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29-01-2007, 13:26
Hey all,

I've been looking over the different projects logs for a while now, and I've decided to have a go myself. Now, I couldn't really decide what specific army to do a blog for, since I have the annoying habit of painting whatever I feel like, instead of sticking to one army and completing that (or even completing just a squad / unit for that matter!).

So, here is a list of some of the projects I have laying around:

1) Eldar campaign army. I'm running a 40K campaign at the moment, which lasts for 6 months. Players play with 500 pts the first 2 months, with 1000 pts the second 2 months, and 1500 pts the final 2 months. This gives everyone time to learn about their respective army's tactics, and gives you time to focus on painting 500 pts in 2 months (ample time, I'd think ;) ). Anyway, I'm doing an Eldar army for that. So I have been working on doing some Dire avengers, and planning on starting some dark reapers or a wave serpent this week (both need painting).

2) Sons of Medusa Space Marines. For some reason, I really like the colour scheme. I am not planning on completing a set armylist, or even a set points value, but I've just started painting some marines I had laying around, and I'll see where it leads me. Right now I'm planning to do a small 6 man squad in a razorback, since this gives me a small squad to paint (= managable for Thalenchar) as well as a vehicle, to figure out how SoM colours look on that.

3) Some other models I have laying around. Right now I'm working on a Wood elf sorceress (finished that actually), a new empire warrior priest, some dryad chaos marines I did for a 2 vs 2 tournament we just had here (they need a proper paint job on them asap :D ), and I found some space marine scouts I converted with cadian helmets. I have no idea why I did that conversion, but might as well paint them now. Not sure about the colours tho. Maybe I should do them in SoM colours.

4) For this years Dutch 40K GT me and my friends are working on a special project. It involves chaos marines and I'm doing the undivided army. I'll tell you more about it later, but basically it lets us go all out with as few models as possible. So plenty of time for cool conversions and great paintjobs! Haven't really done much for that army, besides map out what bits I need, and started putting together the first model. Oh, and I'll be painting them in The Pyre colourscheme :D

Anyway, I'll be bothering you guys with pictures from each of these projects and hopefully you can keep me motivated on doing more than I usually do, and actually finish some units, or dare I say, an army? We'll see...

Here's a pic of that wood elf sorceress I was talking about. This way you can see the level of both my painting skills and my picture taking skills! The only thing that needs finishing is the base.


29-01-2007, 14:00
And here are the WIP pics of a dire avenger. I need to finish the white, the S.cat only has the grey basecoat, but the rest of the white needs a few more highlights as well.
Also I need to start highlighting the black, which will make the model more finished, as the black seems a bit boring atm :D
And then I need to decide what colour to do the gems and such. Doing the first model of an army always takes me the longest, cuz I have to think of the colour scheme!




29-01-2007, 14:07
And this is the Sons of Medusa marine I finished. Well, I still need to do the base, but I'm gonna wait with that til the whole squad is done (hopefully won't take me too long!).
Also for this model, I've tried doing the NMM bit. I recently switched to vallejo paints, so with all these models I'm still learning about what each colour looks like when you paint in on a miniature as opposed to in the bottle. I'm figuring out what colours I need to mix for highlighting as well.
Anyway, I tried doing both gold (chest eagle) and silver (weapons) on this model. I kinda like the gold, but not too sure about the silver. It looks kinda blue. Not that I don't like the colour, just not sure if it looks good on this model. So let me know what you think!




29-01-2007, 23:48
These are all looking very good. :) I think you can still revisit the NMM silver with some darker greys, perhaps. I always figured Sons of Medusa were a bit brighter, I thought he was from the Salamanders until I reread the post, but it's not as if I'm unconvinced by your effort. The leaves and gems on the Sorceress are fantastic. These are some sweet minis. :)

30-01-2007, 12:19
Thanks BodhiTree. For some reason the models turn out a bit darker on cam than they are in real life. So the green is actually a bit lighter than in the picture, tho to be fair it's really not scorpion green bright. I might go and apply another layer of green with more yellow mixed in tho.
And I'm gonna try that NMM silver on another model first (empire warrior priest), where I have a bit bigger area to try it out on (flatter too). That way I can see what it looks like on that. And like you said, I can always touch it up a bit with a darker grey later.

Anyway, been working on the second SoM marine yesterday and today. I'd thought I'd show you a WIP pic. So far I've done the first 3 layers of green. It's still pretty dark, but I'm just slowly building up to the brighter green. These first 3 layers cost me the most time, but the shading is done now, so now I only have to paint the higher / raised areas of the model. I'll finish the green first, and then I can move on to the helmet and the kneepad, which are my favourite parts, cuz I love those crusade helmets!
I also noticed from the finished SoM marine pic that I need to blend the highlights better on the black. So I'll try and do that better with this model.


