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Deng Ham
31-01-2007, 16:58
Hi all...

I have just entered the famus Warseer blood bowl league. With nothing short of amazing. It's 11 big b00bed sweet sixteens. They are all amazons and not only are they wanting to play (with your) ball(s). But they are keen on throwing a party. Knocking you to the floor.

To see them on the pitch is mutch like the lingere ball. Just prior to the super ball.

That aside. The coach, Deng Ham, head honcho, porn king, pimp and Dagfinn Kristensen.
Lives in Stavanger Norway and have played blood bowl, the board game sins the midd 90's. Not active all the time. But tryed to get a game going every now an then. I prefere the board game by far over FUMBBL. But this onlye version is great to get more games in. I'm on Fumbbl every now and then. And woud like to play every now and then. No more than a game a week, most likely only every other week. But don't let that scear you, send me a PM if you fancy a game. And we can sett it up. Or I'll chalange one that is online at the same time I am.

I run a league in Stavanger. http://www.warcry.no At the moment we are 5 teams. And I'll host a turnament this spring. Hoping to get more action in the league.

I normaly like to play the ball game. And thus often have elfs. But recently descovered the joy of blocking. With my RL team, the tunder rams (norse).

31-01-2007, 17:13
I would get banned for saying that.

Edit: I would love to do the pictures though ;)

Deng Ham
31-01-2007, 18:52
I was thinling about what to do with the pictures. If you show me an example You just might get the chance to do all of my eleven girls.

31-01-2007, 19:36
Yeah i will warn you I have been suspended from fumbbl once for pictures so they are strictish, it depends on who is the moderator at the time of submission.

Deng Ham
31-01-2007, 19:48
I don't know about the rules for submitting photos. But they have changed the nrules for submitting names and teams. Not your team have to be reported in order to get a mods attention. Don't know if this cover images as well.

Deng Ham
02-02-2007, 18:09
So the virginity of the girls in Penthouse Playboys is borken...

For a mach report you can go here. (http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=1541066)
It was bloody. Talons of Ulthuan where not gental at all. My girls got knocked into the mud and miss treated.

poor Peach. Rest in Peace. You were highly loved and will be remembered.

03-02-2007, 11:56
Watching the replay despite the injuries it was still a close game. the amazon dodge just was not working in this game. Maybe you should try playing my orcs and without their agility you will gain victory.:evilgrin:

Deng Ham
03-02-2007, 12:08
Woud like to play your orcs. Orks are probable less mental driven and more instinkt than the elfs. so the distracting tactic of the PP's wil probably work

Deng Ham
03-02-2007, 19:35
I've been thinking of a team logo. The obvious is the playboy bunny. But I want to be a bit more original than thant

In my last match reoprt. The team was nick named PP girls. And som an idea came to me. To do the P's as a bikini top of some sort. Though I have no idea of how.

Deng Ham
03-02-2007, 20:08
Images of the PP Girls are up...

The Penthouse Playboys Roster (http://fumbbl.com/teams/Penthouse+Playboys.html)

Enjoy boys...

05-02-2007, 18:21
Well done, at last another coach that has changed all their player pictures.

Deng Ham
05-02-2007, 19:01
I think that is a must. To personalize the team. And give it flavor.

Still in need of a team logo.

Deng Ham
05-02-2007, 19:23
I have found 3 nice images that will be up for team logo.

1: A sweet rabit cheerleader.

2: Another bunny cartoon

3: A real girl. Not realy logo material. But nice non the less

Autobot HQ
05-02-2007, 20:12
Number 2. Thats the best. And the cutest, ergo the easiest for me not to feel guilty about when I kill them all

05-02-2007, 20:27
go three.... ;)

05-02-2007, 21:39
The Background is transparent so it looks better on field. Just thought I would give an idea on it. Pictures need tidying a little, I can see two missed pixels. It looks bad against the dark background but try it first on fumbbl.
http://img113.imageshack.us/img113/6879/penthouseop6.gif (http://imageshack.us)

05-02-2007, 21:42
Number two. :)

Deng Ham
05-02-2007, 21:59
sweet tenpole... Was something like that I was aiming at.

What have you done with the text. It that transparant too? I thout about doing it with a fade or glimer of some sort.

05-02-2007, 22:12
I could not get the cabaret font with the fade, which is the closest to the original text. If you find the font send it to me as a zipped file and I will change the it. The font colours can be changed if needed. As for glimmer effect do you mean the sparkly type thing. That takes a bit more work and it will also restrict the size of the picture since it is a multiple frame.

Deng Ham
05-02-2007, 22:39
No I was tinking of a gold look alike. non animated. But faided woud have been best. I'm abit afraid that the transparancy will look wierd on the field. But let's try.

It's uploaded now.

BTW. A new match report have been added...
Penthouse Playboys vs Leporine Malefactors II (http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=1545677)

05-02-2007, 23:30
Thought I'd follow suit and stick my own short report up and take the chance to thank Deng Ham for running a newbie like me through the ins and outs of Fumbbl and even waiting for me as I relearned the rules through experience on the pitch!

Last time I try a Long Bomb with a Chaos Warrior. *laughs*

Deng Ham
06-02-2007, 14:52
No problem Arkzein.. Infact it was very enjoyable for me too. And when ever you took yout time. I got to do a little report writing done.

Was realy nice with your submission on ther report. It complemented where mine had holes and lacking descriptions.

And if you ever feal like facing a full PP team. I'm ready *grin*