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31-01-2007, 13:13
To Start, 40K is not my #1 sci-Fi mini game. I mostly play/run/paint Battletech. I have been away from the Warhammer world for about 5 years. My Eldar and Guard collecting dust in the basement. My 4th edition rulebook had been opened maybe twice. So this Christmas when one of my regular players in my Battletech Campaign buys me the new Eldar Codex as a present...I was hooked again.

I'll save the list of all of my forces that need painting for later. For now I'll go over what I have on the workbench.

1) Custom built Autarch...just needs the detail work done.

2) Howling Banshee Exarch...again detail work.

3) 3 Warwalkers...getting their weapons swapped over to scatter lasers. there will be 3 generations of scatterlaser molds in one unit!

4) Wraithlord...not the new plastic one...the last metal one. Getting a little Greenstuff work done to add the Missle Launcher over the other shoulder.

5) Falcon and Wave Serpent...assembled and primed...just starting with the paint.

These are units I need to finish to field my current 2000point Eldar force.

Will post pics shortly...Comments and criticism always welcome. I consider myself a mid-level painter/modeler. I know I need to thin my paints more, and work on my "Blending" skills.

Updates to come...

31-01-2007, 13:19
sounds like an interesting log, i like the eldar logs always nice a colourful! Looking forward to pictures!

31-01-2007, 14:26
Ok here some pics...

First up the workbench...


Next the Autarch...
Custom built from the classic Dark reaper exarch and Swooping Hawk Exarch.
Gonna try to give the web of skulls a green glow that extends part way down the chains.

31-01-2007, 14:27
The gameroom...doesn't get used nearly enough. Table is 6' x 4'. Boards to the right are tan on one side (for desert battles) and black on the back for space games. Green and Blue table tops are out of the shot.

Storage shelves...GW stuff straight ahead...BTech to the right.

31-01-2007, 14:28
Eldar army #1...this is the 2k point force that will be complete with the stuff on the workbench.

Eldar army #2...2nd force that will see work after the 1st is complete. Using old Epic Eldar knights to represent WraithGuard. Missing are two Wraithlords that are currently sitting in a Pine-Sol bath.

Eldar #3...the extras, Guardians, P-lords, 2 more walkers...

31-01-2007, 14:28
Guard #1...My 95th Mordian Rifles...future project.

Guard #2...Tanks for the 95th...

Unused tanks...I proxy the Tempest Grav Tanks for wave serpents / Fire prisms when needed. Opponents usually don't mind, larger model is tougher to move and eaiser for them to drop template weapons on.

That's all for now...

31-01-2007, 14:30
damn you that Game room is insane!
everything is great here man, want to see some more close ups :)


31-01-2007, 14:57
An unpainted Armorcast Baneblade? Now that's just eeeeeville.

31-01-2007, 15:19
Damn, that game room is gorgeous!!@ Would love that as my own.

31-01-2007, 16:13
Me too. The old school eldar models are lovely (as are the Autarch conversion), and I'm looking forward to see some progress on the Mordians. Oh, and the tanks too. :)


31-01-2007, 22:13
damn you that Game room is insane!
everything is great here man, want to see some more close ups :)

Close ups coming with completed work.

An unpainted Armorcast Baneblade? Now that's just eeeeeville.
yeah, landed the Whole Mordian force in trade for an old computer.

Damn, that game room is gorgeous!!@ Would love that as my own.
Really does not get the use it should. Basement is not fully heated so in the winter its a little too cold. Summer is great though, nice and cool! Even still only play down there maybe twice a year. The game store is a more central location for everyone I game with.

;1260561']Me too. The old school eldar models are lovely (as are the Autarch conversion), and I'm looking forward to see some progress on the Mordians. Oh, and the tanks too. :)

Thanks V. Yeah, I usually paint in front of the TV. I havn't watched my "Sharpe" movies in a while. They will be a good inpiration for painting up guard. ;)

Light of the Emperor
31-01-2007, 22:24

There's some great stuff there! I saw your test mini for the 95th rifles and it looked pretty cool. A force like that would be a joy to see.

01-02-2007, 21:12
For those that missed my post over in IG Tactics...

my test mini for the 95th Moridian Rifles...
still working on the weapons.

And the uniform the scheme was based upon...

