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25-01-2007, 02:25
i am going over the item prices for mordheim items and i am wondering how much should a hochland long rifle cost that someone will actually buy it. i am thinking of dropping the price down to 100gc at least or 75gc (although i dout anyone would still buy it) what do you guys think?

25-01-2007, 02:45
100GC would work with it, but I'd do the following as well:

1) Remove prepared shot - The rifle is an extremely well built item, and is exceedingly easy to reload quickly. However, the cost of these mechanisms drive up the price over a handgun drastically.

2) Add Rule: "Akward" - The Hochland is a masterful piece of equipment and incredibly well made, but at the same time is an incredibly large device. It may never be combined with the 'Nimble' skill.

This will let it fire every turn, but also, it'll NEVER be move and fire.

Fastforward rlz
10-02-2007, 06:27
Yeah that sounds like a pretty good idea. I sopose this is a good thread to ask the question. should you really reduce prices by 1/2 when useing the blackpowder optional rule? For my campaign i dont. I've only seen one person lose a weapon that way (pirate captain's duleing pistol).

10-02-2007, 08:37
Yeah that sounds like a pretty good idea. I sopose this is a good thread to ask the question. should you really reduce prices by 1/2 when useing the blackpowder optional rule? For my campaign i dont. I've only seen one person lose a weapon that way (pirate captain's duleing pistol).

Over the course of my current campaign(around 8 games so far), I've had my swivel gun jam for an entire game, had multiple weapons jam for an extra turn, and have had a dueling pistol and a blunderblus explode in characters faces. The exploding blunderbus also managed to take out the firer. I think a drop in price is fair. Although I beleive the rulebook's suggested price drop is 20%, not 1/2.

Fastforward rlz
10-02-2007, 18:03
well pirates are a black powder heavy warband so i guess so. and yeah now that i think about it it is 20% (it was late when i posted that)

13-02-2007, 05:14
i was just thinking of dropping the hochland rifles cost as it is waaaaay overcosted

23-02-2007, 17:35
yeah, when i used to play and got involved in camp's i never saw one about
it too expensive well maybe not for a marinburg warband, although you could always have a hochland hunter hired sword

Red Graf
14-03-2007, 15:00
It is certainly too expensive to buy one on start up, but I think that after a few games it should be doable. If you have a hero with a number of the firing skills that gun would become a real killer and I think in the right hands its cost is justified.

14-03-2007, 23:44
no, it's really not.

It's got the same problem as aenur. When you can afford him, there are better solutions.

Red Graf
14-03-2007, 23:58
Despite having had the game since it first came out I haven't had a chance to play many games of Mordheim. If you have the time to elaberate on your statement, I would like to hear your reasoning TKitch. It might save mesome hard earned gold down the road.

Oh, and by the way, since your an editor on the Watchman, any hint as to when the next issue comes out.

15-03-2007, 01:14
The hochland has a single strength to it:


However, in mordheim proper, I rarely get a shot at better than 20" let alone the INSANE 48 the hochland provides.

This means at 20" the Hochland is the only weapon (naturally) at close range.

However, despite this fact, I'd still never take one.

1) Prepared shot. Firing only every other turn is lame.

2) Move or fire. Nuff said

3) No Quickshot. Not being able to get 2 shots a turn also sucks.

4) too much F*@($#&g money

What I'll always do instead:

Buy multiple heroes:
Crossbow & Longbow - both are cheap, and are awesome. The longbow allows a Quickshot WITH move and fire, and the crossbow allows a S4 quickshot attack when you don't move.

That pretty much seals it there. I've never 'missed' a shot because the range was too long on a longbow or crossbow.

Also, by the time I can afford a Hochland, I can also afford a Magic Tome, which is infinately more useful. (Free spell, FTW!)

The next issue is next month. (Middleish?)

