View Full Version : Suggestions for first game?

20-01-2007, 22:39
We will be playing our first AI game tomorrow (using MicroKits as stand ins). Any suggestions on what mission is equally suited for beginners in AI as well as challenging enough for veteran wargamers for a start?

I want to get some friends into the game and buying a FW wing, so this better be good ;)

grave digger
21-01-2007, 00:04
I think "Straggler over Varestus Prime" would make for a great intro game. It's got story, fighters, a bomber and a clear objective.

I plan on using this mission when I introduce the game to a friend of mine next week. We will flip to see who gets what side and play a second game swapping sides.


21-01-2007, 10:09
For an introductory game i'd stick to the dog fighting missions, The clash of aces would be my preference as the scenario is basic so no special rules to pick up, but you get a double ace to make things more interesting for more advanced players, plus you have a decent number of planes so you can let players control a couple each getting more people in on the game

21-01-2007, 15:53
My G/f and I played the intro dogfighting one and weren't that happy so I'd suggest one of the other scenarios!

21-01-2007, 17:36
We ended up playing a dogfight and it was serious gun. This game has potential...