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22-01-2007, 20:55
Does anyone know how the Plague Cart works "in game"?

I know threads were opened previously, but its been a while since postings were updated.

I'm running a mordheim league and started the carnival. Obviously, in game terms and in keeping with a story line, I gave my carnival a cart right away. (thought it would be proper for them to have it considering they travel around); but a interesting point came up when it was attacked the other night...

The cart was charged and we really didn't know how to work out damage. Does the cart go OOA if the "cart" is reduced to 0 wounds or do the horses and wheels have to be taken out as well? Also, are there 4 wheels when working out damage or just 1 wound for all wheels?

If all 4 wheels, the 2 horses and the cart need to be reduced to 0 wounds then thats 10 wound in total... and that seems to be alot. Someone help!

22-01-2007, 22:19

They really did a sucktastic job of explaining how it works. There's no real answer available, and all the unofficial (house) rules are only slightly better.

My best bet? (And how I'm going to use it)

"Sorry, the axle on the cart's acting up, it won't be making it to the game today. But I still get my +2 warriors for it!"

23-01-2007, 01:56
When I have used the Plague Cart in previous games we used the "wagon rules" so if you removed the final wound on the cart itself we counted it as destroyed. Also the way we did the wheels is they all had "1" wound and you would roll randomly to see what wheel was hit. The reason why the 1 is in quotes is because if you took off that wound you would then be forced to roll on a wheel damage chart. So if it was damaged and not destroyed you could potentially hit that same wheel over again. Though if I remeber correctly we added a plus 1 to the roll for everytime the wheel was damaged. The horses themselves we concidered separate and could be killed, cut loose, replaced whatever as draft animals. I do hope this helps. :D

23-01-2007, 13:40
Thanks. I was thinking about using the "wagon rules" and will probably adopt it as such.