View Full Version : Anyone remember Doom of the Eldar?

25-01-2007, 01:08
I really enjoyed it! I lost it somewhere. :( :(

dr vompire
25-01-2007, 10:46
fantastic game, check ebay it comes up fairly regularly. back when you got proper fluff with a game, and also probably respnsible for a lot of the tyranid fluff to this day, i prefered horus heresy out of the three though, now that is a game worth picking up if you see it on ebay. especially with all the horus heresy hype at the mo with the books.

25-01-2007, 14:45
I have a complete and unpunched copy. Must scan it up at some stage.

GW released a couple of the wargames series online as PDF's a while back, but I have a feeling it was on the battle for armageddon and its expansion (got them unpunched too :D).

27-01-2007, 00:45
Got it. Nice chunky counters.

Unfortunately, my box has be squashed under the weight of all the other GW expansions (DW and Genestealer, Dark Millennium, SoB, PF, WH Magic, Deathzone, Outlanders, Digganob, etc).

Still works though!

General Samuel of the 101
27-01-2007, 01:20
is on the GW Spain Website,
including counters and Fluff
i think is the game you are talking about
žs in spanish so it might be a problem
well not for me at least.....

27-01-2007, 18:14
Yeah, that's the game. I don't speak a lick of Spanish (apart from ordering a beer)....

It was a lot of fun, especially when the pirate fleet came to save the day at the last minute. I remember it being harder for the Tyranids to win.

General Samuel of the 101
27-01-2007, 19:52
And they got The Emperor attack on Horus Flagship
about the language,it easy if you remember the rules,and if you have then they also got the counters and map

Vladimir Deathblade
31-01-2007, 20:21
What about those of us who have no language based skills at all? :D

Does anyone know of English versions of the rules?

31-01-2007, 21:33
I have em all. I have the issue of WD with the "warmaster" game in it too....