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21-01-2007, 02:22
Jim, we break live to an announcement by the Talons of Ulthuan, changes are to be expected after a disappointing exit two week ago from the WBBL Cup.

Everqueen- Good evening ladies and gentlemen. There will be a brief announcement followed any questions that you have and finally our new staff (reporters hush) will give a brief message.

It has always been my goal to bring the WBBL Cup back to Ulthuan to show the greatness of the High Elf race. After an early exit in the WBBL Cup and past disappointments through this team, I’ve decided to sell my majority stock in the Talons to Tiranoc United. This ownership group expressed interest in the club and I feel I have not enough resources to run this club properly and therefore I will hand over the leadership reins.

Chairman of Tiranoc United th0r- Good evening. I’m excited to stand here before you representing Tiranoc United investors who saw the Talons becoming available on the market and we decided to grab it. I feel this club is only one or two wins away from becoming the best team in the league and perhaps missing one or two impact players. Initially we have signed a one year $90,000 dollar contract with Aeolos. We feel the additional speed and skill will force the defense to spread and let our other players more room to play. Depending on the next few weeks we will take a look at the team overall and decide who is part of our long term goal. Part of this will be deciding wither or not Alissia’s contract is worth keeping or if we should look else where. As for coaching duties I will be taking over for Azreal. Part of this decision is due to the lack of play we feel Azreal is able to give us due to his coaching responsibilities. We feel Azreal is a great player with a lot of up side and will be able to lead us on defense. Obviously he’s had problems this season with the injuries combined with his older age which we feel didn’t allow him full recovery time. I feel pretty safe in saying that if we had Aeolos and Azreal at 100% we wouldn’t have lost in the Cup, but we’ll just have to see. Questions?....

21-01-2007, 09:22
Will there be a cheerleader squad for the fan base next season?