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Bravery exists
28-01-2007, 12:13
...Over the karsundi river! had an extremely good game yesterday playing this scenario, i was playing the suprised thunderbolt squadren. The eldar are so manouverable that once they were within short range i had to really fly by the seat of my pants, i was trying to fly in formation so that if he went for one of my planes my then my wingmen could swing round and attack the nightwings, i even managed to get and stay on the tail of one but even after i expended most of my ammo that damm holofield saved him every time! by this point he had broken up my formation which led to the loss of two of my planes and the other two then needed to disengage, all in all i only managed to cause one damage point on the nightwing i was tailing, has anyone got any tips fo how to deal with the eldars manouverability and sheer awesomeness at close range? i think part of the problem was that i spent the first turn facing away from them and in the middle of the board which meant they could use their extreme speed to catch up with me before i got a chance to unleash my killware at medium range.

28-01-2007, 13:51
Damn those holofields! I played a game against chaos yesterday and it took 3 Hell Blades (2 of them sustaining fire) to take down a thunderbolt wich saved 2 damage points with the durable rule taking a total of 4 damage points. So I don't want to imagine what it has to be like with those 5+ holofields.

Bravery exists
28-01-2007, 15:51
One thing i remembered was my opponent was also suprised at how fast the nightwings are, he made a few mistakes where he wizzed right past my thunderbolts! but still out of my front arc...

28-01-2007, 20:29
We played this last week, but with my Eldar vs Tau.
He used all his ammo on 2 fighters, but I never made 1 holo-save!
I managed to down 1 'cuda, and damaged 2 others.
He took out one nightwing and damaged 1 other.

He used his superior numbers to spring traps. While I may have had a bead on 1 fighter, he had 2 that had a bead on me.
Luckily for me he couldnt hit the side of a barn door. but thats the dice gods for ya. :D

Managed to get on the tail of something for the first time. :D
I also overshot a few times.
I think one key component in this game is being able to visialise accurately where your plane will finish it's move.

Wolflord Havoc
30-01-2007, 10:00
Use the "Thatch Weave" 2 Pairs of fighters crossing over each other wakes.

This is how the US Navy's Wildcat Pilots of WW2 dealt with the faster more manouverable 'Zeros' of the Japanese Navy.

But yes one burst from the Eldar fighter is very nasty at close range. But then they are expensive points wise.

30-01-2007, 21:38
the strategy i have had most success with in this scenario is a complete 3 dimensional scatter, i.e one dives as much as possible one climbs(as much as possible) Other two head left and right hard(not this is particularly useful when not expected due to manoeuvres being picked early . This leaves the eldar player 1, concentrate all their forces on one aircraft leaving you ready to trap them next turn, or 2, split their forces losing concentration.

This has worked a couple of times for me though each time with less and less success...

Bravery exists
01-02-2007, 11:36
Well the tbolts weapons are best at medium range, so it really needs to stay about 12 inches away, should i just go 12 inches and then flip back over with a number 8 or 7 manouver and fire into the oncoming eldar?

01-02-2007, 21:41
works wonderfully, except the annoying eldar have a habit of moving thanks to AI's turn system