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29-01-2007, 17:14
What are the thoughts behind your forces?

Mine, for example, are:

Gondorian Army Detatchment.
- All the fighting infantry have spears and shields
- Armoured bowmen, no rangers at all
- Standard knight support (no Swan Knights!)
- Two foot banners, one mounted banner
- Captains are: a captain (armoured Boromir model), two sergeants (standard captain model) on foot, and a mounted sergeant.

Morannon Raiders.
- (Up to) five converted Uruk Captains
- All morannon orcs modelled off Uruk-hai siege troops (God bless 2nd hand cheapness!)
- Army unified through common shield, as well as paint scheme (green stuff duplicating)
- Banners

Orc Garrison.
- Standard orc models
- Paint scheme matches Morannon Raiders (can combine and differentiate troops in larger games)
- No troops to have morannon shields
- Bolt thrower support
- Warg rider support
- Banners

02-02-2007, 23:44
Always loved themed armies. Here is my Goblin force:

-Goblin King and Captain
-2 cave trolls for suport
-Lots of goblins with shields, bows and spears
-Bats, Spiders also. Anything you could find in a cave I like adding to the army.
-Ringwraith every now and then
-Still looking to use the Balrog though, don't find him worth the points though.

16-02-2007, 22:24
My themed army is very big so please stick with me. The army is themed around the fall of the necromancer and represnts the White council and the Elven armies used the assault Dol Guldor.

The White council
-Celeborn (heavy armour,shield and Elven blade)
-Galadriel (Lady of the Galdrim)
-Legolas (armour)
-Elladan and Elohir (heavy armour)
-Haldir (bow and armour)
-Glorfindel (Lord of the west)
-I've also added the 2 blue wizards (300pts for the pair with 3 spells and unbreakable bond)
Total: 2000

Elven Havens (all have heavy armour)
-Captain (blade)
-Captain (blade and shield)
-Captain (bow)
-3 Elve (banners)
-10 Elves (blades and shields)
-12 Elves (blades)
-18 Elves (spears and shields)
-18 Elves (bows)
Total: 1000

Woodland Realms
-Captain (throwing daggers,blade and cloaks)
-Captain (bow and blade)
-2 Elves (banners and cloaks)
-5 Sentinls
-20 Elves (blades and throwing daggers)
-24 Elves (spears)
-16 Elves (bows and cloaks)
Total: 1000

A grand total of 4000 points that allows me to theme my armies either around Rivendell,Lorien or Mirkwood.

17-02-2007, 09:33
Defenders of Osgiliath
Boromir otwt, Faramir, warriors and rangers

Cirit Ungol Garrison
Shagrat, Gorbat, Captains, Loads of Orcs and Shelob

Harad caravan
Only Harad stuff, and everything is speary.

Rohan Pelenor
As stated in the book

Goblins of Moria
Balrog, Goblin king, several trolls, captains'n'shamans, drum, loads of goblins

That's what's there. What's cooking at the moment will be an Undead Angmar list, and an Isenguard list of some type.

Lord Gordonis
17-02-2007, 09:53
The tower of Etchelion
Boromir, Beregond, lots of knights, citedel guard on horses

Vrasku, 2 captains, lots of uruks with pike, shield and crossbows

17-02-2007, 11:38
I'm currently working on the Legion of Isengard: Half of them are the scouting troops, half of them are the Garrison of Isengard: all Warriors, Siege Troops.

Also in the pipeline is an Ithilien/Osgiliath Gondor army under the command of Faramir, using the new rangers, and a Travelling Harad army based around The Two Towers Ambush scenario, and the Mumak my Girlfriend got me for Christmas and I Really need to paint.

A Spectral/Wild Animal Angmar list tickles my buds too.
and Grey company.
so much to do.

Lord Gordonis
17-02-2007, 13:01
Oh yes i'll be building my evil gt list soon its a angmar list with <=30 models in it. Im still not sure on what good army to do so i've still got a lot of time to think about it, I might do a dwarf list when the new models come out, if they are coming out this year.[dice0][dice1] I hate dice rolling :( lol

17-02-2007, 18:06
Well, my army themes is: a) an Iron Hills dwarven army - although not after the Iron Hills section in Legions of Middle Earth - from a particular stronghold with the army itself, heavily converted as it will be, being divided in different Clans, each one led by a captain and a standard bearer, and b) river raiding goblins.


