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20-01-2007, 18:54

Warlord Gorbak watched the Gargants moving towards the yard. They had been fighting another battle and most were damaged to some degree. And almost all had lost all forcefield generators, so they had to be repaired. Dey stomp good, but need lot o meks though Gorbak. Then he turned his head towards the plains.
- Dere dey are. Dem bugs.
- 'Yah boss. Dey be dere a lot away.' answered a nearby ork.
- Somefing is wrong 'ere. Dem bugs normuly come ta bash uwwers fast. Dey be not long way away. Dey always come back. Why is dey not comin ta bash us?
- Dey afraid of us?
- Don't be a git. Dem fings don't fink like dat. Dey up to sumthing, I sure. Oi! Drok! I wants yer Kult ta go around dat plain. If ya find anyfing come 'ere ta tell!
- 'Right boss' shouted Drok and gunned the engines on his bike.

The 'Droks Boulder' Kult of Speed gunned engines and sped out towards the plains. Dey need to find dem bugz if dey are coming. And if dey are ... well I'll personly gonna stomp 'em ta bits Gorbak thought.

The Kult crashed through the plains bouncing around from a occasional rock or root. The Drok split the Kult into two teams to search the are faster. One started from east and other west and then curve together making a 10 kilometer circle. They had driven most of the circle and nothing had been seen. Drok was enjoying the speed but wanted something to drive over as well. Then they spotted movement in a nearby taller grassy area next to forest. He turned towards and gunned the engine. Suddenly something bounced out of the grass towards him. It was somewhat smaller than ork, but armed with two sets of razorsharp claws. Drok grabbed his choppa and cut the creature half in mid air. Several more of the creatures leaped from the tall grass as well and one of the buggy drivers wasn't fast enough. The Hormagaunt landed on the front and pierced the ork with all four claws. Then ripped them out tearing the driver apart. Sudden loss of control caused the buggy flip from a rock and the ork machine crashed with the Tyranid Creature. The few others were quickly killed as the ork kult descended on them.
- 'Burn dat grass' Drok ordered the Skorchas.
Several ork vehicles responded by shooting flames into the area. For a while nothing happened. Then createres started leaping out of grass several burning badly but still trying to get closer to orks with their claws flashing. Buggies and warbike riders opened up with their weapons and the creatures were quickly killed. Dey didn't all come out wondered Drok. "Everywun 'eady, dere may be more of em in ..." he shouted when several something far larger than ork crashed out of the thicket in the forest. Two had large swords in addition to a clawed hand and one had an ugly looking weapon. They turned towards the Orks and more sounds started to erupt from forest behind them. Gorbak wants ta know dis Drok thought. And gunned the engine. The warbike shot towards the Ork encampment as the weapon opened fire. One of the Skorchas was hit and started to melt for a while until the gas tank ruptured and the light vehicle exploded as the acids mixed with the fuel. As the ork contraptions accelerated away from the forests edge, the trees started snapping and crashing to ground as something huge started raise up and crash through the think canopy of the forest.

Twenty minutes later the Droks Kult returned.
- "Dere a 'uge horde moving out dere." said Drok "Dey are enuf ta fill dis place. Lots un lots un lots of bugz."
- "Dere are. Good." Gorbak turned to his personal guard. "Go get the lads. We gonna stomp dem bugs that come 'ere. We gonna stomp em good. We's gonna ambush 'em and kill 'em all."
- "Some of dem are 'uge" said Drok
- Well dats bewwer. Dis means dat we can stomp on em longer.
This time the Gargants weren't going to do the fighting. This was he's turn to crush some bugs.

20-01-2007, 18:55
This was played against my friend (and his wife) with huge amount of Orks. But with a twist. I was playing their Orks and they my Tyranids. This would give more insight for both of us on how the armies worked. Needless to say we both were quite excited about this game. The game is regular 3000 point game itself.

Rules used
All Experimental rules.
Tyranid 7.1 with modifications (my mods are bolded others as in post)

Type/ Speed/ Armor/ CC/ FF
AV/ 15cm/ 3+/ 5+/ 5+
Weapons/ Range/ Firepower/ Notes
Venom Cannon/ 30cm/ AP5+ AT6+
notes: Walker, Fearless, Brood (3)

Type/ Speed/ Armor/ CC/ FF
WE/ 25cm/ 4+/ 3+/ 5+
Weapons/ Range/ Firepower/ Notes
Warp Blast/ 30cm/ AP4+ AT4+ AA5+
Pyro-Acid Spray/ Template/ MW5+
" " " Claws/ Base Contact/ MWTK(D3)/ +2 Attacks
notes: DC-8, Fearless, Walker, Reinforced Armor
Critical Hit 1D6
1-5 Lose one extra DC
6 Killed