15-03-2007, 01:26
I have never used a Long Rifle. I used a Handgun once and it was useless as well! Crossbows have better range and double the rate of fire (no Prepared Shot). They are cheaper and don't misfire. You don't need any additional Armour piercing because nobody really bothers with armour in Mordheim.

the only Blackpowder weapons I use are Duelling Pistols and, occasionally, normal Pistols. Duelling Pistols are worth every penny for the +1 to hit in H2H. It gives my Marienburg Captain 2 Attacks that often hit on 2+. That's fantastic!

Now I just wish my Norse Warband could have them... :cries:

Red Graf
15-03-2007, 03:16
Thanks guys, you have convinced me that I don't need a Long Rifle. Thanks for the info on the Watchman as well TKitch.

15-03-2007, 06:31
Ditto on TKitch's post. The only blackpowder weapons really worthwhile are Blunderbusses and both types of Pistol. Oh, and Swivel Guns. (if you get that option) Handguns and the Long Rifle aren't really worthwhile, even with Hunter.

I disagree with Catferret's post though. There are a few people who DO use armor in Mordhiem, and because of the general assumtion that armor in Mordhiem is useless, people are always surprised when they run into heavy armor. There was a Brettonian warband in our group recently who had 1+ and 2+ armor saves, so while alot of people were dropping thier saves by -1, they still had a really good chance of avoiding wounds. Blackpowder was one of the few reliable ways to hurt him.

15-03-2007, 15:28
I don't like Handguns and Longrifles. I still use Duelling Pistols loads. they pierce armour just the same as Rifles. My Norse take the Great Weapon or Axe approach to armour piercing. The Strength 4 Heroes with either of those weapons are fantastic!

Lord 0
16-03-2007, 18:26
I have one on my Marienburg leader. He cannot start with it of course, but once the warband gets going it is good for a laugh.

It keeps my leader well out of hand to hand, which I find is far too fickle to let one's irreplaceable leader get into. Also, one gets to use that stupidly long range more often than you might think. Every time my opponent looks away from the table I take the opportunity to scan the table with my laser-pointer from the point of view of my models. Surprisingly often you can see someone's head or torso or something through two windows and over a ledge or something.

It is also handy for taking out their snipers if they have any in a building. If they are on the second floor and you are on the second or third floor there will be sod-all between you both.

Red Graf
16-03-2007, 20:56
Ha, should we ever play a game of Mordheim Lord O I think I will have to confiscate your laser pointer. On the other hand it does sound like a great way to determine line of site.

Lord 0
16-03-2007, 21:28
Why confiscate it? It is not like I have an unfair advantage - there is a box of them next to the table beside the box of mechanical pencils. I don't like things to be unfair so I supply my guests with them and loan my opponent mine if I am visiting. The only reason I do it when my opponent isn't looking is for the amusement of the surprise factor. If they don't check at the end of their movement phase it is their own silly fault :p. All it takes is a quick sweep with the pointer and you are done.

And you are right - it is a fantastic way to determine line of sight, if only for eliminating the occasional heated "I can see it"-"No, you can't" arguments. Noone argues with a great big red dot on the forehead :D.

16-03-2007, 21:40
Noone argues with a great big red dot on the forehead :D.

Genius :)

I like mobile fire support, we usually play with a very terrain heavy table where the extreme range would be next to useless. Bows all the way, along with a couple of duelling pistols.

Red Graf
17-03-2007, 04:40
I think my brain must have locked up, I was thinking that checking line of site before declaring a shot was in the same category as checking range before firing a cannon, but of course that would just be stupid.

I have to tell you that the idea of a container full of laser pointers makes me shiver. I am quite sure my 14 month old daughter would be unstoppable once she acquired such a weapon. blinding the cats and then focusing all the beams to set my bookshelves on fire would only be the opening shots in her campaign of terror.

Lord 0
19-03-2007, 12:35
I suspect that rather than blind the cats, she would be distracted by making them dance to her whim by making them chase the dot all over the place.

Cats do so love to chase the laser-dot :D.

Fastforward rlz
20-03-2007, 21:26
Is it a rule in mordheim that you have to declare who you're firing at before measuring? I thought that mordheim was some how different in that way because i don't remember seeing the rule. I'll check just to be sure though.