View Full Version : Tuffties strip the Penthouse girls report.

03-02-2007, 17:58
First the report from the Penthouse side.

Penthouse vs Tuffties (http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=1542404)

Deng Ham
03-02-2007, 19:00
Sorry there is one prior to that...
The one I played vs Th0rs Talons.
Penthouse Playboys vs Talons of Ulthuan (http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&op=view&id=1541066)

Deng Ham
03-02-2007, 19:02
I'm planing on doing a report after each match. Just to give the girls a bit more flavour. And give Antubot Something to put into the newsletter.

03-02-2007, 23:30
Just how much attention do you think he was going to give to other teams in his newsletter, especially if he wins the cup. It will be NZQ this and NZQ that.

Deng Ham
03-02-2007, 23:36
I'm apealing to his other self. His inner voice, primeal instincts. And hope he post pictures ;-P

04-02-2007, 17:09
I'm apealing to his other self. His inner voice, primeal instincts. And hope he post pictures ;-P

Lol, good call

*runs to find lizard porn*

:evilgrin: :evilgrin:


Autobot HQ
04-02-2007, 23:23
Lizard porn? Tell you what, find any and I'll try and include it just for the sake of it!

And hey, I'm fine with my time, I just happen to be the most entertaining guy here :P

06-02-2007, 19:01
Warseer BB friendly.

Goal of the match: awarded to Amber for the first touchdown scored, a successful 1D block then pick up ball -1 with no modifying skills and then a dodge but she did have dodge skill.

Injury of the matched: Fiona, smashed hand niggling injury.

Caused by: Herself, snigger snigger. I love them failed go for its.

Orc of the match: McGoohan for the lovely interception. yeah like he was watching the girls. At last team training is coming through, and he ran towards the correct side of the pitch but the large smothering bosom in his face made him panic and drop the ball. It brought back past horrors of his time in the Village of large round smothering objects.

Amazon of the match: Amber for her goal.

The two orc goals were 'caused' by Monkey, who now having an AG4 is a favourite for ball handling. He now has a habit of going round saying "I iz da greatest ball handler". No one can be bothered to point out to him every elf has an equal agility and often more skills. The second goal was caused by the now recently promoted team captain, McNee.