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16-01-2007, 18:20
Blood Bowl hosted by Warseer. It is doable and would make things for the leage a whole lot easier as well as get more warseer members to participate. Just go to the helpdesk and ask for it. If we get enough people asking for it, it might be done. Possibly 5 team limit 10 for guilders or something to help the site along and give guilders another advantage boost. It would also allow for much more pomp and ceramony and possible prizes for winners of tournies and such.

Autobot HQ
16-01-2007, 18:28
You volenteering to set it all up then EVIL?

Fumbbl is a fantastic site and I can't see a reason why we'd need to do without it, it handles all the workload and hosts SkiJunkies javabowl program just fine. Can't see why we'd need it, I really can't, except to promote people to play on here that aren't on Fumbbl, but again I ask WHY AREN'T THEY ON FUMBBL?! It's great.

I don't know, it just seems like a huge amount of unessessary work personally, unless you can think of some real advatages to hosting it here. Just saying "It's doable". So is me rewriting the whole program myself, but it ain't happening anytime soon.

16-01-2007, 18:49
I agree with Auto, no way it would be an easy transition where the Warseer ownership would just be like yea we have the resources, okay lets do it. Not to mention FUMBBL is an excellent site.

16-01-2007, 19:46
Yeah fumbbl is cool, there is no need to migrate.

16-01-2007, 20:18
Up to you. fumbble isnt all that great beyond being free though. Too much politics, favoritism, bigotry, whiners and rude people. I finally gave it all up and asked them to close my account there after one of the admin favorites hacked my account.
Here, you would be safe from most of that and I have already posted it in the helpdesk section here and was mentioned as being easily doable.
Consider such perks as custom titles for tourny winners, front page advertisements for events, custom coach/team pages specialized to suit our needs rather then the needs of a gaming group with different goals and ideals. Of course, playing with more warseer members is also a plus. I just thought I would bring it up as a possibility.

Autobot HQ
16-01-2007, 21:30
I'll post more tomorrow on this, but there's the issue of actually setting it up too. I mean I don't want to sound lazy, but ... well, I'm lazy. And I don't want to end up having cut outs and the such, cause lets be about right we get "server to busy" messages now, you reckon it can handle a game running through it at the same time? Or more like 30 games?

It could be done, and honestly it could be better too. But you yourself have already suggested more things for guilders, which creates seperation you describe earlier, so can it be done without the same problems? No, as the founder of the idea has already shown. Not being mean I'm really not, I just can't see it happening ... Yet. Please, I really mean this, prove me wrong.


16-01-2007, 21:56
I see what you mean but you misunderstood me.
Here the only difference between guilders and non would be the # of teams allowed. If a non-guilder wanted more, just become a guilder. The segregation there is the way they are treated. The favorites are allowed to impersonate other members in chat and other breaking of rules not to mention blatant trolling being allowed in the forums. Here, we have good admins who are fair in thier treatment of everyone without giving special extra perks that should not be allowed as well as offering protection of accounts so they cannot be taken over so easily.

16-01-2007, 22:33
It is a shame that you fell out with those on the FUMBBL forums Evil Inc/Voorn, but the Warseer league isn't something which finds its way into forum debate over there. As long as we keep it segregated thus, the FUMBBL system is as good as we could ask for.

17-01-2007, 18:31
We like our tails thank you very much.

Autobot HQ
17-01-2007, 18:45
Possibly 5 team limit 10 for guilders or something to help the site along and give guilders another advantage boost.

You can forgive me for thinking you meant more than just teams I'm sure :p

... Anyways, as I touched on earlier though EVIL INC, I just tried to get on this board, and got the familar message:

"This server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later"

Now, thats with just us people trying to access the boards and post. You want to run a game through this as well? A game that, if it REALLY caught on, would have about 100 games a day played? Short of everyone HAVING to become guilders to pay for the webspace, it just won't have the runtime to do this surely. Even Fumbbl goes down occassionally of alot of games are played and a load of people are using the forum, and we know for a fact the ratio of people that post here compared to posting there is a dozen to one at least.

