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01-02-2007, 17:04

I am in the process of getting a Daemon list for Warmaster. Can daemon be used in a Mortal list like in standard WF? :confused: I do not know much about the Warmaster rules, other then I want to get some armies together.

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01-02-2007, 18:33
Not that I know of... Tho I use some daemons in my mortal army. I just based some old epic bloodletters as cavalry and count them as knights and a unit of the warmaster fleshounds as chariots. The Epic Angron model is my daemon prince which counts as a hero on dragon (his breath attack is a mighty roar!) I do get lucky in that my regular opponents let me use the Bloodthirster from the daemon list.

01-02-2007, 19:18
No the lists aren't interchangable they've been balanced as stand alone lists.

To use daemons in a chaos list its generally acceptable to use the counts as rule as follows:

Daemon Hordes = Chaos Warriors or Marauders
Daemon Cavalry = Chaos Knights
Daemon Beasts = Dragon Ogres
Daemon Hounds = Marauder Horsemen
Daemon Chariots = Chaos chariots (at least that ones obvious)
Daemon Flyers = Harpies
Greater Daemons = Hero on Chaos Dragon
Daemonic Swarms have no equivalent

I've never seen anyone try it the other way. Most things work the other way around its just the chaos warriors and knights that cause the problem as they end up underpowered in a Daemon list.

The other option is to pick another armylist entirely like orcs and goblins for example and try and fit everything in that way although you do lose the special rules for daemons.

The last way I've seen done is to pick 2 separate armies and use them as allied armies. Basically pick 1000 points of chaos and 1000 points of daemons each army will have its own general and heroes and units they cannot be interchanged ie a chaos hero cannot order deamons and chaos and daemon units cannot be brigaded together. They are both totally independant of each other you just happen to control both armies. The main problem with this approach is that you have to buy 2 generals and double the heroes you'd normally take.