02-02-2007, 02:39
Really looking forward to seeing you do the Mordians, there are none of those in the project logs lately...lots of DKoK...so it would be a refreshing change!

Insanely cool gaming room, I hope I can talk my wife...err, girlfriend...into letting me have one like that when we are married.

-peace out

02-02-2007, 03:31
Ok, Ok...;) Once I have finished the eldar currently on the workbench...I'm doing the Mordians.

In anticipation of this I picked up a new pot of Dark Angel Green, and a new detail brush.

Today I repainted the Wraithlord head, shoulders, knees, and knuckles White...to match the wraithguard in the above pics. Did some detail work on the gems of the Autarch. Touched up some of the undersuit of the Banshee Exarch.

03-02-2007, 22:04
Did a little work today on the banshee exarch, Wraithlord and Autarch.

Here is a couple of pics showing how I put the Autarch together.

First up the two donor models. Here are the classic sculpts for the swooping hawk exarch and the dark reaper exarch. I painted these probably 15 years ago. Anyway...I cut the two extras I had where the green lines are. Saving the Shuriken Pistol from the reaper. This Pistol I then cut lengthwise and attached to the sides of the Swooping hawk head.

and updated pics of the autarch...I bent the hawk wings back for the more aggressive pose...still a bit of detail work to be done...

questions, C & C welcome and encouraged.

07-02-2007, 00:15
Finished up the Scatter Lasers on the War Walkers today.

Re-attached them and moved the Walkers off the workbench.

Falcon and Wave serpet are going on hold until I can aquire the magnets for my attempted "Hover" project.

Which leaves the Autarch, Wraithlord, and Banshee exarch (who is probably gonna get dipped cause I don't like the way the colors are coming out.)

07-02-2007, 02:36
Oh come now, what is this 'hover project' you speak so softly of?

Is the autarch holding a mace of skulls?

-peace out

07-02-2007, 03:07
Making the Falcon "Hover" (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68098)

Click the link above for the crazy Hover Idea in detail.

Yep, Holding a Web of skulls. Was a Reaper Exarch weapon in 2nd edition...Became a Swooping Hawk Exarch weapon in 3rd edition...Now in 4th edition it is just a simple "power weapon".

08-02-2007, 00:08
Finished the Autarch today...
Gems, Highlights, Eyes

will post pics tomorrow.

Not quite a good as I had hoped for..oh well, I'm way out of practice painting 28mm figures. Have to start again somewhere.

Came up with an idea for my 95th Mordian Rifles. Where the generic Mordians will have the green coats of the 95th. I think I'll do the traditional British "Redcoat" for the Ogryns and Stormtrooper squads. To go really overboard with the Napoleonic theme I could do up the Chimera and Leman Russ Tanks in Yellow and Blue like the British ships of the era...but that would probably look terrible, so I'm not gonna.

08-02-2007, 01:24
Probably a good idea not to.

You Sir are mad. Good luck with the magnets!

Hurry up and finish those pansy Eldar! I wanna see Mordians. :D

-peace out

08-02-2007, 17:06
As promised...completed Autarch pics.



09-02-2007, 03:59
limited time at the workbench today.

A while ago I landed 5 Mordian Heavy weapon crewmen without the heavy weapons. All of them are kneeling down, I decided that I would mod 4 of them into "Vox" casters...making the Lascannon Battery packs into "Radio sets".

The fifth guy was a Lascannon gunner...with one arm raised, and the other holding a pair of Binoculars. Well with the Mordian uniform...I just had to chop this guy off at the waist and mount him in the turret of one of my Leman Russ tanks. Have yet to glue him down yet...He looks so good, I might move him over to the BaneBlade. The only issue is his Rifle still on his back...I could hack it off then greenstuff him to smooth out his back. Nah, He is a member of the 95th "Rifles"...so to be without his rifle would be a crime. ;)

Pics tomorrow.

27-02-2007, 01:24
Been a while...time for an update.

Landed myself a Hot wire cutter...so I've been making terrain in the game room.

Hills at first. Then a huge corner hill that covers 1/4 of the table.

Then I built a 2nd level for my Mall madness fortress. I originally made the Fortress for Battletech. Made the roof/ 2nd level to make it a HUGE bunker for 40K.
Pic of the Fortress in action...Pics with the unpainted roof soon to follow.

