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26-01-2007, 16:17
Hey all i play warhammer fantasy and have had my eye on blood bowl for a while. The only thing that stopped me getting it is that noone else i know play however my brother now says he will play it too if i do.

I read the first 2 novels blood bowl & dead ball and saw the BB article in WD326 and now really want to play an ogre team.

Firsty i will convert it from bulls but green stuff helmets on them and i need some goblins for the team. Would it be 5 ogres and 6 goblins?

I have no idea how to play yet but my birthday is in 2 weeks and i asked mum for the 40 box set, my brother can have his pick of orcs or humans and ill build my ogre team.

Any help wanted, CHeers,

26-01-2007, 18:01
The main BB box is a pretty expensive, if convenient, way of getting all the components. As the latest rulebook is online it might be worth your while finding a second hand copy of any of the third edition boxed game releases (1993/4 onward) to get the core bits of the pitch, templates and counters. But on the other hand a new box is guaranteed to have all the pieces and be in good nick.

The Ogre team has changed a bit with the new rulebook (Living Rulebook 5) and now uses snotlings rather than goblins (Not that that's really stopping you using gobbos for the models) and can only have a maximum of 6 ogres now. Ogres are a very difficult team to use, especially so for a beginner so you might want to start off by using the plastic team your brother doesn't want before moving on to Ogres later.

I'll also put a plug in for the various ways of playing BB online, here on Warseer we have a league using a Java client and the FUMBBL site. However, and potentially confusing for a beginner, the client uses the previous version of the LRB (Its only really details that have changed rather than the core mechanics but some of the league system has changed a significant amount).

26-01-2007, 18:02
okay i read the online rulebook its pretty straightforward. I think i may want to play skave now though :) can anyone give me tips what to put in my team?

27-01-2007, 10:42
yeah i made my mind up for Skaven now. I will use a night runner and rat ogre box to convert up 14 members of a team including an ogre, and then have the rest as spares.

Anyone play Skaven got any tips? :angel:

Deng Ham
27-01-2007, 13:29
As for Scaven. You need to play ball. and run dodge. But the oger provide some important blocking assistance. So you don't have to put your fragile rats on the line.
Always have a player within TD distance. So that you can pass the ball to him to score.
Keep the ball out of range of oposing players.
And get a apotecary. Your runners wil be prime target for blocking. And they will get killed if you don't have some sort of medic

Deng Ham
27-01-2007, 13:31
Have a look at FUMBBL. There are plenty of tactics and advice to go around on the forum there. Do a search and you'll find all the info you need.