Type/ Speed/ Armor/ CC/ FF
WE/ 25cm/ 4+/ 3+/ 5+
Weapons/ Range/ Firepower/ Notes
Bio-Cannon/ 45cm/ AP3+ AT4+
Bio-Plasmic Breath/ Template/ AP4+ AT5+
" " " Claws/ Base Contact/ MWTK(D3)/ +2 Attacks
notes: DC-6, Walker, Reinforced Armor (removed fearless)
Critical Hit 1D6
1-5 Lose one extra DC
6 Killed

Warlord Gorbaks Patrol

'Uge Warband
- Warlord
Big Warband
+ 2 Soopaguns
+ Boyz, Grot

Big Kult of Speed
- 6 Buggy, 6 Skorchas, 4 Warbikes
Big Blitz Brigade
- 6 Gunwagons, 2 Flakwagonz
+ 2 Supa-Zzap-Guns
Stompa Mob
- 2 Stompa with 3 Big Guns
- Stompa with 2 Big Guns and Kombat 'Ammer
+ Supa Stompa with 2 Soopaguns and Mega Choppa
5 Fighta-Bommas
3 Fighta-Bommas


Forward Combat Swarm

Infiltrator: Lesser Synapse Node
+ 4 Dactylis
+ Zoanthrope
Attack: Hive Tyrant
+ 2 Haruspexes
+ 2 Malefactors
+ 2 Carnifexes (1 sk, 1 venom)
+ Zoanthrope
Assault 1: 3 Tyranid Warriors
+ 14 Termagants
+ 9 Hormagaunts
+ 2 Ravener
+ Zoanthrope
Assault 1: 3 Tyranid Warriors
+ 14 Termagants
+ 9 Hormagaunts
+ 2 Ravener
+ Zoanthrope

Lesser Synapse Node
Lesser Synapse Node
5 Mycetic Spores

Synapse: 550 (18%)
Independent: 850 (28%)
Common Brood: 810 (27%)
Uncommon Brood: 785 (26%)


20-01-2007, 18:56

Orks put the blitz near centre, but little east behind a hill. Tyranids replied by putting the blitz a little father to east behind a forested pair of smaller hills. One take and hold objective on Tyranid end ended some 35 cm from blitz towards southwest on an other side other forested pair of hills. And other between hill and ruin some 40cm west from the other objective. Ork end had one directly north 30cm from blitz and the other was in west near some forests.

Orks garrisoned Gorbaks' 'Uge Warband to western objective on Overwatch. And the other to eastern objective also on overwatch. Tyranids didn't garrison anything.

Orks deployed rest of their forces into the centre. Western side had Big Blitz Brigade. Middle had Stompa Mob and eastern side was occupied by Droks' Big Kult of Speed.

Tyranids had the Infiltrate swarm near blitz within forest. East of them in the northeastern corner was Assault swarm 1. In front of the Infiltrate swarm was Hierophant 2. West of them was Attack swarm right between the forested areas. West of them was Hydraphant within forest. After Hydraphant was Assault swarm 2. And in the centre of the field was Hierophant 1 holding the western flank of the Tyranids.


20-01-2007, 18:56
Turn 1 "Meeting Engagement"

Initiative Orks

The Orks start with WAAAGH sound as Big warband in east doubles ahead as they see the enemy, overwatch forgotten. The range of the Soopaguns then reach the Attack Swarm and two templates cover almost the entire swarm. Huge explosions fill the area and leave Haruspex as well as Hive Tyrant dead! In return the Assault swarm 2 doubles near the Big warband taking some cover from a forest and Tyranid Warriors as well as Zoanthrope fires back. The result is one dead Grot unit. Orks reply with another double as the Stompa mob huddles forwards and brings Supa Stompas' weapons into range. Several blasts later 2 Hormagaunts, single Termagant and Tyranid Warrior units are lost. Tyranids seeing the effect of Ork barrage decide to add their own and Dactylises sustain fire from the forest. Target is Big warband which loses couple of boyz units and gains several BMs due to disruptive weaponry.

In west the Orks decide to show some air power and Fighta Bommas are called in for an airstrike. Leaving thick trails of smoke the Ork fliers come in from west and fly to Tyranid end turning east. The target is the Hierophant 1 and it gets hit several times with rokkits causing 2DC damage. This causes the Assault swarm 2 to march towards the centre of the field coming to close range from Big warband ... Both swarms are now within engage range of it ...

The effect of the Dactylises is nasty and Orks decide to want to do something to it. Calling in the second flight of Fighta Bommas the Ork aircrafts comes in from east. With a thin area between range of Zoanthrope in Assault swarm 1 and board edge the crafts manage to slip by the first AA line. However the Infiltrate swarms Zoanthrope is unavoidable and as the Orks get in close the Zoanthrope in Attack swarm also get to fire. They however both miss the incoming Fightas. Missiles and shootas fire red hot. Shootas all miss, but two of the rokkits hit home.

