View Full Version : Mordheim Undead Band (new)

23-01-2007, 02:00
Vampire: Heavy Armor, Double Handed Weapon
Necromancer: Sword, Dagger
Dreg: Club, Dagger
Dreg: Spear, Dagger
Dreg: Spear, dagger

5 Zombies: No weapons (although one guy is holding a foot).

my goal is get that wyrdstone, and get some gold, then i usually buy ghouls.

23-01-2007, 02:38
I would say that it looks good though I would concider giving the Vampire 2 1-hand weapons instead of a two-hander. At str4 you are usually wounding guys on a 3+ so I would go with max number of attacks unless you think you are going to be hitting something really tough. Though with 2 wounds and a high base toughness you can definitly get away with a two-hander (sans strongman skill) if you really want to keep it. Also I don't have the book in front of me but just looking at your list are you sure you have spent the whole 500GC? If not you might concider giving your Dregs a second weapon other than the daggers and maybe some light armor.

23-01-2007, 03:35
spears suck on dregs.

The new rules nerfed spears. Give em hammers.

And get some Ghouls Or Dire Wolves. (Dire wolves can keep up with the Vampie, mostly, and are MEAN on the charge.)

23-01-2007, 12:58
The Vampire can make good use of that Great Weapon, at Strength 6 he can't be parried! You'd be amazed at how useful that is.

Drop the Heavy Armour, you don't need it. Spend that gold on Ghouls instead. I agree with Tkitch about the Spears too.

24-01-2007, 07:18
theres no way im wasting light armour on dregs. now that spears have changed i think the good old Sword/club combo will suffice. i dont usually use dire wolves because after the charge, they're sitting ducks. perhaps ghouls would be better to start off because they have T4

Vladimir Deathblade
29-01-2007, 16:31
Myself, I go for a tooled up vampire (halbard, other weapon, heavy armour) 3 cheap dregs, a necromancer and hordes of zobies. Thwe vampire does the killing, and the zobies hold stuff up, and mabey claw the odd thing down...

If I end up with too many zombies, I get a coulple of gouls, as that T4 is very usefu.