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18-01-2007, 16:23

Ok, I have a question for y'all

See, someone who shall remain nameless, damn them, has put the idea into my head of doing a PDF update, in character of course, for the league and it's going ons. In it would be things like interviews with players, results of matches, some sponsor pictures, and other reletively meaningless things. It would however let people know dates of games, deadlines of games, things like that. I'd only do one a month (Cause y'all ain't worth too much effort ya know :p), and it'd probably be at most two A4 pages worth of PDF so would be easy to see also.

What I want to know is:
1) Are people gunna get involved and give me interviews and such?
2) Would people find this something they'd want to see?
3) What would people like to see in this?
4) Would they want this to be TOTALLY in character or would people want this to provide advice and plays for n00bs? Cause if you want taht, y'all best be prepared to do that :p

And for me the most important..

5) What style do you want the pictures? Are we going for colourful artwork of dwarves and such, or we going for real-life picture style with american footballers or such things? We going for a real feel or not? Or a mix of the two? Idea's people.

Thats it really. I need to know what you think. I might not even do this you know. It's just an idea. Really.


18-01-2007, 16:58
Whoever suggested this should be stoned... :) However, I do think it's a good idea. I'd say make everything in character, but we can still have advice and such. I would definitly help out if this was to move forward. I think for the most part it should be full of match reports and interviews (and of course ads lol).

18-01-2007, 17:27
Sounds good and I'm sure that I could contribute something. There's scope for including some OOC stuff regarding deadlines, upcoming tourneys and entry requirements but it shouldn't take up more than half a page. Dunno if its the best place for tactics articles though.

18-01-2007, 19:06
Wot iz he on about.

18-01-2007, 20:17
Stop making new threads!

Ahem. I'd be completely welcome for giving interviews and contributing whatever I can (after the next couple of weeks).

I wouldn't mind a section along the lines of "Play of the Week/Month/Round" that would help everyone see some great tactics in play, or, saving that, just some immensely "skillful" dice rolling. These are fairly easy to demonstrate using the client in standalone mode and some screenshots.

18-01-2007, 20:20
First story could be "Who can stop number 85", although "Play of the Week/Month/Round" might get a little boring as it would always be a Talon player.