31-01-2007, 12:18
Well, last night there was a big power outage in the house and I found out that it's really hard to paint by candlelight. It got sorted around 10 pm, so I did manage to get some work done after that. Most of my time was spent on painting the warrior priest, cuz I'm dying to find out how the nmm silver will look on its armour.

Here are a couple of WIP pics of it:



So I've finished the cloak and his white underarmour thingy, and started on the armour. I went with less blue this time, so I'm hoping it will look more like metal when it's finished. I'll finish it tonight, and post pics of it when it's done.

The one good thing about the power outage was that it did give me a great idea about forming some of these models I have laying around into a cohesive army. I recently picked up the promo witch hunter inquisitor, and I've been playing with the idea of doing a small witch hunters force. Only, without any of the sisters of battle. Tried doing an army of them in 3rd ed, didn't work, moving on...

So, the idea is that I take units from the witch hunters list that I like, and combine them with the Sons of Medusa space marines I'll be painting. And when I say units I like, I don't mean the storm trooper models, cuz I don't like those. I do like the rules, and since me ruling out using any sisters in this army leaves me no other troop choice but the stormtroopers, I was forced to think of an alternative. So, when I read last night (it is possible to read by candelight while waiting for the powernet guy to come) that I can use adeptus arbites models as storm troopers in a WH list, I had found the solution! As it so happens I have 5 converted scouts already laying around that will do nicely as Arbites. Now I just have to do 5 more and I got a unit.
Also, this gives me a good oppertunity to jump on the Death Korps bandwagon and get a unit of grenadiers to use as my second storm troopers unit, filling out my 2 compulsory choices.
I know I'll want to give my inquisitor a nice big retinue, so I can paint lots of individual models (which I like doing). I'll work on making a list to post here next. Should be fun to see what I come up with.

Now all I have to do is buy more scouts, and order a unit of grenadiers.

Oh and here are 2 pics I took of my dryad chaos chosen I was talking about earlier. They are painted up to my usual "finish quickly the night before the tournament" style, which means they just have enough colours on them to not get me disqualified! So, like I said, these guys are in dire need of a (proper) repaint.



31-01-2007, 13:20
I like the idea behind the dryad chosen, and might steal the idea from you ;)

The split coloring on the armor / dryad is nice too ... hmm ...

- Salvage

31-01-2007, 16:29
Feel free to steal and use it for whatever idea you have planned. Would love to see what someone else does with them!

I've made a list for the witch hunters army:

11 man strong retinue:
- 2 chirurgeons (1 vostroyan medic, 1 inq henchmen medic)
- 3 acolytes w power armour and bolters (sisters of battle, golden armour)
- 4 crusaders (adeptus arbites, need to find shields for them)
- 2 veteran guardsmen, plasma gun, grenade launcher (both vostroyan)
This unit will be mounted in a chimera.

10 Storm troopers, flamer, grenade launcher, veteran with bolt pistol and power weapon (this is the basic grenadier squad with some new weapons for the sergeant)
10 Adeptus arbites, shotgun, 2 meltaguns, veteran, bolt pistol, power weapon
(converted scouts)
This unit will be mounted in a rhino w a dozer blade.

10 Sisters repentia. Just cuz I like the models.

6 marines, meltagun, veteran sergeant, power fist.
This squad will be mounted in a razorback
6 Scouts w sniper rifles
6 Marines, 4 missile launchers
This squad will also have a razorback, but with lascannons.

Ok, that should about round out my points.

I'm sure I could make a list that is "better" but I know I will enjoy painting all these models, and it will give me a chance to try different colourschemes on infantry and tanks.

31-01-2007, 16:54
good painting mate but try for just one project at once it's much easier and satisfying when you finish one army really good than say seven and finishing them mediocrely, i know this

31-01-2007, 17:03
Ye I know. Good idea. That's why I did that Witch hunter army. It allows me to incorporate my marines, the inquisitor, and converted scouts all in one army. So that will be my main project, with 500 pts eldar spread out over 2 months as a small diversion. Maybe I should rename this thread.... *rubs chin*

01-02-2007, 16:10
Ok, so I'm gonna do another thread on my witch hunters army that I'll start when I've got some more finished models to show you. So to wrap this first attempt at a blog up, I'll show you pics of the warrior priest I finished today. I mainly did him to see what the armour would look like painted nmm. I kinda like it, tho I'm not sure it would look good with dark, warm colours like red and such.

anyway, here they are, and I'll see you guys on my next blog!




02-02-2007, 20:53
the priest looks good,
but like i said ''irl''.
its a little to grey

you need more practice:D

02-02-2007, 21:40
good first attempt, smooth, but needs depth