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30-01-2007, 07:57
We played our first bombing mission last night with the few models we have so far. We played the full length of my 12x4 table with the target (a key building in a city block) about 18" from one end.

The mission saw an Imperial squadron consisting of:
1 x Marauder (with extra weapons)
2 x Thunderbolt
4 x Lightning

Up against 4 Eldar Nightwings

The Imperial craft started on the opposite end of the table to the target. Two Nightwings started the game flying CAP about half-way along the table and the remaining two were on the ground outside the city ready to scramble in turn one (just because I want to try as many rules as possible and so wanted to take-off!)

We classified the city buildings as level 2 (skyscrapers, my old Epic Space Marine ones) and we place some rolling level 3 hills (the GW hills worked well for this) just outside the city. My scrambling craft lifted of the ground and pulled some fancy sweeping moves round the hills in the first turn, more the cinematic effect than for any tactical genius ;)

The Nightwings on CAP split up and one got too far ahead on it's own, finding itself with plenty of targets but also in front of plenty of guns. With so many escorting planes, the Imperial squadron was able to cover all fire arcs and altitudes and so the inevitable happen: the Nightwing was shot down in a hail of fire but not before it had taken out a Lightning with it's single return volley thanks to some lucky extra damage from the Bright Lance.

The second Nightwing suffered a similar fate, out on it's own with the scrambled fighters still too far away to support it. Imperial pilots opted for sustained fire, expending extra ammo in a bid to clear the skies of xeno filth. The Eldar now only had two craft left against six, but really, the bomber was the only target. The remaining Nightwings moved up either side of the bomber but one of the pilots misjudged his fire arcs and went too far to see the bomber so had to concentrate on the fighters behind. Some great shooting from the skilled Eldar pilot saw another Brightlance causing extra damage on a T-Bolt and even the durable rule could not save it as the Shuriken cannons also chewed into it. The Imperial return fire saw more sustained lascannon fire only causing a single point of damage in return, the other Nightwing avoiding damage altogether.

The Nightwings now had to turn tail and rush back ahead of the bomber but that meant risking tailing by the Imperial fighters. The Bomber dropped more altitude, getting towards the optimum for its bombing run. The Eldar pilots judged the bomber position precisely but found themselves tracked by the Imperial fighters and dangerously exposed. All Imperial fighters and the Bomber opted again for sustained fire, burning pretty much the last of their ammo stores and the undamaged Nightwings was ripped to pieces as is was caught by a tailing Lightning and a round of shooting from another Lighting and the turrets from the bomber.

Having lost three of four craft, the Eldar had to disengage but not before the one Lightning which still had ammo expended some by shooting the Nightwing from the sky anyway. The bomber now had a clear run and the payload was bang on target. The buildings was destroyed and all the surrounding buildings took damage too.

A victory for the Imperium then and a lesson in keeping your squadrons together to support each other, provide covering fire and presenting more than one target to enemy guns for the Eldar!

It was a fun game and really more to learn the rules than anything else. It raised some questions and we probably played a couple of things wrong but I’ve started another thread for capturing FAQs we can compile into a Warseer AI FAQ.

30-01-2007, 08:49
Yes it was fun but I was the CAP (not the other word you may be thinking) player. The Bomber was filthy It had two bomb loads which =24 dice, hitting on 4+ damaging on 2+ the entire Eldar city was a waste land.

Wolflord Havoc
30-01-2007, 10:12
I really really had to think about the bombers manouvers in advance and what with my 'escort fighters' (including the pair I was controlling) galivanting all over the skys I did think that the Eldar fighters were going to make swiss cheese out of the Marauder. But as luck would have it I made it to the target undamaged and made 24 new craters on that planet. Thats one less Eldar HQ. Then it was back home for tea and cake.

I made countless skill attempts to fire extra shots and I think that I failed them all.

I think that if we did this scenario again then we include some ground defences for the eldar and have the 2 lightning strikes as lightning strikes (we took them as normal lightnings) and give them a seperate mission of SAM/AAA suppression before the bomber arrives. Also allow the Imperials to have weapon loads on the fighters.

30-01-2007, 11:32
OK I'm up for a game next monday - does someone want to drop me a line privately about venue etc?
I have Imperial (4ThunderBolt 2Lightning 1 Marauder Destroyer) and Tau (4 Barracuda 2 TigerShark 1 Orca) but let me know sooner rather than later so I can get a lick of paint on them :)

30-01-2007, 13:27
Sounds a good game, but a little unfair - the eldar player was down by 20 points - that's a whole thunderbolt.

30-01-2007, 13:33
We were playing with what we had. The points were not exact but if they were way out then blame Wolflord Havoc... he worked out the lists last week :evilgrin:

30-01-2007, 14:23
I think this shows an excellent part of the game mechanics - even the powerful Eldar Aircraft are horribly vulnerable when isolated and outnumbered.

Also this would be a great game in the early part of short story campaign. An easy thing to have happen is make the result of the game provide the winning player with a stratagem (CoD) or Preliminary bombardment. Some of the Stratagem's may have to be created. It may may a city block dangerous city ruins. It might deny the defender key building stratagems. Stuff like that.

Good to see a story like batrep.

30-01-2007, 14:33
I was pondering combining games with outcomes of one affecting the other. We've done it with Space Hulk and 40K before. I'll take your suggestions on board...

Wolflord Havoc
30-01-2007, 15:01
Sounds a good game, but a little unfair - the eldar player was down by 20 points - that's a whole thunderbolt.

Yeah it was slightly in the Imperiums favour points wise but then they were attacking a fixed known target and all the Eldar had to do was kill the Bomber. They didn't have to come at us in 2 waves of 2 - had they come at us as a 4-some it might have been a different story.

But it was effectively the first game of AI we have played and it was good fun and had a proper ending.

30-01-2007, 15:11
a proper ending....the Eldar proved they are a dying race...