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Rabid Bunny 666
19-01-2007, 22:03
Righty then, finished my retakes, and i have time to cool off a bit, so what better than to polish the models that have accumulated off!

I won't be buying anything but paints due to the fact that i think i've got enough (for now :evilgrin:) and the fact that i need to fork out 105 and Postage and Packaging to get my Xbox 360 repaired (which is 105 i don't have :()

The to-do list;
Grey=Nowhere near

Warhammer: NB: Bases not done as i'm thinking on this)

30 Night goblin Spearmen (done)
3 Fanatics: (done)
30 Night goblin Spearmen (robes started)
3 Fanatics: (PIP)
30 Night goblin Spearmen (robes started)
3 Fanatics: (PIP)
30 Night goblin Spearmen (need 10 more)(robes started)
20 Hand Weapon Night Goblins Goblins (19 undercoated, 1 needs an arm)
10 Spider riders (done)
10 Spider riders (Spiders done, Goblins nearly done)
10 Spider riders (flat colours applied)
1 Giant (skin started)
2 Trolls (started, but due to the stair/goblin dropping incident, they need to be redone)
Bolt Thrower (wood done, 1 crewman done)
Night Goblin Shaman: (done)
Night Goblin Shaman: (done)
Night Goblin Shaman: (done)
Night Goblin Hero: (Undercoated)
Night Goblin Hero: (Undercoated)
Night Goblin Hero: (Undercoated)
Night Goblin Great Shaman: (Squig done, robes started)
Night Goblin Warboss on foot (undercoated)
Night Goblin Warboss on Squig (sculpt needs tweaking)

there's probably more i missed out on, but there is so many of the little gits, i give up counting :D

Mordheim: Dwarf Warband:
Leader: (conceptual)
Engineer: (conceptual)
Thunderer: (sculpting done)
Thunderer: (sculpting done)
Warrior: (sculpting done)
Warrior: (sculpting in progress)
Warrior: (conceptual)
Beardling: (conceptual)

Inquisitor: Mutant Warband
Leader: (sculpted)
Bolter Mutie (sculpted, PIP)
Autogun Mutie: (Sculpted)
Melee Mutie: (sculpted)
Melee mutie: (sculpted)
Ammo Runt: (sculpting WIP)
Mutie: (sculpting WIP)
Big Mutie: (Framework WIP)

Warhammer 40,000: Death Korps of Krieg
Squad 1: (undercoated)
Squad 2: (9 undercoated, waiting for Forgewolrd to deliver sergeant's arms)
Sentinal Squadron (Armoured Cars): (1 finished construction, 1 needs an Autocannon and a crewman, 1 needs a Cupola.)

Confrontation: Dirz
3 Hybrids: (PIP)
Thissan Ka: (PIP)
4 Pests of Flesh: (done)
3 Sentinals of dirz: (done)
Vicar of Dirz: (done)
2 Centurius Clones: (PIP)

Sculpted Great Unclean One: (sculpted)
Ork Warboss and Retinue: (Sculpting WIP)
Empire Engineer: (PIP)

Pics should be on by the weekend, if it doesn't rain.

07-03-2007, 16:16
Right then...what are we supposed to be supporting here?

Rabid Bunny 666
07-03-2007, 17:02
Well, nothing at the moment, but i DO have a rubbish camera here, so i could take some pics tomorrow.