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Warwolt the skaven
15-01-2007, 22:46
Hrm... this is my "Im a lazy ass and need to lift it and go to the minis and paint them" thread. Im going to start with my Necromunda band, Gholain Orkz. After this im heading towards sculpting my mini plaguemarines and my cyborg zoombie, along with 500pts Ghost Eshin... 'lots n' 'lots of wurk to du ladz :D

Im currently working on my Skarrboy, the gang leader. He will have a slightly larger choppa, battle dammaged and weared and teared. the same goes for his body, filled with scars. Now, he will have begie-white cloth, high hat and a furry coat :evilgrin:
Pics tomorrow, I SWEAR!

16-01-2007, 00:48
yehyehyeh piccies

Warwolt the skaven
16-01-2007, 09:39
I promise, after I can get back to my home (in school) I WILL upload a pic on EVERYTHING Im going to paint. Okeyz >)

Warwolt the skaven
16-01-2007, 18:29
Not to much no, but atleast I got some pics.
This is my WIP Skarr-boy gangleader for my Orky Gholian-countas warband for Nekrumunda:
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00432.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00433.jpg
a bit blurry :(

16-01-2007, 18:40
it looks rather good could we have a better angles shot of his sword, sorry i mean choppa

Warwolt the skaven
16-01-2007, 18:41
No worries, im going to paint some more on him and give some shots on the whole WIP warband :)

Warwolt the skaven
16-01-2007, 19:18
Yay, got the computer working with the cam again. YAY!
Pic bomb ^^
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00438.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00434.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00436.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00437.jpg

Warwolt the skaven
16-01-2007, 19:23
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00443.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00444.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00445.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00464.jpg
Heavies, and Warband group shot (Still need some few more guys)

Warwolt the skaven
16-01-2007, 19:27
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00468.jpg

Warwolt the skaven
16-01-2007, 19:33
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00460.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00459.jpg

Warwolt the skaven
16-01-2007, 19:34
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00462.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00463.jpg

With, tough I will glue it later when He is finnished >)

16-01-2007, 19:48

That's so damn awesome. I was just thinking this morning about using Orks in 'Munda as Goliaths too, maybe I oughta follow your lead ;)

Nice work, looking forward to the Eshin.

- Salvage

Angel Robertson
16-01-2007, 22:06
Looking very cool! I to thought about doing orks for munda but decided i have to many projects running!! One day though . . .


Warwolt the skaven
17-01-2007, 05:33
too many projects? MY ASS :D
You can't have... I think? Ive you can, Ive gotta've missed something... got alot of stuff on work ._.

Warwolt the skaven
17-01-2007, 16:46
Zomg, an update on a Nurgling wanna be Plague-Marine. Going to make a 500pts army to a small tournament in Mars =)http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00481.jpg

17-01-2007, 16:57
mars or march? ;)

looks like some nice GS work, my skills in GS tend to be like a dog chewing it's food :rolleyes:


17-01-2007, 17:24
Zomg, an update on a Nurgling wanna be Plague-Marine. Going to make a 500pts army to a small tournament in Mars =)
A 500 point army of Tiny Plaguemarines? Or Deathguard + nurglings? Also, a 500 points tournament???? I've got so many 500 point armies I'd love to build for one of those! Tiny games man, awesome ...

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
17-01-2007, 18:51
Its the Frenzy begginers tournament, even tough theres not alot of noobiews there as the most of them tend to stay at the hobby-part. Ive heard it going to get outside Sweden, but currently im one of the few that's been on the first :D
Yes, 500pts of heavily infantery based army with lots of Deathguards and Nurglings. Everything will be really really tiny, the "nurgling"-bases will be even tinier... think REALLY small blobs swarming over you d-^.^-b
I dunno wheter Im going to expand these guys after this. I might make it 750pts, and possibly as im addicted to sculpting when I have GS do a 1000pts one.

17-01-2007, 18:58
Insane, I love it. Also, I can't really tell but does that lil' poot of a plague marine have a bolter? Or weapons at all? Maybe he's more WIP than I think.

Keep us posted on the Tiny Deathguard :D

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
17-01-2007, 19:20
He have an... uhm. Arms...
Im thinking of maybe adding a bolter on the base. Im still in need of buying them :(
UPPDATE SOON! Thinking of making a third =D

Ragnar Ohman
17-01-2007, 19:33
You need to practice with your gs skills but I love the orkies :) You have evolved a lot since I saw some of your figures last time...And thats the point...to evolve...

