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Stella Cadente
22-01-2007, 00:22
WOW from out of nowhere one of my mates just asked me if I wanted a Game of Mordheim, well obviously I'm not gonna say no, its been such a long time since playing this AWESOME game (why does GW always stop the bet ones) and I decided since I brought a few new Empire models to use em, so here we go, my Reikland list.

Captain Marcus Sword, Shield
(Simple combination of items, sword will give good defense in CC, and the shield will help now and then I hope lol)

Champion William Great weapon
(Well you always need someone with just brute strength lol)

Champion Uleius Brace of Pistols
(Just for summit cool and fun really)

2xWarriors Spears, Shields
(well who would pass up there opportunities to hit the enemy before they hit you lol, should help me tie up a flank until I can counter attack)

2xWarriors Halberds, Shields
(these guys will perform counter charges and accompany my Heroes around the board)

2xMarksmen Crossbow, axe
(these will be my Fire support element, good old trusty Crossbow and an axe just in case, couple that with the good Reikland shooting and I reckon they shold do ok

(Hmm 40gc left)

Youngblood Mike Axe
(Well why not, Youngbloods are fun lol)

Youngblood Tyke Axe
(same reason)

Well thats it, I know hes taking a Human gang as well (not too sure which, Witch hunters, Sigmar girls etc) but well I like it, it has all my Favorite units in it and I hope it doe well, I have a few days to go, so if you have any comments feel free.

22-01-2007, 00:44
Axes aren't really worth it, clubs/maces are cheaper and more effective. Not many people start off with armour in MH, but most start off with soft squishy brains to bash. And they're 2 quid cheaper.
The shields and halberds are a bit of a waste, since a lot of shooting is S4 and a 6+ save isn't great anyway, and halberds take up both hands in combat. Ditto for the spears, except they get the save in combat. You'd be better off getting rid of the shields, giving the halberdiers 2 weapons (2 clubs or similar, cheaper than a halberd, and more effective against T3 humans).
If you're playing Reikland take advantage of BS4! Only 3 models can shoot there! Where are the longbows?

22-01-2007, 00:51
I would probably get rid of all the warriors, outfit the youngbloods with at least a little gear, give all the Heroes at a minimum a bow, then fill out the rest of your GC with marksman. With Reiklanders do up a shooting game especially since you know he is not taking an uber fast list like Skaven or something. My two bits but I do have to agree with you in that Mordheim is an AWESOME game.:D

22-01-2007, 11:19
I agree with most of what has been said already. More marksmen would be a wise investment but I think the Halberds should stay. They are really useful against the resilient Warbands like Orcs and Dwarves. T4 is so annoying.

The Champion with Greatweapon should have a club too. This gives him the option of high Sttrength or using Club and Dagger for multiple Attacks depending on the situation.

Don't worry too much about missile Weapons on the Heroes, the Marksmen are better at shooting so leave it for them. Provide fire support for your h2h elements.

Quin 242
22-01-2007, 13:00
Well it's been said.
Drop warriors, get marksmen. Crossbows are your friend with a BS of 4.

Get bows to your heros.
Lose the axes. Maces/clubs are your freinds. Cheap and effective.

Pistols are expensive. You could arm up a few guys for that.

Spears are only worth taking if your opponent has a lower I than you.
They only confer the "strikes first" ability now and do not guarantee a first strike.

Look into a swordsman. Once you get him two swords he'll be handy in combat. Then if he gets a decent upgrade you can add a guy to his group during recruitment.

Stella Cadente
25-01-2007, 14:39
Well I apologies for inactiveness (uncle broke computer) I had my game with my mate and I must say, this group was AWESOME Crossbowmen nailed his characters to the walls, spearmen seemed to go mad and killed at least half his group, Halberdiers also helped out, they went bowmen hunting lol, Youngbloods killed his Captain, and my other characters killed at least 2 men each, so all in all, they did very well, with NO deaths lol