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Autobot HQ
20-01-2007, 22:29

Please find attached to this the first ever Official WARSEER Newsletter, made in character for all those who want to know whats going on in the world of Blood Bowl!

Published monthly, this tome of glorious information will be full of news, rumours, interviews, background and upcoming matches, along with predictions and highlights. Consider this soon to be essential reading for anyone in the league! Issue one attached now, with future issues also attached to this post, which I'll update you on when is available!

Download now and get playing!


Lord of Warseer Blood Bowl

20-01-2007, 23:13
Absolutely brilliant. 10/10

21-01-2007, 16:44
fantastic mate...

just number it each time :)

21-01-2007, 17:15
I want to go hire a player called 'The Stone' now and bitch about the new league owner heehee.

21-01-2007, 19:28
Very nice, enjoyed it :)

Glad to see Yorkies not ditching us totally and is still around to play... Easy wins that is :chrome:

21-01-2007, 20:11
As I said last night - top notch!

21-01-2007, 20:51
Excellent work, I really love it. And I WILL get the WarSeers into a winning streak one day...

Autobot HQ
25-01-2007, 15:58
First prediction by the 'Expert Panel' of a 2-1 Victory for the Athletico comes true. See, and you guys thought I was just making this stuff up! :rolleyes:

Autobot HQ
29-01-2007, 13:41
Evidently even the 'panel of experts' can occassionally be mistaken, though I'm happy to be the exception to the rule :D

On a Warseer News related note, I need to ask y'all if, as issue 2 would be this week, whether you want me to make this issue 2 for this week or produce it for next week, when the Warseer Cup would be over and we'd have a winner - If it's this week it'd be another single pager, next week would be a double spread as I'm hoping whoever the winner is will be generous enough to provide me with an interview for the page, as well as helping me flesh out the team background and such, make a real feature of it.

Thoughts? I could always just make one for both weeks I guess, if you want me to die when my GF feels I'm ignoring her for "The lil pixle men again" ... :rolleyes:

Lord of Warseer Blood Bowl

29-01-2007, 16:57
"The lil pixle men again" ... :roll:


I'd say wait untill the Cup is over.

Deng Ham
04-02-2007, 11:45
Yes let ut get a full covering of the cup.

Aslo I think that a new team review woud be nice.
Or have regular section with a feature of one of the teams in the league.

Autobot HQ
04-02-2007, 12:14
Thats the plan funnily enough, from issue 3 onwards i'll be havin a full team review every issue. So you best all start thinking on it!

Autobot HQ
14-02-2007, 23:39
Issue Two is now available! Included this issue:

+ Interview with the NEW Warseer Cup Champion Coach, Gres!

+ 'Money In The Bank' - Interested? Read more!

+ The Power 10 - Where do you rank?

... and much more besides!

The Warseer News. The Games, And Everything About It.

Autobot HQ
30-03-2007, 21:30
The new Issue is out, although it's using an old PDF Converter so not as neat as the last issues, so I'll replace it with an updated version soon as possible. Included in this issue:

+ The Big Draft Day

+ Money in the Bank Update

+ The Power 10 - You keeping your spot?

+ Coaches Corner on Coach Th0r

... and much more!

The Warseer News. The Games, And Everything About It.

Autobot HQ
17-06-2007, 16:02
Due to technical Issue the Warseer Issue 4 has been delayed - I worked for about two hours finishing it off and the i moved a picture, saved it and didn't check that i'd just erased everythin I did. It will take me a while to redoe this, but should be up by tomorrow night all things permitting.

However, Issue 3 hows now been cleaned up and republished using the better convertor, so it's now cleaner for everyone to read.


Deng Ham
17-06-2007, 16:15
It's sucks when something goes bad. And all work is lost..

Great work on doing the newsletters. It realy boost the league.

Just letting you know that the Reikland Bank add look twisted in issue 3.

19-06-2007, 16:59
Numpty, Autobot, and you told me it would be ready in 10 minutes :D. Just send the almost-complete version to me next time, for safety.

Autobot HQ
21-06-2007, 20:40
The new Issue is out, at last, our long awaited swimsuit edition! Included in this issue:

+ The Swimsuit exclusive pictures

+ League updates and predictions for the upcoming Warseer Cup

+ The Power 15 - Bigger and better, but are you in it?

+ Coaches Corner on Coach Deng Ham

... and much more!

The Warseer News. The Games, And Everything About It.

Deng Ham
24-06-2007, 23:24
@ tenpole. Coud you pleace upload the older issues of highlander magazine in your post... PLEACE.
The older versions are lost in the vortex. And can not be found on the site.