Eldar just need the two tanks and Wraithlord finished to complete the 1st army and move on to the Mordians. They are both on the back-burner for a moment. Another project has taken priority due to requests from the game group.

27-02-2007, 01:29
Some Battletech Battle Reports showing some of my other Paint Jobs in action. Ongoing Battletech campaign I was running, based on the Mechcommander2 PC game.

Mission #8: Liao Betrayal...Players are turned on by their Liao employers and struggle to survive.

Mission #9: City Fight against mixed Liao and Steiner Force.

Mission #10: Taking out Liao HQ...lots of open terrain and Gauss rounds.

Mission #11: Straight up fight against Steiner force with lots of Clan tech. Intro Aerospace fighters.

Mission #12: End Game...Players face off against the remaining Stiener forces. http://forums.classicbattletech.com/index.php/topic,4769.msg106281.html#msg106281

hope this can tide you over till I get back to painting. :D

27-02-2007, 01:32
Still cannot get over that beautiful game room.

And its great to see your progress :)

27-03-2008, 20:45
After a long time off (almost a year)...I've picked up the paint brushes again.

Almost finished black lining the panels of the Falcon and Waveserpent.

Hopefully will be done by the time 5th edition rolls out...so I will be pushed to paint stuff other than is on my painting table. With the rumors that I have heard I think my force will be changing a little. Normally I roll with, Pathfinders and Bikes for my troop choices. Gonna have to add some Dire avengers to the force where troops are more vital now. My Heavy choices are normally Falcon, Wraithlord and 3 Walkers with scatterlasers. Some of the rumors I've read here have me rethinking my heavies. I'll probably be dumping the falcon due to the Defensive weapon change (use it as a wave serpent). The walkers firepower getting cut in half if they move, does not interest me at all. I'll be leaning toward 3 wraithlords, or 2 Wraithlords and a squad of Reapers.

Good to be back and painting again though.

16-04-2008, 00:02
Finished my Falcon, Waveserpent, Wraithlord, Banshee Exarch...and a pile of city ruins. Will post pics soon.

New on the table are two Warlocks, 2nd Wraithlord, and an Imperial assassin and a squad of Mordians that will begin the long delayed 95th Mordian mass painting project.

16-04-2008, 15:23
Completed work...from the slowest painter on Warseer.


Took the tank scheme from the Dawn of War PC game.

20-04-2008, 15:04
I like those Eldar, a lot. And that Mordian's looking pretty Sharpe.

Sorry, I had to do that.

17-07-2008, 20:00
So I had a little time at home over the last couple weeks. I finally got around to cloning my gaming table. So now I have two 6' x 4' gaming tables, that I can put together for a 8' by 6' table for really big games.

Here are a couple of shots of the linked tables with my two mostly unpainted armies.




Yeah I know...I got to get painting.

17-07-2008, 20:01
These are also the first shots of my "Firebase" with the top level added.


Shot from above looking down the roof access ramps...

With the top level removed...

Really got to buckle down and get to work painting those Guard.

17-07-2008, 21:31
That is a nice looking bunker, particularly with all the guard lined up around it. It also looks like the Eldar are in for a hard fight!

17-07-2008, 21:59
It is great to see this project log come back from the dead! Very nice firebase!

04-08-2008, 21:03
So I have been busy on half a dozen projects...No really, here they are.

Repainting all my Warlocks and my Farseer. They were all painted in different colored robes when I got them. I'm trying to give the army a uniform look.
The Farseer of mine never hit the table in 4th edition because of the instant death from failing a Psychic power roll, so I always took Eldrad whose toughness 4 let him take only 1 wound. 5th Edition lets the farseer get a save and take only 1 wound.

Troops are a must have in 5th edition 40k, I have a ton of guardians, but not too many Dire Avengers. I stripped some of my very old Guardians that had the "Dire Avenger" spartan helmets, and I'm painting them up as Dire Avengers. One of them is actually a Dire Avengers Exarch, but they all could pass for an Exarch. So If I ever have enough basic Avengers figs, I could field 6 squads...

Also stripped and repositioned my second Wraithlord. Bent the arms out to give him a more agressive pose, and used some greenstuff to give him his second weapon that they could carry with the latest Eldar Codex.

04-08-2008, 21:15
Also made up some Battletech scale buildings, using scrap plastic I had on my workbench. Some are from Flames of War blisters. The "Power Generator" / Tower is the heating element from a dead hair dryer.