Bra kamrat :)

Warwolt the skaven
18-01-2007, 20:29
zomg, nurglings:
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00512.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00516.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00517.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00520.jpg

Everyfing still WIP!

Warwolt the skaven
18-01-2007, 20:32
more mooore mooooore
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00521.jpg

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00528.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00526.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00529.jpg

19-01-2007, 14:03
Personally I like the more plague marine nurgling, and the idea behind him, more than the Pigg here. He looks good, but I love the idea of tiny deathguard with T5 ... :wtf:

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
19-01-2007, 14:13
Piggy, is a Deathguard guy to. Im going to have the rest of them a bit more "Plague Marine" tough, but I like piggy anyways. And having some none-plaguemarine nurglings helps them looking like theyr still nurglings ^^

Warwolt the skaven
20-01-2007, 11:08
well well...
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00544.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00547.jpg

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00549.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00550.jpg

20-01-2007, 11:20
hi mate,
just wanted to say, i haven't really posted here becayse i know nothing about nurgle or things like that :)
but you're GS skills put mine to shame; be very proud of your work so far. looking forward to you gtting them painted :)


Warwolt the skaven
20-01-2007, 11:49
will do =)
I just got the shoulderpads to do, then im going to prime Piggy and paint him, finnish Goo'ey and finnish sculpting Loudy ^^

Warwolt the skaven
20-01-2007, 18:40
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00561.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00550.jpg

Warwolt the skaven
20-01-2007, 18:40
and, beginning on a diorama :D
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00551.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00556.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00554.jpg

Warwolt the skaven
20-01-2007, 18:41
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00557.jpg

20-01-2007, 18:44
although heretical i love the smashed aquilla.
nice work mate :)


Warwolt the skaven
20-01-2007, 23:13
grr, again. You seem to ignore be. BEHOLD, as I post painted stuff and will bomb you with info :D

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00564.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00570.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00568.jpg

I where toying with some collors, and decided that RED would work best. a dark red-tone, was what I wanted. Infact, Im going to put everything in this dark-red tone to get a "Doomed world" feel. Red sky, red wastes and ruins everywhere. Not to mention those zoombies wandering the streets. Im going to finnish painting the scene itself, and put the actors on it later when I have finnished painting them. I am very happy about the result on the aquillia, and the blasted "Oil"-drum. Infact, im quite proud of the whole look so far.
I don't know if im giong to give the whole script out, or just tease you. Well, I guess its most secure to tease. Wolt says, there will be a Zoombie, a Zoombie, A Zoombie, a Tank Commander, A hungry Zoombie wanting brain, and a Guardsman aiming on the Tank commander. Figured it out yet?
Cookie to the one who can tell me first, and postcount to whoever gives comments. Because, Comments would be very appreciated ^^

20-01-2007, 23:55
are you going to paintthe aquilla stone coloured?
how did you misshape the barrel?


Warwolt the skaven
20-01-2007, 23:59
The aquillia will go in a redish-gold collor, because I want to give it a nice contrast and I just luv to paint 'em Goldz.
A heatgun from the hardware store, melted that thing good. Trilled three small holes into the barrel before that got bigger as I melted :)

21-01-2007, 00:15
how would a gold eagle smash or crack?


Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 09:59
It is in metal now :p

Due to ban, I have been poffed away for a little time. But 'eres and uppdate :D

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00589.jpg

Comments will make my nurgles giggle, make nurgle giggle not dead-thread ^^

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 10:00
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00590.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00591.jpg

22-01-2007, 10:21
Nice to see your not scared of using the hammer! I'll get my youngest son who plays nurgle to watch this, he likes destroying things anyhow! ;)

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 11:50
Hammer? Oh no, I used a heatgun my friend. Nothing kills tanks better than Meltas ^^

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 12:54
Huzzah, painted.
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00602.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00603.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00604.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00605.jpg

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 12:55
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00606.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00607.jpg

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 12:56
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00601.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00598-1.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/FIXED.png

And finally, some photos in the snow. Ive Photochopped these a bit... I hope ye likse. If ye likes, make my nurglings giggle by posting comments ^^

22-01-2007, 13:23
Thats really come out well, one rule for Nurgle is, there is no rules!

22-01-2007, 13:28
Not a big fan of using actual heat in Modelling projects but it turned out nice...maybe you could go for a more greenish or greyish colour sceme as father Nurgle favours that!

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 13:43
Your thinking is my law, if I feel to follow it.
Anyways, I glossed and tossed it around with green washes and ard coat and is now showing the result here:
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00609.jpg

22-01-2007, 15:45
Yes! Crap man, that melted rhino is awesome, and I'm very happy you put some more color into it with those washes and such. The snow pics are great too :D

Piggy looks awesome now that he's got a gun, and I'm looking forward to how he looks with paint.

