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16-01-2007, 13:14
With the recent new sponsorship deal agreed between the New Zaggarund Quakes and Reeborc, thanks mainly in part to the rookie Centaur Linebacker "Terrible" Toraz Taze, it seems others are clamouring to back the "Future of Blood Bowl".

"Don't get me wrong, we're not suggesting that others out there are not promoting new blood, far from it. We just find the attitude and obvious determination to actively push new talent onto the NZQ roster invigorating."
- Spokesgoblin for Reeborc

Reeborc aren't the only ones getting in on the act, as WSTV can be the first to report that not only are the New Zaggarund Quakes negotiating with multiple other top-brand sponsors, but they have also just been chosen to help represent one of the most popular and well respected Charity Organisations in the Old World. Here below, we have an EXCLUSIVE look at the new promotional artwork for the campaign, as well as the brand new NEW ZAGGARUND QUAKES logo!


WSTV is quick to point out that, yet again, #56 Toraze Taze has been chosen in this campaign to raise awareness in the world about the dangers of the sport.

"Every year you know that Triple T is gunna go out there and condense the nonsense, that ain't no lie, but thousands of players out there are still tippy-toeing all up in this place, and the Referees of the world are out there, sending off the players that we all wanna see on our screens. Toraze Taze knows that if we can get out there and let the people know they together they CAN make a difference, we can see those refs that destroy the game we love take a ride on the pain train baby, WOOAH!"
- "Terrible" Toraze Taze, #56 for the New Zaggarund Quakes

It just goes to show sportsfans that just because the team is reviled as evil that it doesn't mean they don't care. This goodwill jesture, that the CEO of the New Zaggarund Quakes is quick to point out was done totally for free with no fee being taken for their appearance and backing, comes on the heel of their newest sponsor, Reeborc, and places the NZQ, at least in their profile among the public, at the top of their game.

This is Nikkit Quikk, Goblin Reporter for WSTV

16-01-2007, 16:37
Not to be outdone for fear of losing out on free agents the Talons of Ulthuan have signed a 4 year deal with L'Orelf worth a reported 29.5 million. This has investors buzzing as the better teams in the WBBL continue to bring in bigger and bigger profits. Early this year the Talons already signed a deal which saw there team captain featured in Madden '07 which sources say was worth 3.1 million dollars.

"Hey, I score all the time, yet I used to strike out with the ladies like I looked like Kerevin. I noticed I just wasn't getting the camera time I deserved. Thats when I tried L'Orelf products and boy did I ever see the difference. All of a sudden the cheerleaders were all over me and the guys really respected me.. not to mention it made me a star. So remember buy L'Orelf because, I'm worth it." - Alissia


Autobot HQ
16-01-2007, 16:53
"...pssst, it's gold crowns man, we're in the old world ... quick, no-one has noticed.."

16-01-2007, 16:57
"...pssst, it's gold crowns man, we're in the old world ... quick, no-one has noticed.."

Actually, were not primitive like Chaos Dwarves and the rest of the "Old World" so when you come to visit Ulthuan bring dollars.

16-01-2007, 17:58
The Blood Bowl Consortium (BBC for short) who currently provide funding to the Kharadrim Medics refused today to be drawn into the Sponsorship wrangling.

"You'll have to talk to someone else. Our charter precludes the use of advertising."

Autobot HQ
16-01-2007, 17:59

In a late breaking news announcement, Spikey, one of the three top producers of sportsware in the sport of Blood Bowl, has recently pulled OUT of sponsorship and negotation talks with High Elven team, Talons of Ulthuan.

"We were making progress, despite their obvious arrogance they are a fantastic side. However, when we had just about settled on numbers, they began explaining that they wanted the payment in folded parchments of paper! Ridiculous request, especially when you consider elven exchange rates. We deeply regret not being able to back such a promising team, and wish them all the best in the future."
- Jon Schipt, Public Speaker for Spikey

Whilst many doubt that the High Elves will be too distraught at losing one sponsor after landing an incredible four year deal with elven-based care producer L'Orelf, this could become a trend for the fast and furious team from the Isle of Ulthuan.

Stay tuned for more details.

16-01-2007, 18:33
Wow that is good work. I wish I had more than paint to create logos.

Here are my quick attempts for our (unconfirmed) league sponsor.