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Planetary Governor Arden Feilmark paced around his office. 'It was ironic' he thought 'Imperial Planetary Governors are supposed to be the highest authority on the planet. Yet I cannot even command the "Guards" outside my office.' The 12 Lords had turned against him little over a month ago and highest General of the Planetary Defence Force were helping them. They had effectively removed all powers from him even if he was forced to sign all the papers and sit through the facade of meetings. The astropaths were not allowed to transfer any of his messages so he was basically shut out of the Imperium. He had no illusions that sooner or later the 12 Lords would decide that having him around was more troublesome than not and get rid of him.

Luckily a two weeks ago he had been on a tour of the surrounding mining areas. There he had seen a Rogue Trader vessel and had managed to slip from his captors for a short while. It had been enough for him to contact the Trader and inform him of what had happened. With any luck the message of the traitors would already be released. He only hoped to be alive by the time the Imperials Might would move against the traitors. They had been starting to supply the ...

Suddenly there a sound of thunder. He ran to the window to see a several objects fall through the sky towards the city. And more accurately towards the Governmental Palace. Within few seconds several of the Space Marine Drop Pods of bright red and yellow hit the ground in a jarring impact and popped open to reveal a several missile launcher turrets. Within few more seconds the courtyear seemed to vanish in explosions as the Deathwind pods fired their ordnance around them. Before the smoke had even started to clear second set of Pods hit the ground. The pod door crashed open and marines poured out firing at the Guardsmen which seemed to be unable to react. It was all over within minutes. The entire garrison had been either killed or routed as the Marines of the Howling Griffon chapter took control of the palace grounds.

The doors behind him crashed suddenly as two fully armoured giants thundered through them.
- 'Governor Feilmark?' called out a voice from one of the helmets.
- Yes?
- We have been ordered to hold you here until Brother Captain Corval arrives.
- 'Ok.' He felt saved. The Marines would solve the problem with the traitorous scum.

Captain Corvals' thunderhawk moved to land within the compound. He stepped out as the two marines brough out the Planetary Governor.
- 'Are you the commander of the Astartes?' asked Arden 'I'm so happy to see you and ...'
- 'Planetary Governor Arden Feilmark' interrupted the Corval said interrupting the man in front of him
- I have little time as the scans indicate that the mobilisation of a nearby Garrisons of Danarr and Dolnier is started. You are the hightest authority in this planet and have signed orders that allow minerals to be moved to the hands of the foul minions of Chaos. By signing those orders you have accepted the responsibility of the orders.
- But, but they would have killed me if hadn't
- You should have put your faith in the Emperor and died for him.

Corval raised the bolt pistol and shot the Governor Arden Feilmark. Then activated the comm
- 'Cruiser "Imperius Rex", Brother Captain Corval. Begin the unloading the transports and Predators for the 2nd company. We will intercept those traitorous scum and teach them the lesson that all enemies of the Emperor will learn.'

04-02-2007, 09:26
This was my first game with IG. I didn't have time to assemble another mechanised company so I went with two Leman Russ companies. I assumed that I face Orks, but instead the Howling Griffons were being unloaded by Nicodemus. So both were playing with a completely new army. Nicodemus used the Blood Angels rules.

Rules used
All Experimental rules.
Marines as in this thread (without the leaders rem 2BM)

Armoured Column of Falchar Plateau

Danarr Section Regimental HQ
+ Hydra
Danarr 13th Leman Russ Tank Company (BTS)
Dolnier 51st Leman Russ Tank Company (BTS)
Dolnier 5th Storm Trooper Platoon
+ Valkyries
Dolnier 88th Artillery Battery
- 3 Manticores
Danarr 7th Deathstrike Missile Battery
Danarr 12th Super-Heavy Tank Platoon
- Shadowsword
Thunderbolts of Dolnier 66th airwing


Howling Griffons Fast Strike Force

Tactical Detachment 1 (BTS)
+ Predator Annihilator
+ Razorback (Heavy Bolter)
+ Hunter
Tactical Detachment 2
+ Predator Annihilator
+ Razorback (Heavy Bolter)
Devastator Detachment
+ Predator Annihilator
+ Hunter
+ Librarian
Land Speeder Detachment
Scout Detachment
+ Sniper
Terminator Detachment
+ Chaplain
Death Company
Thunderbolts of Falchar 83th airwing
Warhound "Cleavus Rex"


04-02-2007, 09:27

The Marines put the blitz west behind a forest and IG puts the blitz in centre behind a forest. First Take and Hold objective in IG end goes to centre (north of blitz) with a forest patched hill and another to east next to a forest there. Marine end gets south of blitz behind a building and second to centre east of road (that runs from north to south dividing the battlefield).