Finally, three projects on my other workbench... Just finished up my "Plexiglass" river. Those are the blue pieces on the table. I will be making a "How To..." entry on www.greenhousegamesonline.com that explains how to make this simple and effective river terrain. Next is the Powerstation, the grey terrain piece with the smoke stacks, used a CD bundle case, fan from the hair dryer mentioned above, container that holds staples for a copy machine, and the plastic that held the cookies from a girlscout cookie box. The box of wood pieces is my starting some Trenches from a article over at Bell of Lost Souls: http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/2007/07/terrain-workshop-trenches-and.html

Finally, one of the Eldar Dire Avengers that I am painting up does not have a helmet. When I went to get get some flesh paint, way too much came out. So I grabbed five of the Ogryns from my Imperial Guard army.

More to come...

12-08-2008, 19:24
As discussed over in this thread...


I decided to mod some of my old Epic Knights and one Ghost Warrior so they were the same size as a Wraithguard. Just built up the terrain on the base under them so they are the same height..and added an old Guardian powerfist to a couple of them. Here are the first four.





The fifth Epic knight is one of the Bright Stallions...currently sitting in a Pine Sol bath.

12-08-2008, 19:31
The Unit...


Couple of Epic Knights so show the size difference...


12-08-2008, 19:53
Nice use of old school models.

27-08-2008, 01:45
So I was asked by a friend of mine that owns the local game store if I would paint up the Marines in his Demo box of The Assault on Black Reach. I said sure why not. After asking him what he wanted for a scheme, he said he didn't care as long as they were done by Sept 6th. The name of the store is Greenhouse Games, because they started in an old greenhouse. So after looking at the "tactical arrow" on the right shoulder pad I had to do up a new chapter of marines.

I'm not the fastest painter in the world as this log shows. So when I think fast painting I think dipping. After doing my research on the internet about dipping minis, I decided to use the Polyshades Antique Oak by Minwax.

Here is the first one...without the base done cause I want to match the bases to those of the Orcs that my friend the store owner is painting up.




31-08-2008, 23:35
Founding of the Greenhouse Guardians Chapter of Space Marines.

Jed was a simple man from the hills. He had worked his whole life with the soil of Terra. He knew the secrets of growing the various forms of plant life indigenous to Terra. For generations his family was responsible for the care of the Emperor’s courtyard in the gargantuan Imperial Palace. The courtyard was an impressive display of the fauna of Terra, with at least one specimen of every form of plant-life that still existed in the immense courtyard.

Jed was the head grounds keeper in charge of the over one hundred keepers of the courtyard. Each species of plant had specific rules for their care. These rules which were kept in massive Tomes called The Rules of Fauna. The tomes and passed down from generation to generation and stored a small vault in the keepers housing hidden under the center of the courtyard.

When Horus Heresy came to Terra, the keepers continued to do their work. Throughout the shelling of the Imperial Palace, Jed kept his crew busy for the work in the courtyard was never done.

Kharn the Betrayer, paced impatiently on the teleport pad, waiting for the shields protecting the Imperial Palace to fall. He and his squad would be among the first in the palace and he knew would be the first to find combat. When the shields protecting the Palace fell, an instant later Kharn and his group of Berserkers were teleported to Terra.

Seeing only green plants and trees, Kharn screamed out in rage fearing he and his squad had been teleported to the wrong location and would miss the taking of the Palace entirely.

Jed heard the scream, and sensed many new beings in his courtyard. The throaty buzz of numerous chainswords revving up to speed, confirmed his senses. The Berserkers quickly began slashing through fauna and grounds keeper alike. Jed’s quick thinking at this time secured his legacy. Jed ordered all the keepers to leave the courtyard and flee to the Marine barracks in the palace gates. Doing this had three fold impact. First the blood thirsty Berserkers were lead away from the Rules of Fauna. Second, Jed knew if the loyalist marines found the berserkers in the courtyard a firefight would ensue and destroy much of the precious fauna. Finally, by leading the Berserkers to the barracks by the gate they were being led away from the throne room and the Emperor. Jed stayed behind and using the courtyard he had lived in for all his life to mask his presence used hit and run tactics to lure the few remaining Berserkers away from the hidden entrance to the keepers housing and more importantly from the Rules of Fauna.

