View Full Version : NZQ Defy Critics And Walk Into Semi-Finals!

Autobot HQ
25-01-2007, 21:47

NZQ today disproved the critics who claim they can only play one style, and only against the weaker teams, as they toppled the mighty Kharadrim Medics in a stunning 2-0 victory. Here on field we have the CEO of the New Zaggarund Quakes, the delighted Iscariot.

"I'm delighted!"
- CEO Iscariot

Whilst the MVP award was given to the NZQ Troll for his impressive defensive line work, often tying up two or three players and refusing to stay down even after injury, the Man of The Match was once again #56, Terrible Toraz Taze. We caught up with Toraz in the dressing room after the match, where he has these words to say:

"You know it baby! Triple T went out there and condensed the nonsense! We drew them in as tonight was about intimidation, the mind games. We came out and we drove it down field in the first half, and when they tried to rush our lines? Baby you know Triple T isn't havng that humpty bumpty all up in this house! My Bro Larzuk went out there and helped bring that fool down, and we took the ball away from those suckers and played a dodge and move game. Boy they didn't see that comin' baby, and when I saw two guys on the ball when my lil buddy hobgoblin dropped a step, you know #56 wasn't backing down or afraid. I just do what I do man. I ran in there, got the ball and with the proper back up I took that ball and ended this sucker, and ended those fools who make the predictions, winning this for the NZQ 2-0 baby, :eek:WOAH!:eek:"
-'Terrible' Toraz Taze


26-01-2007, 04:35
If we are doing predictions can I shock the Ex Prems and say NZQ win against FPF 2-1.

EDIT: Watched the replay and it was a great match. Well done Iscariot. All that cherry picking to boost up your team worked.

26-01-2007, 21:04
The Quakes have really been working for this and deserve their Semi-Final place. However, I'm still putting my money on FPF to win the cup.

27-01-2007, 18:46
Well NZQ have experience against Skaven, my failing was I never had enough cash for the more Gutter runners. If they concentrate on these vermin and ignore the rest of the team they can win.

Go NZQ!!!

27-01-2007, 19:43
If NZQ end up winning i can take away the proud fact that i will be unbeaten by the champions =P

Although i am yet to play FPF, so i dunno.