View Full Version : Scratching a Reikland Warband together...

23-01-2007, 15:15
Since I recently started playing Mordheim, it occured to me that I had enough Empire Militia bits lying around to build a Human Mercenary Warband. This is what I've come up with...

Captain with Sword and Buckler

Champion with Sword

Champion with Crossbow

Young Blood with Mace

Young Blood with Mace

Two Swordsmen with Swords (well,Duh!)

Two Warriors with Halberds

Three Marksmen with Longbows

That lot cost 496 gc. What do you guys think?

24-01-2007, 05:40
I'd pass on the Warriors.

For the same price you can pick up a marksman with generally better equipment lists. (And a halbred is actually worse than two daggers in a fight.)

Otherwise it's pretty good. (Although, consider starting the captain with the XBow, as he's got the BS4.)

24-01-2007, 13:04
I agree with TKitch.