And actually, I think I want to make a kill team of tiny deathguard to bring with me to Games Day this summer. You mind if I tried my hand at 7 of the little boogers? As far as your sculpting goes, you sculpt in stages, right? Basic body blob, then arms and such, then backpack and pads?

Keep up the madness Warwolt, I loves it.

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 15:48
... oh god. Someone just asks me to make a tutorial o_O
*fangirl scream*
Sure thing! Check back here, Ill do one right away :D

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 18:53
I REALLY do like photoing:
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00638.jpg
WIP showcase board, with all sand lying there. Im going to wipe off that 80 percent excess later when its all dry and nice.

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00639.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00640.jpg
close up on the huge, or from the nurglings view, GIGANTIC Nurgle-symbol.

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00641.jpg
My main tool for Nurgle-effects.

Im almost going to ask you stop posting comments, my nurglings are almost giggling themself to death. But hey, im serving the dark god!

22-01-2007, 19:48
thought about building you're army and putting it on a baking tray in the oven?
likes what you're up to. i can't help thinking that you'rehaving fun causeing mayhem!


22-01-2007, 19:55
Thats not funny ! I built a complete heavy weapons team and left them to near the radiator, I ended up having a major rebuild job!

22-01-2007, 19:55
That tank is KICKASS, did Chuck Norris roundhouse kick that thing?

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 19:57
Im still wondering if its just the toxig gases from polysterene, or nurgle thickeling my brain. Becaus I got certain laugh I only do when I melt polysterene or plastic. I just got started painting this fella tough ^^

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00643.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00645.jpg

Im aiming to give it a fleshy, sick look. Im doing the flesh first, then im washing it in a Ardcoat>Darkangels green. Gloss ftw :D

22-01-2007, 20:01
absolutely heinous

good job :D


Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 21:23
Well well, seems like my rating did go poff. Aww... gotta get some stuff done so I get rid of the WIP-army stamp >)
In order to accomplish this. This is my "To Do" list.

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00647.jpg
Wanna-be Deathguard squad 1

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00648.jpg
Wanna-be Deathguard squad 2

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00650.jpg
Wanna-be Big Bad

http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00651.jpg
Wanna be Predator

Empty bases in plenty, but hey. I still need to Gstuff this ^^

Warwolt the skaven
22-01-2007, 21:24
Full pic, 5 pics. Had to split.
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00646.jpg

Warwolt the skaven
23-01-2007, 10:54
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00657.jpg
a pic on the showboard... not much. enough to keep there eyes here I think. ^^

23-01-2007, 14:08
That's a pred?! Beautiful!

The army is, uh, looking good ... :wtf:

But seriously, good to map things out and have in mind where you're headed, even if it means empty bases ready for nurglization. What are the plans for Big Bad? And are there any limits in this 500 point tournament?

I like the Nurgle obelisk and the start on Piggy too. Nasty stuff.

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
23-01-2007, 14:28
The Big bad, is my leader. The Big fat Luetanant ^^

Warwolt the skaven
23-01-2007, 18:18
Well Well, done with the skin atlast ^^
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00659.jpg
I really like the look of him :) (Just skin and tounge done, photo taken before the gloss actually dried >_<.)

Warwolt the skaven
23-01-2007, 18:22
It cures QUICKLY. And I already got a photo of it dried:
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00665.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00663.jpg

23-01-2007, 18:29
Looks good, glad to see he's gone all green and slimey on us. Is he WIP still? As in, the gun?

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
23-01-2007, 18:33
As in, the gun and the backpack. And the base ^^

Warwolt the skaven
23-01-2007, 21:16
Well well well.


Comments =)

Warwolt the skaven
24-01-2007, 13:33
photobucket stopped working. Uppdate:

Comments... I haven't got any in a while :cries:

24-01-2007, 17:32
Comments... I haven't got any in a while :cries:
Keep your pants on Warw! Pigg is looking very nice, but you're painting those rocks on his base, right?

A horde of these little snots will look great, look forward to more.