Both Dactylis and Lesser Node fails saves and are killed, which leaves the second swarm without synapse ... Hive Mind seems troubled by the turn of events so far.

In order to save activations the Attack swarm decide to march ahead in order to catch the Assault swarm 2 and get within synapse range again.

In east the Droks' Kult of Speed is next. And they double as well moving just south of Assault Swarm 1. The fire brings down 3 units of gaunts. Retaining the Landa is comes thundering through the air. With plumes of thick, black smoke it impacts gouging the ground and pushing a gaunt unit out of way within Assault swarm 1. The Orks within jump out and with a strong WWAAARRRRRR (pirate orks you see) they engage the swarm. All only 1 Ork unit fails to get into close combat. The battle is bloody and the green tide is unstoppable. All 3 grot as well as 1 boy unit are killed and Landa gets 1 damage. But in return the Tyranids are almost wiped out. Only 1 unit of Warriors with 2 Hormagaunt units survive and they move out to northeast hiding behind a large bunker. Orks consolidate within the forest.

Hydraphant is next to move from Tyranids and it doubles ahead next to the Kult of Speed. Then Orks placement shows a weakness. They are all in nice double line which means that the breath template gets 9 units underneath it. 2 Skorchas are melted by the bio-plasmic breath, while the warp blast misses. Blitz Brigade is the one to reply from Orks and doubling moves to the hill between blitz and an objective (under Stompa). The Supa-Zzap-Guns as well as various big guns are brought to bear and fire at the Tyranid monstrosity. The smaller weapons explode harmlessly on the creatures thick carapace, but one of the Zzap guns hit and 3 damage is caused as the orkish beam penetrate the heavy armour. Next is the Hierophant 1 and it advances to bring it's template weapon within the range of normal Warband within forest. One boyz unit is hit and partially melts from the acids within the clouds.

In west the Orks 'Uge warband doubles towards the centre. With large amount of weaponry being aimed at the Assault 2 few hit home and 2 Hormagaunts as well as Termagant unit are killed. Lastly the Hierophant 2 activates and advances upon the 'Uge Warband but manages to kill only one boyz unit with it's template weapon.

End Phase

All Ork aircrafts manage to leave the board without getting hit. However several are fired upon and Landa leaves with 4BMs, Fighta Bomma Squadron 1 with 1 BM and Fighta Bomma Squadron 2 with 2 BM. Almost all warbands rally except the normal in the forest which even Gorbaks commands don't help.

On Tyranids side Hierophant 1 and Hydraphant both regenerate 1 damage. Assault swarm 1 spawns 3 Termagant and a Hormagaunt units with help of spore. Assalt 2 spawns 3 Termagants and 2 Hormagaunts with spore.


20-01-2007, 18:57
Turn 2 "Clash of Hammers"

The Dactylises and Zoanthrope are outside of synapse range and are removed. The Attack Swarms remains join Assault 2.

Initiative Tyranids

The Hydraphant lets out a scream of rage and engages the intermingled Big Warband and "Droks' Boulders". Huge tyranid beast moves towards the Kult and charges right through it to the other side. The warband tries to come to help but only 5 units get within range of the beast. The tyranid monsters rips apart 5 buggies and 3 bikes with ease. Orks respond by by battering the beast with all they got. And since there is 4 damage caused, they seem to have a lot. One of the hits cause critical and the Tyranid monstrosity is killed outright as some shot manages to penetrate whatever constitutes as brain of the beast. The Kult of Speed is however broken and falls back behind the hill with Blitz Brigade while Warband consolidates back to where it started. Hive Mind feeling outrage orders the Assault 2 to engage the Big Warband. The gaunts fill the places as they Hormagaunts engage anything and everything they can. Raveners follow suit. Warriors and Termagants hanging back to firefight. Now the Orks are overwhelmed. They manage to kill 6 Hormagaunt units but lose several boyz and grots in return. Since they have BM to start this tips the edge to Tyranids and only 2 Nobz and the Soopaguns are left alive to flee. They move behind Stompa Mob west of the hill.

Orks counter offencive starts with Blitz Brigade and sustained fire in the east. Target is Hierophant 2, but only 1 Zzap gun hits causing 2 damage while smaller guns fail to penetrate the carapace armour of the beast. In west the 'Uge Warband lead by Gorbak goes to stomp the Hierophant 1. The Grots create shield between Orks and the Tyranid menace and everyone lets loose with what they got. 4 Grot units are wiped by the Hierophants' breaths, while Orks manage to cause 1 damage. Orks have +3 to resolution and win by 4 killing the Tyranid bio titan as it tries to flee in the torrent of fire. Consolidate moves 'Uge warband closer to Assault swarm 2.

