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25-01-2007, 19:51
Hi there

I'm looking at starting an orc warband for Mordheim, here's what I have planned


Boss HA 2Handed Weapon (Grimgor Model)
Shaman Club (staff) (Shaman Model)
2 Bug Uns with two axes (Black Orc Models)


2 Goblins short bow and spear (BFSP Goblins)

1 troll (Stone Troll model)

Now I know that starting with a troll is a bit of a risk due to a low numbered warband but I think that it looks pretty durable and when starting out that's really only time you're guaranteed to have the cash to afford one. I can always get more gobbos and some squgs later as they're fairly cheap.

What do you all think?



25-01-2007, 20:51
Youll want the boyz, theyre rock hard and very cheap.

I should dump the troll and take boyz.
HEro's are fine, except that hammers/clubs are better.

On the boyz take either 2 club or club/dagger.
Dump the spear on the goblins, 1 very expensive and bad attack versus 2 strong cheap attacks are an easy pick, you might want to take some extra goblins, equip them with club&shortbow.

You might want to give your boyz a bow too, depends on your shootyness.

Good luck!

25-01-2007, 21:05
I'm gonna agree with mark. You want Boyz to start with, and lots of them. Goblins are alright, but keep in mind that they'll never lad and they aren't T4 base, so they aren't really the best starting henchmen. Boyz are much harder to kill than most human warbands would like, and can outlast normal fighters in melee. I'd also skip the 2-handed weapon on your warboss, you want him hitting fast, since it's impossible to replace him. Give him a pair of swords or a sword & dagger.

The biggest thing though, is that you shouldn't start with a troll. Sure he's survivable and all, but he's a huge gold sink, and he won't benefit from experience. Better to save his purchase for later, since his effectiveness won't change too much from buying him later.

26-01-2007, 00:33
So it appears that the troll is really not a good idea for starting out then?

I went with the great weapon for my boss mostly because I love the model and armed it as WYSIWYG. Similar for the two black orc big uns.

My thoughts were I'd keep the boss near the troll (to act as his body guard) at least untill I get my first upgrade and then give the boss strongman(?) so he can wield his big axe in initiative order instead of always last.

In light of your advise I'll have a re-think and see what else I can come up with.

Thanks, and I'll probably have another list for your review tomorrow ;)



P.S. I normally run a fairly successful Dark Elf warband

26-01-2007, 12:53
If you can go for WYSIWYG, go for it! But you could however use the great weapon of your boss as a small weapon in the category, the orc warboss is very muscley and powerfull, so the weapon isnt necesarily great, for example if your model is wielding a big axe, write him down as axe+dagger(free)

Big Uns are fine, two maces are a little tiny bit better, but theres nothing wrong with axes.
I wouldnt buy a sword for the warboss however, a helmet gives much better protection at the same cost.

Buy alot of boyz, give them either 1 or 2 maces, you also might want to give them a bow.
No problem in taking some goblins to keep the crew mixed, equip them with 1 club and 1 shortbow.
The troll is not good for a starting warband, it is very tough, but it had low wounds/gc, so it is easily killed if ganged upon by the same cost amount of cheap henchmen.

Orcs and goblins are very versatile, and the animosity isnt a huge drawback, so you shouldnt have much problems staying in competition.

27-01-2007, 05:46
My friend once ran a killer band of boyz.

Drop the troll and the gobbos, get loads of boyz with swords (the best weapons in the game) and a couple with bows and maces.

As for your leader, you don't have to give him a great weapon straight away. Use him with an axe or a sword (or both :p) until you get the skill, then buy him a hefty greataxe.

27-01-2007, 09:35
Im sorry but I dont agree on you with the swords,

If you dont want a numerous warband (which you should do with O&G) you should take helmets instead, enemies will hit with 4+ on average, that means the average roll of to hit is a 5, so on average you need a 6 to block, which means a sword actually gives a 6+ save, helmets on the other hand give a whopping 4+ against stunned, something very annoying.

Anyway I shouldnt take helmets or swords at all, maybe a bit boring but 1/2 maces are the way to go. You could take a helmet to protect your expensive warboss.

08-02-2007, 04:32
Hi guys

Well I'm sorry to say I only took some of your advise, I dumped teh goblins and got a couple of boyz instead. I kept the troll though.

First game was at the weekend and i managed to pull off quite a convincing win against a Skaven clan in the Wyrdstone hunt. I managed to grab all three of tokens and picked up another three in the post game gubbins. So I'm 100 gold crowns and a few advances up so I'll get a couple more ladz to bolster the force before my next game.

Thanks for the advise anyway guys

I'll keep you posted


09-02-2007, 13:14
Am I the only one who thinks heavy aromur on the boss is a big waste of money? With so many S4 weapons around (between crossbows and S upgrades) is a 5+ or 6+ save really worth all that cash?

I'd drop the troll, buy more boyz, and give my leader a club, axe and helmet instead of the HA and GW. The conversion on grimgor from severed head to club wouldn't be that hard.