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24-01-2007, 19:11
As a group we got a large number of FW AI Aircraft to base up. I'm looking for inspiration :) I know the limitations of the GW Acrylic stands over time and would prefer to leave them in the bag. Wondering if someone has come up with a workable solution.

I've got a number of rare earth magnets. But the only useable size for fighters appear to be the 1/16th. ( I think 1/8 especially if counter sunk are to big for most fighters ) That appears to be just barely enough holding power but needs to be center hull on the model or it will create an annoying spin effect. In the case of a lightning that center point is right on the autocannon bit.

Maybe solution like the acrylic stands I've seen used in Wings of War?

Someone out there has to have found the perfect solution...

24-01-2007, 20:14
Lightnings are resin so very light, you can mount the magnets towards the back and they won't spin

25-01-2007, 08:57
As a group we got a large number of FW AI Aircraft to base up. I'm looking for inspiration :) I know the limitations of the GW Acrylic stands over time and would prefer to leave them in the bag.

What's the problem with GW acrylic stands? Apart from 2 broken Landspeeder ball/socket mounts, I've never had a problem with the stands - I've still got RT era metal Eldar jetbikes on their original stands showing no sign of damage or impending failure. :)

25-01-2007, 15:16
Well my experience ..

Either you glue the GW acrylic stands to the model and have storage, plus potential breakage issues especially with BFG metal models. Or you leave them unglued and deal with the eventually sloppiness of the hole as it widens.

For larger scale flyers/skimmers I normally counter sink a threaded clasp.

These little resin fighters do not have the surface for that kind of solution.

I heard about this product coming out but it appears to be pretty bulky. Anyone have any experience with them?


25-01-2007, 15:29
Ah, I see. Well, I've never had hole size issues either. I don't glue my stands to the flyers/skimmers/etc.

I have however drilled nice little holes in my AI flyers just right for the thin part of the GW stand, and recessed slightly to the size of the thicker part (Thunderbolts come with holes already the size of the thicker part). This results in a nice stable fit as the "neck" of the stand is .5mm recessed into the aircraft, helping to prevent the smaller hole getting larger as the aircraft is unable to wobble.

25-01-2007, 17:05
So far, what I've been doing is using 1/16th brass rod. I use the pin vice to sink the rod a little deeper and use a really small amout of greenstuff to secure it further. I've then drilled into corks (I use corks to prime/paint the model) and set the brass rod about a half inch in. I'm still painting so this is as far as I've gotten.

What I plan to do, once the model is painted is, again, use a small amount of green-stuff to secure the other end of the rod in the flying base.

I thought about magnets, but I would prefer to take up storage space rather than add wear and tear to the model itself. I also chose brass rod over the GW flying bases because a 1/16th flat black rod seems less obtrusive than the "clear" flying stand. Plus, I plan on varying the height of my birds between 2 and 2.5 inches.

Hope this helps. I have a feeling I'll be seeing what you decide to do real soon....


29-01-2007, 20:08
I've gone with the 3mm magnets, they hold all my fighters really well. I cut the thin plastic pin off all of the rods and super glued the magnets on. I then drilled a 3mm resess in the planes and glued another magnet in them.
My Marauder Bomber holds on as well as any of my fighters. I've kept all the rods free so as they can all be stored safly, aircraft, rods and bases. The only aircraft that will have trouble will be the Tau Manta.

29-01-2007, 20:36
I've settled on some 1/16 magnets and some equal diameter steel rod cut down to between 2" and 2.5". Recessed the magents hold the smaller fighters nicely. The ships can be taken off the stands and as a bonus I can attach some teddy bear stuffing to another 1/16 magent paint it in a smoke and fire and attach it to the rod near the plane to keep track of fighter hits.

I might have to move up to 1/8 magents for the larger aircraft but it worked pretty flawlessly at the Chicago bunker on Sunday.

02-02-2007, 10:24
Might as well raise this post up from the bottom rather than starting a new one.

Are there any suggestions on how to get rid of old flying bases (have a few fighter bombas with the old hexagonal ones!) without just trying to snap them off? Not fussed about the paint schemes on the aircraft but not sure which of the normal paint removers is safe to use on resin or will remove superglue without turning the plastic base into a horrible melted mess that then coats the model.