warhound

I've also got enough gold for the second Warhound, but I don't have a model for him yet...

I've played five games with these guys so far and won two of them, lost (and replaced) a Zealot and two Flagellants and generally found very little Wyrdstone... ;)

However, I'm reasonably certain this has something to do with the rich seam of 1's I've been rolling to wound with my flails...

I'm looking forward to my Captain getting some action, with a re-rollable parry and two 5+ saves (one unmodifiable) I'm hoping he'll be pretty hard to put down in HtH.

As for the Zealots, I like them with swords. So far they've been able to do pretty much what I wanted them too, which is hold off enemy models while my characters do the killing.

17-01-2007, 17:53
Those Flagellants are looking nasty!

It's a shame Witch Hunters can't take Strength skills. Those guys with Greatswords would be a lot better with Strongman. Never mind, I guess they are defensive anyway. Probably not going to charge anybody if they have a Crossbow.

Good luck with your next game!

17-01-2007, 22:34
Yeah, the idea is that they stay just behind the skirmish line and pepper the enemy with Crossbow bolts, then charge in and give the enemy a beating if they get too close - for that reason I'm desperate to roll up a skill for second Witch Hunter so I can give him nimble too.

18-01-2007, 00:18
I'd definately toss between quickshot and nimble.

While they don't combine, the move and fire can be infinately handy.

Once you get BS4 or more and cash to burn... CROSSBOW PISTOLS FOR ALL HEROES!!! Really. A Free attack before combat starts? Absolutely AMAZING! (But at BS3 it *only* hits on a 6, so it's kinda useless until you get BS4/5)

22-01-2007, 17:21
Typical, my second Witch Hunter finally rolls up a skill, then he goes and get's himself deaded next game (Streetfight - great scenario!).

Fortunately one of my Zealots got upgraded to a Hero after the same game, but as I'm sure you can imagine it as one hell of a nuisance...

My Flagellants are still making out like they're armed with rubber hammers. It beggers belief that they still only ever manage to roll 1's to wound when they charge...