The keepers were slaughtered to the man in the flight to the barracks. The last being falling just as the first Loyalist Marines began shooting at the Berserkers. Jed was slain as well, shot in the back as he was sprinting out the main archway of the courtyard.

The deeds of Jed and the Keepers of the Rules of Fauna were overlooked during the aftermath of Horus Hersey. The death of Horus, the Emperor becoming entombed in the Golden Throne, the loyalist Space Marines counter offensive against the forces of Chaos had the historian attention and Jed’s tale was quickly forgotten.

It was a minor clerk in the Administratum that rediscovered what happened at the courtyard. The tale reached the High Lords of Terra and after much debate, a special founding of a single chapter of space marines was ordered to represent the deeds of Jed and the keepers of the courtyard that day. Geneseed was taken from just the Librarians every chapter of Loyal Space Marines, to honor the sacrifice made to keep the Rules of Fauna safe. Historians discovered that in ancient times those that did the same work as the keepers had temples called Greenhouses where they practiced their arts. With that discovery the space marine chapter of the Greenhouse Guardians were formed, with the motto “The Keepers of the Rules”.

31-08-2008, 23:37
In my best Dawn of War Space Marine voice...

"Squad reporting for duty"


Captain, Terminator Squad and the Dreadnaught coming soon.

06-09-2008, 22:39
Finished the Marines in the Assault on Black Reach...




07-09-2008, 01:23
Your AoBR marines are awesome. Seriously great crisp and consistent paint job. What exactly is their armor, bone with highlights? Or something else?

07-09-2008, 12:02

I "Cheated" with the marines.

Just a base coat of the main colors with White and black Vallejo game color. no highlights, drybrushing or washing.

Then I used "Polyshades Antique Oak" by Minwax. I have seen this used for dipping "organic" minis like tyranids to great effect. I just painted it on the marines instead of dipping. White turned into a bone/aged parchment. then one coat of dull coat to kill the shine.

I had just over three weeks to get these done, and on my schedule, I had to take the "dipping" road.

26-09-2008, 20:43
2nd AoBR set is assembled except for the Dreadie.

For the Commander...
Lopped off the banner
Added the Skull and Iron Halo from the Terminator sgt.
added a Power Fist where the power sword was supposed to go.

For the Terminator Sgt.
lopped off the Skull and Iron halo.
added the large banner from the commander.
gave two of the regular termies Cyclone launchers.

For the Tactical Sgt.
Lopped off the Chainsword and added a Power Fist to the Sgt.
Lopped off the head and added one of the old Beak helmets.

For the Heavy Weapon trooper...
Lopped off the missle launcher
added one of the very old Eldar Plasma Cannons (which looks quite a bit like the new marine plasma cannons.)
Added some bits to the backpack to cover up the missiles.

26-09-2008, 20:47
So I saw this article a long time ago on the internet on how to make little wooden crates for terrain. Heck if I can find it again...but it was so simple I figured I would give it a shot.

To do this you will need...

* 1" or 3/4" wooden blocks from your local craft store.
* Wooden coffee stiring sticks
* Wood glue
* Light Oak colored touch up Wood Stain marker.
* Micron black ink pen.
* small Xacto saw (although a good pair of snippers would work too)

Step one - glue the coffee sticks to the wood blocks and trim. You only need to do 5 sides, the 6th side will be the one on the table.

Step two - glue "strapping" wood and trim.
Step three - with ink pen make 2 dots at end of each piece of wood (Nails)

Step four - Stain the whole thing with your marker and your done.

How do they look?

3/4" blocks

1" blocks

Figure these will work for 40K, WWII, Western, Pirate games.

14-10-2008, 17:28
Catching up on some forgotten pics...

The finished Wraithguard conversions I used for 'Ard Boyz...


And some old Eldar Guardians painted up to be Dire Avengers...(With an Exarch and 2nd ed DA in the group)


09-12-2008, 23:31
Somewhere in the galaxy during the 41 millennia

222 years ago…

Sergeant Brother Kyle was the most respected member of all the Greenhouse Guardian Scout Marines. Veteran of numerous engagements with all the enemies of the Emperor, Brother Kyle was an expert at avoiding detection and placing his unit in the perfect ambush position on any battlefield. His latest honor was being named best shot in the chapter, narrowly beating out Chapter Master Hillman.

