View Full Version : Warseer apothecary replacement pictures

20-01-2007, 18:59
I have had these approved first by Thor who said they were not offensive. Try these replacement pictures for your apothecary.

The current picture is a bit lame so I tried my best, realized i could not draw, so shrunk other pictures (of course with the owners permission)

1. is a mad doctor
2. My favourite is Dr McCoy from star trek, if he cant heal you, no one can.



You will need to delete the number within the file and then replace the current image within the picture folder.


20-01-2007, 20:11
Don't like the current one? Doesn't anyone else think it looks like Einstein? I'm actually very happy to stick with the current one.

20-01-2007, 21:39
The pictures are difficult to get a good display being limited to 50x40 which is why the apoth on bbowl looks like a cartoon einstein.