View Full Version : Offical Araby Army list

18-01-2007, 17:41

It's nearly identical to the one thats been floating around for awhile.

There's even some Fluff there to.

The Magic carpets have been costed at 85 points which sounds a bit cheap as you can brigade 2 units together for 12 shooting attacks fly in (100cm range) then shoot (alright you only have 15cm range with the shooting attacks)- your bound to do some damage with 12 attacks pick off lone units or artillery easily.

The Guards rule has totally changed now the first order received by a guard from the general only is at command 10 and cannot be modified by penalties - I think this is better than the ignore distance modifier rule they had as the camels had this as well.

The Elephants Stampede rule has been extended. There are now more reactions.

The Mirage and Curse of the Djinn spells have been re-worded to remove the misinterpretations that arose before.

05-02-2007, 17:35
those carpets will make for a very effective artillery replacer, basically the horrid dark riders (a good thing I play dark elves, not my regular opponent :P) but with the flying ability and less points (and combat attacks)