All of that was of little comfort to Sergeant Brother Kyle at the moment. His squad had all been killed by a blast from a Chaos Defiler’s Battle Cannon. Kyle was in pretty bad shape himself as he lay there in the smoldering crater, left for dead. Both his legs and left arm were a tangled mess of flesh bone and armor, his left eye was useless, swollen shut or missing he couldn’t be sure.

The battle was going poorly for the Greenhouse Guardians. Chaos Marines were advancing in force, and causing damage than they were receiving. Sergeant Brother Kyle watched as a Nurgle Lord in ancient Terminator armor strode up to the crater. The crimson eyes of the Nurgle Lord flashed as looked down at the broken Scout Sergeant. Brother Kyle watched the pustules burst and reform on the surface of the putrid green armor as the Terminator Lord approached and heard the Lord laughing as he blacked out.

A nearby explosion woke Brother Kyle, as pieces of the Chaos Defiler rained about him. He looked about to gather his surroundings and see how long he has been unconscious. The Terminator Lord was closing with Sergeant Brother Davis and his squad of Devastators. The Devastators had apparently just dispatched the Chaos Defiler with concentrated fire, but that allowed the Chaos Lord to close on their position. Brother Kyle knew that the Lord would make short work of the Devastators; his lightning claw would easily catch the marines burdened with heavy weapons. Kyle’s Sniper rifle was still in his right hand, he knew what he had to do. He just hoped the rifle still functioned. His first shot was placed through the backside of the Terminator Lords right knee, one of the three weak points on the ancient terminator armor. The Lord of Nurgle roared and turned to glance back at had what caused him pain. That glance was all Kyle needed. The second shot was placed through one of the lords Eyepiece, a truly miraculous shot that some say was guided by the hand of the Emperor. The Lord clutched at his helmet covering the holed eyepiece with his armored gauntlet, as he tipped his head back and shrieked in pain. The shriek was cut short as the third weak point of the armor was exposed and penetrated by Sergeant Brother Kyle’s final shot. The bullet pierced the Lords larynx, shattered the vertebrae, and lodged in the wrong side of the neck armor. The last vision Brother Kyle saw from his natural eye, was the Nurgle Terminator lord falling, his armor clattering about him.

Chief Librarian Boynton and Brother Chaplain Glazier saw the Lord fall as well, and seized the moment. The counter attack by those two turned the tide of the battle and carried the Greenhouse Guardians to victory that day.

After the battle little could be done to save Sergeant Brother Kyle. Brother Apothecary Ralph after many hours was able to stabilize Kyle for transport back to the Guardian’s home world. Once there, the Chapter was unsure of what to do with Bother Kyle. Three limb bionic replacements are rare, and not conductive to the role of a Scout Marine. It was then that Chapter Master Hillman stepped in. The words of Chief Librarian Boynton and Chaplain Glazier had reached the Chapter Master. Hillman ordered that Brother Kyle be entombed in a new Dreadnaught, an honor never before given to a Scout Marine Sergeant. Brother Apothecary Ralph worked closely with Brother Master Techmarine Arnold in creating a dreadnaught that embodied Brother Kyle’s actions that day. The Chassis was given the rare Quad Autocannon configuration to represent the accuracy of the scout squad master. Extra Armor was added to represent the tenacity Brother Kyle displayed that day. Heavily modified legs were added to allow the chassis to raise itself over cover, and obtain better firing positions.

Current Day…

The Venerable Brother Kyle is a regular sight on any battlefield taken by the Greenhouse Guardians. Usually providing cover fire from the rear, Bother Kyle has become an expert at placing autocannon shots with the skill of a sniper into Heavy infantry and light vehicles. The brother marines know that Bother Kyle will find the weak point in the armor of any Wraithlord, Daemon, Terminator or Tau Battlesuit. Such consistent accuracy has earned Brother Kyle a nickname among the Guardians. They no longer call him Brother Kyle, he is simply known as “The Rifleman”.


09-12-2008, 23:33
Side Shot...


With Marine...


With Wraithlord...


With Little buddie...


10-12-2008, 00:38
I must say I like the crates :) The pen marked nails do the magic!

Your dread looks quite cool too. Has a mecha feel to it, prob for the "wings" on the thighs.

Very neat painting on those eldar. I have a weak spot for old school stuff, the wraithlords are very much to my taste.