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Deng Ham
21-01-2007, 11:14

This is an advance notice. There will be held a Blood bowl turney in Stavanger this spring. Exact date is yet to be determined (probably around easter).

Who can Join:
* All teams in the Warcry BB league, Stavanger
* Any new team. Cost total of 1,100,000 Gold. And if you join the Warcry BBL, you keep all player uprgades taht you recived in the turney.

Rules and awards:
* We use the Living Rule book versjon 5 (http://www.specialist-games.com/bloodbowl/rulebook.asp). But no: Star players, Inducement or Special play cards.
* Changed made to the team is permanent (for league play).
* The teams that play in the semifinale get a +2 on ther fan factor throw. Teams playing in the finale get +D6.
* The team that win the Slayer showdown dubble all SPP in the finale from Inteceptions, Passes, Casualty og Touch Downs. And all Catches is rewarded with 1 SPP.
* Gate and Winnings in the finale is dobbeled.
* The winneren of Slayer Showdown 1 get 1 team Re-roll. That is removed right before the next Slayer Showdown finale.
* The opening round is random. Secondary round settup is epending on the number of players. If posible we folow a "knock out" system (but loosing players still get to play full number of games). If not we use swiss system. As tie breacker the most scored casualities, passes and then coin toss. In the finale we do a golden goal.This is the ideal settup for the turney (http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b198/Deng-Ham/Blood%20bowl/SSTurnering.jpg)

First, Second and third place. Wil get on trophy each, that can be entered into there team rosters.


For more information (in Norwegain only) pleace visit our home page: Stavanger spill forening, Warcry (http://www.warcry.no)

Deng Ham
14-02-2007, 16:07
A finale date is sett. The turnament is sett of to go on sunday 1. of April.
More or less all day. Starting 10 am. And going untill we have played all our matches. Probably not ending before 10 pm

Hope to see some of you there.