View Full Version : NZQ Prove Them Wrong Again & Set For The Final!

Autobot HQ
01-02-2007, 22:16

The New Zaggarund Quakes last week shocked the world when they played the passing game against the superior hitting power of the Medics. This week however the NZQ returned to tried and tested methods against the incredible speed of the Foul Peak Frenzy, who have only previously lost twice in their career to the Medics themselves. Those critics who stated that the offensive line of the NZQ would not be enough were again silenced as, when overtime was said and done, the New Zaggarund Quakes walked away uninjured with a 3-1 victory and a place in the finals. We managed to catch up with an overjoyed CEO Iscariot in the dressing room.

"I'm overjoyed!"
- CEO Iscariot

This week the experts caved into the overwhelming support for the Star of the New Zaggarund Quakes and gave the MVP award to none other than #56, "Terrible" Toraz Taze. Working in a supporting role yet again, Toraz provided the back up in keeping the few remaining rats off of Hul' Kogan long enough for the rookie to score twice, finishing off the Frenzy in overtime. Team Captain Harzuk "The Demolisher" also claimed another two players futures in the sport, leaving the Foul Peak Fenzy in a severly dented state. Early reports are already flooding in that despite their painful defeat at the hands of the NZQ, Frenzy have already played against another team in the making, the Talons of Ulthuan. However, bad luck continues and another string of injuries followed that match, though the coach claims he has no intent of retiring the team just yet. Back in the dressing room, we caught up with "Terrible" Toraz Taze as he was presented with the MVP trophy:

"You can't come tippy-toeing all up in here thinking this is a game baby! You wanna play a game, then Triple T has a new game, It's called 'How much pain can the other teams stand before the other teams learn not to play games anymore!' That's Toraz' game baby. With Kogan gaining momentum we sent that rat fool home Fedex style baby; All wrapped up on an express pain train. We're checking bodies and we're bringing it on. Me and the team, we're gunna go out tonight and paint this town red baby! Skaven blood is red, right? WOAH!"
-'Terrible' Toraz Taze