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
24-01-2007, 18:38
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00686.jpg
Nope, I wont paint it. And I will certianly not add Snow and little pools of green slime to this ethier. And I will CERTIANLY not write "Pigglet" on his base :)

Warwolt the skaven
26-01-2007, 22:28
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00716.jpg
This is probably as far as I will go with the mini. Im really proud of the base. It got a nice "melting snow" kinda feel =D

Warwolt the skaven
27-01-2007, 22:09
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00723.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00722.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00726.jpg

NOW can someone comment ... :)

Warwolt the skaven
27-01-2007, 22:11
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00724.jpg

29-01-2007, 14:46
Yeah, I say stick a fork in Piggy, he's done! Nice and slimey/shinny, and that base is nice too. What did you do with his bolter? That green slimy is good, almost looks like glossed down static grass??

Piggy's unit is shaping up nicely too :D

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
31-01-2007, 17:53
YOU, mentioned Blood, Tentacles, Tank, Green and rotting heads
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00765-1.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00762-1.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00760-1.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00758-1.jpg

Warwolt the skaven
31-01-2007, 17:54
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00757-1.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00747-1.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00746-1.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00744-1.jpg

Probably entering this into swedens answer to a Golden Daemon painting competition, Gamesworkshop; FANG painting comp. large veichle, I hope I win ;D

P.S Please notice that the lack of sponsons is yet to be a big fat "?". All I can say is GUO.

31-01-2007, 19:15

Way too many Nurgle boys are all rotty, slimey and gooey, but no good old gore. Damn awesome tank Warwolt, and while I have no idea what you're doing with a GUO and this tank, but I can't wait to see :evilgrin:

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
01-02-2007, 06:13
Perhaps I should blood down the predator too, and perhaps even the whole army. gooooore

01-02-2007, 14:12
I think the blood works great with the tentacles, orifices and skeletons on the land raider ... Maybe splashing some about the pred would be good, but if it doesn't have these 'bloody' details I dunno about just going ape-***** on it with gore, though maybe it would work? Same goes with the little guys, if they aren't bleeding then I don't know about making them bloody. Get me?

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
01-02-2007, 14:33
jah, blood where it should be blood. Controlled ^^ But ofcourse, we don't know whats in the pred. So if it leaks blood and ... whatever the green go is then its not our concernce to wonder why it does. It simply is bleeding :P

01-02-2007, 15:39
niiicee..... gooey! its very nurgley.

i like the green and the tendrils on the LR


Warwolt the skaven
01-02-2007, 18:57
..... weeeheee. 'Eres a Eshin guy


... :P
YES, there IS a base under that ... thing. Its meant to look like a assassin from nehekarian mountains that have just splashed away a chariot. Expect some paint on this :D

01-02-2007, 19:51
Ha, very cool! And that is one helluva base!

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
02-02-2007, 13:12
Thanks, im probably going to start painting the guy today.

Warwolt the skaven
02-02-2007, 20:50

No paint, but updated base ^^

Warwolt the skaven
05-02-2007, 19:34
tooo faaar dooown!
too faar to doooo!
too much people that need to comment ^^

05-02-2007, 20:09
What you talking Warwolt?? You mean, taking pics from too far away so it doesn't work :P

But nice to see you cut the base down, though not sure why you're repainting him, I thought he was kinda neat with the green / purple ...

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
05-02-2007, 20:52
It was an old messy paintjob, and I wanted an assassin for my eshin so I picked him up from the box o' oldminis. Even tough it doesn't show right now, im giong to have poison on the blades painted in the same way as the whole blade was. If you like the purple, I can add some purple details on the cloth =)

Warwolt the skaven
06-02-2007, 18:12
Here is a lot better pic

Warwolt the skaven
16-02-2007, 22:29
ok, so long time no see.
Here comes my Necromunda gangleder, with some paintslapping. Still got detailing and cleaning to do. But I think hes kinda nice :)
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00827.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00828.jpg

17-02-2007, 14:03
Hey Warwolt, really like the look of your Eshin, though the faces are a little on the... Fleshy side if you ask me ;)

Warwolt the skaven
17-02-2007, 16:15
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00835.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00834.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00833.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00832.jpg

le update! Im very happy about the look of this, very dirty. So here we have it, my Golians Gang Leader! The Ork Skarboyz from Wurwultz Kroozade have escaped down the hivecity of Nekromunda, and are now praying on the lowlives of the underhive =)
This is the skarrboy nob Stompbunk, and he's meanest of them all!

Warwolt the skaven
17-02-2007, 17:02
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00838.jpg
http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k319/Warwolt/Warseer%20Paintshop%20thread%20pizxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx/DSC00837.jpg
Added a coat to him. I knew I had forgotten something!

20-02-2007, 14:44
Pimp with that cape and hat! The mangled choppa is my favorite bit still. Nice dirty work in general ;)

- Salvage