Not least there is setting this up, getting permissions, ensuring people like Skijunkie are ok with us using his program, and how we'd go about setting up the site itself. It is an awful lot of work. Also there is the actually getting a game itself - We don't have a live chat program here, and I doubt very much we want a thread of:

Post 1: anyone for a game?
Post 2: what team?
Post 3: necro, TR 180
Post 4: I don't play necro, claw is broken..
Post 5: how about ..

.. etc etc. We'd need our own chat server or room on another server, that everyone would be happy to get on. And a random dice generator, and mods for misclicks and approving teams and we'd need a dozen other things that don't occur to people when someone says "Lets have our own!"

I'm not blowing your idea out of the water (Just dropping the depth charges thats all ;)), and I would seriously love you to answer this with a picture perfect response that proves this can be done as it would be a great idea. But that's all it can be I feel. An idea.


19-01-2007, 16:56
To tell the truth, I am computer illiterate so am unable to fully answer the questions.
We have been told that at the present time Warseer has much more space then it needs. This would hold the teams easily plus some.
The irc chat does not have to be hosted here, It can be hosted on any irc chat. All we need is a bot to hold it and a link to it here.
Dice rollers are a dime a dozen and take no space worth mentioning.
Mods can be found among those of us who are willing to take on the job. Yourself would be one I would recomend as many here seem to respect you and there are others as well. It would only be a matter of sitting down and typing up a set set of standards and rules to go by and anything questionable that isnt covered by it could be discussed and added to it as they come along.
The place to really ask the questions is in the helpdesk rather then myself as there you could get much better answers and we could most likely get the thing set up that way. Either that or talk about it in the future of warseer because in the helpdesk we cannot answer each others questions or hold a discussion of it as we can only see our posts and admins responces. Either that or get admins and players to discuss it here in this thread.
Fumbbl has many problems that are really serious. Those problems might not bother many and it really annoys the rest of us but we can all agree that if we had it here those problems would not exist and that we could have much more fun.

19-01-2007, 17:02
I don't see how this is true

"but we can all agree that if we had it here those problems would not exist and that we could have much more fun."

What it means that your individual issues might be solved, but other problems may present themselves.

For a start there would be less opponents.

19-01-2007, 18:09
The Warseer league is made up of only members of Warseer. I'm not sure how you would find more Warseer members on a different site then Warseer. Chances are, you would find more Warseer members here then you would there. Go to the main forum page and look at the bottom. It will show who is online here. Then go there and look to see how many of the names in irc chat are from Warseer.
True, you will always have some sort of problems with any endeaver. The thing is, how bad are the problems and how willing are those in charge to fix them. As we have seen so far, The powers that be at Warseer are more then willing to solve any problems we have while the ones there are part of the problem and refuse to fix anything. It is not a matter of "your" individual issues", it is a matter of everyone's issues with a system that simply does not work. While you may or may not have problems with it at the present time does not mean you never will. We have in this very forum section an example of how corrupt the system there is. Thier account was blocked for the use of pg 13 pictures while the favored members there are permitted ones that are much worse and to brazenly break any rule they wish with no repercussions.
If anything, you would likely see many of the members there join here to play instead of there.
Then again, if we try it here and it doesnt work out, nada is lost but the time put into the "project" and the mere effort and fun trying it would have made that worthwhile.

19-01-2007, 19:41
I think this has gone on long enough. I support FUMBBL and I’m tired of you constantly spreading slander about them. You were banned right? or oh sorry you “left”. Honestly as long as you’re not abusive or break the rules the admins are quite fair (I’ve been pulled into the admin channel myself). Anything that would get you in trouble on FUMBBL would get you in trouble anywhere else. I think a good point was made by Auto on fact that Warseer would need more servers to run games as the forum already gets slow at times. Servers aren’t cheap…

19-01-2007, 20:03
[...] I think a good point was made by Auto on fact that Warseer would need more servers to run games as the forum already gets slow at times. Servers aren’t cheap…
Yep, that's true and that was what I was going to mention as well.