Stormtrooper Clark
17-02-2007, 18:28
My theme is a Arnor/shire ranger theme before Aragon meets the Hobbits in Brill

Aragon (With Bow)
Halbarad (New model)
Rangers of Arnor

Numbers change of course depending on the battle, if it's particually small i just use Halbarad, couple of Dunadain and some Arnor Rangers.

17-02-2007, 18:54
My most recent two armies,

Uruk-Hai scouting/raiding force
Lurtz, Ugluk, Sharku, uruk-hai scouts, warg riders

Angmar patrol
Ringwraith, Shaman, spectres, orcs, giant spiders.

The first is meant to be a force in its own right. Lurtz and Ugluk have free reign in their command decisions with general objectives given to them by Isengard which they can achieve any way they wish. Meant to be a small army independant of reinforcement and high command.

The second is a general patrol group, the ringwraith appears only when needed. The orcs and shaman get given orders from whichever garrison they end up near and the spectres and spiders are just wonderers that appear here and there.

Dat Wildboy
17-02-2007, 21:30
my Isengard foot slogging horde army is based around a pike block using orc spears backed up with uruk pikes, a large rabble of orcs with shields or 2H weapons to soak up wounds and swamp troops with an orc captain and banner, a core of 15 uruk warriors with banner and uruk captain, a small contingent of 12 orc bowmen with an orc captain. it also has 4 feral uruks, which are joined by 2 more uruk captains. the army as a whole is lead by an orc shaman. i like the idea of a tribe of Misty Mountains orcs pledging their allegance to Saruman and fighting at the Hornburg.

i like quite a few heroes in my force, and can add in Lurtz if i want a named hero, and remove a captain.

and it can be adapted as a siege force by adding in a ballista and 2 siege teams at the expense of the bows and a couple of captains, so i'm quite flexible. and its 100% orc or orc derived troops. no weak manlings or stupid trolls here.

The Grand Wazoo
18-02-2007, 11:13
That's what's there. What's cooking at the moment will be an Undead Angmar list, and an Isenguard list of some type.

OI! Stay away from Angmar, that was my plan! :skull:

Anyway, just gotten into LotR, so I only have one army that I bought ready-made... which is Hobbits.

Gandalf, Dunedain, loads of Hobbits. Possibly Strider.

The Judge
21-02-2007, 14:45
My Rohan have a completely mounted theme, and everyone carries spears... no bows, and no guys just with swords.

21-02-2007, 16:49
Speaking of themes what point levels do you guys like to play with? And where do you think the game bogs down model count wise?

Lord Gordonis
21-02-2007, 17:19
I play at 250pts (although i dont like this points b/c I dont feel I get a lot of models for the points), 700pts this is because of the Grand tournaments I go to. I think the game bogs down anything below 500pts because you want a wide selection of troops plus characters as well.[dice0]

21-02-2007, 17:27
My army themes are Lothlorien+ fangorn and Rhun+harad. I generally play 500pts as this gives me enough points for a heron and trolly! and other troops.

21-02-2007, 19:33
Riders of Rohan:

- No Banner of Rohan.
- No Royal Guard unless Eomer or Theodred is present (No Theoden unless playing one of the relevant scenarios)
- No infantry
- No allies

Isenguard Uruk Hai:

- No Orc Sandwiches (Orcs standing between Uruks with Shields and Uruks with pikes - cheaper pike blocks)
- No Wargs
- No Orcs

21-02-2007, 20:15
Usually play 500 points. But recently is has been 600 points, because of a tournament held around here just ran at 600 points.

Phoenix Blaze
15-03-2007, 16:27
I'm just starting Lord of the Rings. Been planning what army I want for some time now. And, I've settled for a 1st age Elven army, the Noldor. I just read the Silmarillion, and that put all ideas of a Gondorian force right out of my head.

Haven't bought anything yet, waiting to buy my main force all in one go rather than a few things at a time.

I want to base it off of the Fifth Battle (or a Thousand Tears or something), so have the sons of Feanor as my generals.

There will be a small allied force of men, but they'll most likely be rangers or converted warriors of Minas Tirith to represent the Numernorians precursors.

19-03-2007, 05:20
My army theme is Boromir. I haven't actually got the models yet (or the books, or anything), but if I could include that guy twice I would. So I guess I'll be playing Gondor. :p