Marines don't garrison anything and neither does IG.

Marines deploy Tactical detachment 1 behind a forest (next to blitz) in west. Then in the centre is Land Speeder detachment behind and Warhound "Cleavus Rex" and Devastator detachment in front. Scout detachment is a bit more east behind a forest while Tactical detachment 2 is eastwards behind a hill.

IG deployed Dolnier 51st Leman Russ company in the road and around it, making that point their western flank. Next is Danarr Section Regimental HQ that has few units within forest while rest are around it. Behind the HQ is Dolnier 88th batteries Manticores (just next to blitz). Then east of HQ is Shadowsword. East of it in front is Danarr 13th Leman Russ company (just east of a hill). Behind them are the Deathstrikes. Holding the western flank is Dolnier 5th Storm Trooper platoon behind the hill.


04-02-2007, 09:28
Turn 1 "Initial Blows"

Initiative: Imperial Guard

The battle start with Deathstrikes being ordered to move towards blitz and fire. However there is communication problems resulting from lieutenant not accepting orders from a Manticore batteries commander and General Martok is required to get the Missiles moving. The Deathstrike Missile Launchers move a bit towards the blitz and then target the lone Warhound with both missiles. The launch is successful and a few seconds later the warhound disappears within a cloud of smoke which eventually disperses to reveal a pile of scrap.

Marines respond by ordering the Thunderbolts of the Falchar 83th wing to combat air patrol. To which IG commander replies by calling his Dolnier 66th wing to do the same.

In east the Tactical 2 moves out on the double and take positions behind a forest there. In the Guard end the Manticore batteries commander is sulking and not answering the calls to bombard an area on the other side of the buildings.

The scouts board up on advance and move to hide behind a forest near centre. Then the Leman Russ 51st company tries to double, but are having some difficulties. [This was third 1 for my activation. Asaura had come to watch a bit as we played and commented on my winning initiative that that was the last 6 I'd throw as I had unpainted minis. I was wondering if he had jinxed this game :).] They only manage to hold and move a bit forwards up the road. The marines respond by doubling the Devastators and opening fire on the just moved Leman Russ company. One accurate las cannon beam from an Annihilator manages to wreck a tank in the front.

The battle wasn't starting well for IG so the general decided to take the initiative into his own hands and show how it was done. The Regimental HQ doubles up the road to the ruins and fire at the devastators. But every shot misses *puuh* :). The Marines counter with Land Speeders zooming to encircle the Regimental HQ and manage to miss with all the multimelta shots. Now the IG wants to do some damage and the Leman Russ 13th company is ordered to move westwards and target the Land Speeders. One speeder manages to stay out of sight but the rest are visible. The tank company opens fire and all the visible Speeders are destroyed with a hail of heavy bolter, las cannon and battle cannon fire. The remaining Speeder moves back a bit to hide behind a building.

In Marine end the Tactical 1 goes into overwatch. The Shadowsword now missing it's main targets (WEs) is ordered to advance towards the 51st company and target a visible Hunter from the Tactical 1. The vulcano cannon is accurate as usual and the Marine tank is annihilated by the powerful beam.

With eastern flank of the Steel Legion faltering the Marines decide to hit hard and call in Thunderhawk with Death Company. The target is Dolnier 51st Leman Russes and the Thunderhawk comes in from the east. Thunderbolts of the 66th were waiting for this and fly out towards the incoming Thunderhawk. The Hydra fires first, but is unable to hit. Next Thunderhawks side heavy bolters fire but miss the incoming Thunderbolts. Lastly Thunderbolts fire with several hits, but nothing penetrates the thick hull of the Thunderhawk as it land near the Leman Russ company while Marines with jump packs engage the Imperial tanks. 6 of the Leman Russes are engages in close combat and Marines manage to destroy one of the tanks while Leman Russes fail to kill anything. Losing by 1, the Leman Russes fall back towards the hill in southwest while Marines consolidate towards the Regimental HQ.

Last is the Storm Troopers and Valkyries and they make a quick double move towards the centre and Devastators. They occupy a building and fire with all they got and Valkyries all shoot one set of rockets. The devastators are filled with explosions and plasma gun blasts, but no damage is caused to the Marines.