We just moved to a new server and while we have lots of storage space and unlimited bandwidth now, the server is still suffering from the huge amount of users online at once and/or the huge amount of downloads (e.g. every time one of the webzines is released).

I don't think it's a good idea to run yet another application on the server while we are still trying to sort out how to make the server cope with the current load.

Sorry, but it'll not be possible to have a game like this running on this server (And to be completely honest, I don't see a reason why we even should let it running here, there are already sites who *specialized* in this. I don't think we could offer something even remotely close to what they are doing. Not to mention the huge amount of additional work...)

Autobot HQ
19-01-2007, 21:19
The vampire type...blue...scary...thing has spoken!

19-01-2007, 23:40
Thats it. You shouldnt have to fork out cash to have the rules not apply to you. Most people there dont really have trouble and neither did I. I saw how things areand simply do not want to be a part of that sort of environment and others apparantly see how it is too. That and the fact that one of the other members hacked my account and when reported nada was done to him is why I specifically sent a request to close my account there so no one could abuse it in my absence.
It cannot be denied what happens there and anyone who says otherwise is a fool (imho). Now as to whether or not it can be done here or if people do not support Warseer enough to give it a shot or proper discussion remains to be seen. Chances are, I would play little here either as I spend my online gaming time playing socom combined assault. I thought it would be nice for the warseer members to be able to play safely and have the ability to have thier tournaments and such actually mean something as well as contribute to the Warseer site.
Thank you sylas for the reply and to Nick for sending me to the helpdesk as well. I appreciate the thought you put into this and for letting the topic be discussed. My apologies for bothering you guys. ;)

20-01-2007, 10:36
You say smeone hacked your account, but were Fumbbl admin able to prove that that person hacked your account. I assume the alleged hacker was not in admin himself.

20-01-2007, 10:56
Recieving a happy little nasty gram from another member telling me that they are going to ruin all of my teams and for me to check the games list so I could see him playing my teams one after the other against one of his buddies. Then watching the games to see that each one is a "throw" where they purposely line up on sideline to be crowdpushed or left down to be fouled ect was not a happy thing and then to be told to just shut up when I report it...it was at that point in time I got disgusted with them and sent a ticket to ask them to just close my account altogether.
That would never happen here. It is ok, I had rarely actually played the game anymore anyways. I was down to a single game a month if I was lucky because socom3 had already sucked me in. I had to laugh the day that Angie told me she was going to get me banned from socom though. When I asked her how socom related to bloodbowl she refused to answer. LOL She asked me what I had been doing one day when I joined so I told her and she made that threat. She was unsuccessfull for some reason.:rolleyes:

20-01-2007, 11:31
Angie the fumbbl mod? What did you do to upset her, and yes how can she or it might be he who knows, cannot get you banned from another site just because of your faling out on fumbbl. What is socom3 anyway?

Autobot HQ
20-01-2007, 12:14
Gun shooting game. Good game actually.

21-01-2007, 04:39
Its a ps2/psp game. Very fun but I'm not so fond of the whole "no blood" thing on the combined assault. It prevents you from seeing if someone is already wounded.
I had made her mad at me when I disagreed with her pet shadow on whether or not fouling was valid or not. He feels that its ok only so long as he is the only one doing it.

21-01-2007, 05:21
What was your user name on fummbl?

That way we can watch the replays of the matches that were hacked and your players were crowd pushed.

Once i have seen this I and I am sure other members here will be more than happy to bring this to everyones attention on fummbl.

21-01-2007, 09:14
Yes thats an idea, collectively we have a louder voice.