The remaining Hierophant in east seems troubled by the events and it holds and moves forwards. The Warband in forest is next and they decide to marshall firing a single shot at the Assault swarm 1, which misses. All the BMs are removed afterwards. Seeing that Assault 1 cannot anymore try to kill the warband in the forest, they decide to march back towards the Tyranid blitz taking cover behind a forest there. This was last activation left to 'Nids and rest are Orks.

After a brief pondering on what to do, the Orks unleash the airforce. Landa is first to be ordered for ground attack. However it has problems of getting up due to fire that the the Gorbak himself needs to order da boyz to get it flying again. It comes in from the east and targets the Assault swarm 1. With 9 AP shots we expect a lot, but only two hits and Termagant as well as Hormagaunt units are killed. Next is Stompa Mob and they sustain fire at the Assault 2 killing 7 Termagants, Hormagaunt and Warrior units as well as a single Zoanthrope.

Then the Fighta Bommas and squadron 1. It targets the Assault swarm 1 as well. However they seem to have forgotten the target crosshairs home as all shots miss. Squadron 2 comes back to try to do the hob, but 1 Hormagaunt unit is all they manage to kill. So the last Tyranid Warrior unit of Assault 1 survives.

End Phase

On Ork sides the Aircraft get out without any problems. However all the rallies fail.

Tyranids fail to spawn anything, but Hierophant regenerates 2 damage back to full health.

Overview of the battle.

In centre the Assault swarm 2 and Bio Titan is being surrounded by Orks.

20-01-2007, 18:58
Turn 3 "Evening Tide"

The Lesser Synapse Nodes teleport to both blitz objectives.

Initiative Orks

Orks start with ordering the Big Blitz Brigade to sustain fire. This requires the Gorbaks personal orders again, but finally the message gets through. All the weapons fire at the Hierophant and they manage to do 4 damage ... leaving 2 points left. Then the Stompa mob retains and tries to Sustain as well, but fails to fire with Hold. They target the Assault swarm 2 again and huge blasts cover the swarm. After the smoke clears 3 Termagants, Hormagaunt and Warrior units as well as Carnifex and Malefactor are killed.

Hierophant is next and it Engage the warband in the forest. Bio Titan lumber into the forest with trees snapping like twigs in front of it. The entire warband is drawn into the close combat. 4 boyz and a Nob is killed while 1 damage is done to the Hierophant. The last Nobz unit flees towards the Tyranid bliz.

At this point we are running out of time and almost end the game.

Then the Landa is ordered again to destroy the Tyranid Warrior unit of Assault swarm 1. This time the Orks manage to something right and the Warrior unit as well as single unit of Hormagaunts is ripped apart by the shootas. The remaining two then engage the lone broken Nob unit and kill it. Both sides are removed as the gaunts are more interested in the feast than rest of the battle as they don't have synapse creatures to control them.

Orks use Fighta Bomma squadron 1 to attack the Synapse Node on Tyranid ends blitz. The rokkits hit home and the Synapse Node is lost in the explosions. Retaining the 'Uge Warband marches but is unable to reach the blitz and contents to take both Take and Hold objectives. Then Assault swarm 2 tries to push them out and engages the 'Uge warband. The battle is bloody but orks emerge victorious. They lose several boyz and rest of the grots, but only one Warrior survives the battle and it runs towards the Hierophant.

And at this point we stop playing due to time. Orks gather the win with 2 - 0 (Take and Hold and Break Their Spirit).


20-01-2007, 20:38
Thanks for the battle report, good job as always.

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
21-01-2007, 00:12
thats a really well done battle report and I love the pictures as well.

21-01-2007, 17:10
Excellent battle report, very bloody by the sounds of things! Thanks for taking the time to post it. I think it would make a great article for Firebase... ;) :)

21-01-2007, 19:05
I Once the first battle report I sent gets through it, I'll do another.

21-01-2007, 22:28
nice battle report, how do you think the nid's did Hena?

22-01-2007, 18:14
Well there wasn't any obvious mistakes. It was his first game with Nids so they fact that nids will be hurt with proper fire dicipline hit him. Also non fearless bio titans weren't as tough as he believed I think. Never mind that I got lucky in first turn in killing that Synapse Node from that artillery swarm :D.

22-01-2007, 22:34
Well there wasn't any obvious mistakes. It was his first game with Nids so they fact that nids will be hurt with proper fire dicipline hit him. Also non fearless bio titans weren't as tough as he believed I think. Never mind that I got lucky in first turn in killing that Synapse Node from that artillery swarm :D.

yes in almost all the gams i've played with and against the nids the bio titans have been ether been killed early on or not done anthing that impressive, (maybe it was the guy using them then E & C) :D

23-01-2007, 10:01
Nice battle report, good work. Canīt wait to see more :roll: