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25-01-2007, 11:59
I was considering designing a scenario incorporating bombing, dog fighting and troop deployment.

The attacker is launching a large airbone offensive against a dug in enemy position. The supporting air units have been ordered to knock out hard targets and soften up the enemy for the attack. Defending air forces in the area have been scrambled to intercept the incoming assault on their forces strong point.

The idea is that the attacker wins by having more troops deployed than the enemy has ground targets (representing the enemy army or defensive hard points). In this case the attacker probably has enough forces to overun the ground defences. It might link in nicely to some 40k games...hopefully...

I was thinking that perhaps if there are a total of 10 hit points of ground defences deployed as the defender saw fit as targets while the attacker uses at least one lander.

Win conditions: The attacker wins if he has more troops deployed than the defender has ground hit points remaining. If the numbers are the same it is a draw. Any other result is a victory for the defender.

What I was wondering is the points allowance, should one side have more points than the other?

If you see any glaringly obvious flaws point them out and I'll see if I can't revise them to make the scenario work.


25-01-2007, 12:34
Designing a scenario is like designing a game:

1. have an idea
2. write idea on paper
3. playtest idea
4. playtest idea again, take copious notes
5. re-write idea with changes from playtest
6. redo stages 4-5 until happy, then publish.

Laborious, but worth it when you have finished :)