End Phase

The aircraft all leave from friendly end and all formations rally.


04-02-2007, 09:29
Turn 2 "Clash of Armour"

Terminators teleport in front of Manticores gaining 1BM.

Initiative: Marines

The turn starts with Terminators engaging the Manticores. The heavily armoured Marines move to catch all three artillery pieces in close combat and utterly wipe them out with power fists. None survive the assault while no Terminators is lost. They consolidate towards the woods. Retaining the Death Company in the centre also engage. Their target is the Storm Troopers and they engage the ones within the building. The battle is furious and 3 Marine units are killed by the elite Storm Troopers, but in retaliation 2 is killed back. The Devastators give support while Regimental HQs' support is blocked by the building and two more units of Storm Troopers are killed. IG has +1 to dice roll but lose by one and the Valkyries ferry them westwards broken.

The Imperial Guard shows why the Leman Russ companies are feared as the Danarr 13th company doubles between the two buildings and opens up at the Devastators with all they got. Torrent of fire kills one unit of Marines and destroys 2 Rhinos and Hunter as rest of Marines and Predator saves the hits. The marines get several BMs but are unbroken.

The Thunderhawk is called next to make a airstrike at the broken Valkyries. The Marine craft comes in from west with guns blazing. No hits are caused but one Valkyrie pilot loses his nerve and hit the trees as they try to dodge large aircraft heading their way. Retaining the Tactical 1 advances past the woods and fires at the Leman Russes. However the thick armour keeps the tanks safe.

The Imperials advance with Shadowsword moving a little north and east. The vulcano cannon aims at the Terminator Detachment and one unit is vapourised by the weapon.

Marines respond by calling in rest of the Airforce and Thunderbolts 83th airwing respond by coming in fast. They move in from the west and target the Valkyries. The light skimmers are no match for Imperiums fighters and all three are destroyed by the multilasers missiles. Only the chaplains unit survives the wreckage undamaged.

In south and centre the Deathstrike carriers sustain fire at the Terminators hoping to do some damage with heavy bolters. But the thick armour protects the Marines and no casualties is inflicted. Next is the scouts. They hear orders to go through the small forest and engage the Shadowsword. Rhinos rev their engines and gun into the thin stretch of forest. Suddenly something snags in one of the Rhinos tracks. This causes the Rhino to skid turn to left hitting a sharp boulder with terrible force. The Rhino buckles as the rock crumbles throwing the unlucky scouts inside against the walls leaving them all out of battle. The remaining Rhino speeds to target and 2 units of Scouts jump out. Only to be gunned down by the Shadowsword which had turned to new threat. The last Rhino is shot apart as it tries to frantically avoid the vulcano cannon.

Next is the Regimental HQ and it advance forwards to bring some guns into range of Tactical detachment 1. They manage to score few hits but only Rhino is destroyed. In the centre the Devastators marshall moving behind the building and removing all BMs.

Then the Imperial Guards aircrafts is called in with intercept orders. They come from east going behind the Marines and attack the 83rd airwing from behind. The 83rd pilots start to jink when they notice pair of Thunderbolts coming at them, but one of the crafts fail to avoid fire and crashes into the forest below to join the wrecked remains of the Valkyries. In the centre the lone Land Speeder advances moving a bit and fires at the Leman Russes but fails to hit.

In south the Leman Russes of 51st company advance and aim at the Terminators. Hail of heavy bolter fire and battle cannon fire later no Terminators is killed as the heavy armour of the Marines saves them. The tank commander is not pleased. Lastly the Tactical detachment 2 doubles to another forest and fires at the Shadowsword, but the super heavy tank is not damaged by the fire.

End Phase

All aircraft avoid flak and leave from friendly edge of the table. All formations on both sides rally with Supreme Commander helping Dolnier 51st company.

Overview of the battle.

In west the Leman Russ company and Regimental HQ push forwards against Tactical detachment and remains of the Land Speeders, Devastators and Death company.

04-02-2007, 09:30
Turn 3 "The Final Conflict"

Initiative: Marines

Marines start with a push for Blitz objective. First the Tactical detachment 2 doubles with Rhinos steering around the forest :). They jump near the forest in a tight group and target all weapons at the Dolnier 51st Leman Russ company. Several hits are caused and two of the resilient tanks are wrecked by the Marines. Then retaining the Terminators are ordered to engage (there was 5cm between Leman Russes and Deathstrikes) the Guard, but there is communication problems and they hold to remove BMs. Marine commander is rather annoyed by this.

