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02-02-2007, 22:01
Can I wield Inq vessels in normal Imperial Navy fleet? If yes, how should they be used? I was thinking to get couple against Chaos fleet. As in IncrediSteves fleet list he had 2 Daemon ships, could Inq vessels be used against them...?

04-02-2007, 10:41
As far as I'm aware, you can stick an Inquisitor anywhere you like (woof!). I'm not sure if they'd be exceptionally useful against Daemon ships... I never worry about Daemon ships, the damn things only come on in the second turn if they're lucky and I've never found them to be too much of a threat. But yes, considering Inquisitors can draft anyone they like into service, I imagine a big old Imperial fleet with an Inquisitor would be perfectly acceptable.

04-02-2007, 11:08
I believe there's rules for fielding a grey knights fleet on the SG website.

04-02-2007, 13:22
Indeed there is. You can field:
0 - 500: None
501 - 1000: Up to 1.
1001- 1500: Up to 2.
You can get the miniature here:
and the special rules here:

04-02-2007, 18:17
If you've got the time to model one and an opponent willing to face it, a Black ship could be a fun prospect as well.