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Autobot HQ
20-01-2007, 21:19

The Warseer Blood Bowl League is now under new management. As of the end of the First Official Warseer Cup, Yorkiebar will be stepping down as the head of the league, and be succeeded by yours truely, Autobot HQ/Iscariot. This is not due to Yorkiebar failing in his duties, but more than many feel I have become the defacto leader anyway in that I have alot more free time, as well as web access at work, which is always handy...

The majority of the league will stay the same. Games will be played, tournaments will be run, and losers will be taking outside and shot ... wait, thats my local GW not here. Well, same principle stands. There will be one league, The Warseer Blood Bowl League, for all teams. as of at the moment all games will be between all teams in this league; there will be no seperation. However, I will be looking to open up seperate divisions within the group based on a meeting between the staff and coaches that is yet to be scheduled. I'll let you know on that one. sometime.

The rules for the new league should seem very familiar to you all, as it has for the most part been shamelessly ripped from Yorkiebars thread. There, I said it, what you going to do about it eh?

The Basics
FUMBBL is an online Blood Bowl league open for everyone who wants to join in, using a java applet created by SkiJunkie, whoever that is. The WarSeer Blood Bowl League or WBBL is a league on FUMBBL of WarSeer members. It was set up a while ago and is now being completley redone. Any WarSeer member is welcome to join.

Setting up
1. Register on FUMBBL
2. Download the Blood Bowl rules (6.2MB) from the Specialist Games website.*
3. Download and install Java if you don't have it already.
4. Download and unzip BBOnline.
5. Get an IRC extension if you don't already have one (Yorkiebar recommends Chatzilla apparently).
6. Read the FUMBBL User Guide, create a team and start playing!

League information and announcements will be posted here by myself. This thread will be closed from all others to stop it becoming cluttered.

The Rules:

+ All joining teams must be new, League teams with at least Fan Factor 5. They must be official teams as per LRB4. The staff strongly recommend that teams start with at least FF7 and one Reroll minimum as this usually provide the best best starting block, but you are not required to do so.

+ All teams, once in the league, may not play games against any other teams that are not in the WBBL. Out of tournament games may be played at a ratio of 1:3. You may not play the same team within 2 games of last playing them. An example of allowance would be playing:
New Zaggarund Quakes -> Xini Warseers -> Talons of Ulthuan -> New Zaggarund Quakes

+ Players will have one team and one team only. There will be two seperate divisions of the league, the Warseer North League and the Warseer South Conference. New teams will start in the Conference, with the top two teams of the WSC moved into the WNL at the end of every quarter, and the bottom two teams of the WNL moved down. This system will develop and increase with the size of the league, but as of now this is the setup.

+ All teams must have at least a little bit of background. I'm not asking for you to be an author and write a book (unless you want to!), but something to give your team some flavour would be nice.

+ No Wizards or Star Players in normal play. Tournaments may allow them, but all coaches will be informed ahead of time if they are or not.

+ The Warseer Cup Final must now be overviewed by at least one dedicated Judge, both voted as appropriate, before the game. In the case of game-altering decisions being made, it will be this Judges call.

+ Friendly games are encouraged when reported in the Warseer Fumbbl Thread. To play a friendly, please just untick the 'Fumbbl Login' button in the options menu of your Javascript Game. This will allow you to play even in a tournament against anyone else, but the results and experience will NOT be counted. There is a point to playing even when you don't gain bonuses you know! I sincerely hope to see more people playing these friendlies and reporting the match results in our forum, as it will mean we can essentially play anyone, anytime, with our teams but they will only gain experience in the league. This also lets people who have alot of time play as much as they like, as well as letting even the harder teams help prepare new players.

+ Fouling. Stalling. Punting. They all exist outside of this league, in real life Blood Bowl and indeed in real life games. So they are perfectly valid here too. Not so much a rule as a note to accept them. That said, being a foul-monkey wont win you many fans.

+ Have fun. Understand this is a game and it's based purely on dice. Don't be a whiney b!*@$ if you lose, be a sport and accept it.

Lord Iscariot, Ruler Supreme of Warseer League

*Please note that the Warseer League and Fumbbl work on the LRB4 ruleset.