The push for the Blitz continues next in Marine end as the Danarr 13th company swings around to move towards Tactical 1 and fire with all they got. And Leman Russ company has a lot as all Tactical Marines are killed as well as 2 Rhinos and Razorback. The Predator survives by successful save and fall back behind the forest. Marines respond by moving the lone Land Speeder east to control one objective in the Marine end. Next is Danarr section Regimental HQ and they double ahead towards the blitz, spreading out. And their fire is directed at the Devastators, which lose two units of Marines.

The Devastators not broken by the fire double towards the blitz, going around the Regimental HQ who They also fire at. One Chimera is blown up be the Marines as well as blitz being contested. Then retaining the last member of the Death Company engages the Regimental HQ. It moves to a far end of a forest, which restricts a lot of fire. In the end 5 units manage to get a shot at the Marine unit, which is sufficient as the Marines are killed. Imperial Guard responds by calling in the Dolnier 66th to fire at the Devastators. The Thunderbolts respond by screaming in from the east and circling to get behind the marines. Weapons fire at the full and one missile blows up the Predator, which breaks the Marine detachment.

In a last ditch attempt to dislodge the Regimental HQ, the lone Thunderhawk engages them in an air assault. While it manages to kill one unit of Regimental HQ it does not win the engage and is wrecked by losing the engage.

In Imperial Guard end the Dolnier 51st Leman Russes sustain at the Tactical 2. Even with only few units able to fire they manage to destroy most of the tanks as 2 Rhinos, Razorback and Predator is blown apart. The Marine air support of Falchar 83th doesn't respond to the lone calls of the marines.

In battlefield on IG has activations left. And first goes the Deathstrikes which sustain fire at the Tacticals. 1 unit of Marines is gunned down by the heavy bolters. Next the last surviving unit of Storm Troopers marches towards the Tactical 2. And last to activate is Shadowsword. It doubles down the road towards north, bringing last Predator of the Tactical 1 within it's sight. The advaced targeting systems on vulcano cannon doesn't make a mistake in third time either and the Marine tanks is obliterated by the blast.

Imperial Guard wins 3 - 0 (Blitzkrieg, Take and Hold and Break Their Spirit).


04-02-2007, 09:31

The General Martok looked around him as the final battles were fought somewhat south. But the Marines spine was broken and they couldn't fight effectively back any more. The night was coming and he was sure that most Marines that were alive would leave during the night. But it mattered not. They had faced the Astartes and won. The planet would be theirs again. He went inside his Chimera and called to the Lord Baeumont.
- General Martok here. The battle went well. We lost the Storm Troopers and some tanks, but the Astartes were beaten. The road to capital is open.
- Good. How many men know that the Astartes were not the ones that turned renegade?
- My command staff and few others that didn't need help in turning. I wasn't sure yet that they would be willing converts. But once we reach the city and I find sections of it "tainted" as well ... well that amount of killing should do the job quite nicely. I will spread my men who know how to do it around the companies. I'd like to request some Mechanised Infantry to join us before that. Men are much better at going through houses than tanks.
- We shall see what we have available. You have done well General. See that the capital will be in our hands and final groups of Marines are eradicated from them.
- We still might have some resistance here. My forces were attacked by some Thunderbolts. Some of the PDF might be aligned against us. Also we don't know what the Astartes have told them.
- I shall send some agents to investigate. Don't worry, we will soon know.

04-02-2007, 11:33
Nice report, thank for posting it! :cool: :)

Looking at how the battle progressed, the Marine player seemed to have spread their forces out too much - a pretty fatal mistake for Epic Marine armies, one which I'm more than guilty of myself (hence my bottom placing at my first Epic tournament... :rolleyes: )

It was good to see the Guard player being agressive - my first few games with Guard I tended to hold back out of caution, and was punished for it. It is surprising how resiliant Guard formations can be when advancing under fire, but you feel it when you opponent assaults and you've got a ton of blast markers! :eek:

Anyway, looking forward to your next report.

04-02-2007, 16:03
Well done, well done - of course I feel like I have already seen this elsewhere ;)

12-02-2007, 00:14
I haven't seen an Epic battle for ages. I think I'm ready to dust off my Epic models and give it another go. Great battle.

12-02-2007, 08:13
If my batreps can get people playing epic again, then they have had the effect that I hoped when I was writing them. So thanks for that :D.