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06-02-2007, 17:37
Hey there, just today I recieved my Death Korps Grenadiers from the postie. I am not intenting to do an army of these guys, no way near enough money, but I got them to just make and paint. But then I had the idea I could use them as Inq Stormtroopers for my Inquisitor.

I intend to paint them with black fatigues, dark gunmetal armour, and deep red greatcoats, I don't know how this will look since all the DK on here seem to be grey or green or brown.

Sorry not pics yet, mainly because they are lying in bits on my desk, but I will take the obligatory pic of my workspace and them made up later tonight, and put them here.

Any ideas on how to make them look more Inqisitorial without too much converting, feel free to say.

Pics later, I promise!!!

06-02-2007, 17:40
Awesomeness. These will look good done right :).

Thought of GSing an =I= onto their flat breastplates? That would be a cool way of making them look Inquisitorial :).

Looking forward to pics.

06-02-2007, 17:40
sweet, i'll follow this, guarenteed some nice work if it's not for a full army.


06-02-2007, 17:49
Yeh GS =I= would look cool, but I am not very good with GS, specially not small fiddly things like that, maybe if I cut them out of plasticard may work, I have some fairly thin plasticard.

06-02-2007, 17:50
Your miniatures sound very promising, and like everyone else, I too would like to see the pictures.

On making them more inquisitorial, hexagrammic wards to protect against daemons? Which ordo are you going to base them on? If its malleus then definately. Xenos, a few alien trophies I suppose. Hereticus? No ideas.

06-02-2007, 18:08
Well I have the Lok model who is Xenos, but I don't know really, may just keep them generic so they can be whatever, e.g add Deathwatch to them when they come out etc, or use them with Grey Knights or Sisters, whatever I want lol.

Just uploading some pics to photbucket the now.

06-02-2007, 18:15
Sounds like a very nice idea, I await the pics with baited breath (what are the chances of this being posted just as you post the pics? :) edit: not very high it seems :D)

06-02-2007, 18:22
A, your not far from it Arhalian! Here are some pics.

Here are the bases they will be on (WIP) they will be painted grey, they are COD style bases.

Work space, is bigger than it looks, thats just my modelling and painting area.

And finally for now, the guy these DK will be following around.

06-02-2007, 18:26
Nice work on Lok there Shryke. I;ll be very interested to see how this looks, as I;ve said it;s a great idea and those DKOK grenadiers are excellent models.

I'll definitely be watching this :D

06-02-2007, 18:28
The forge world inquisitor is impressive, as is his servo skull. I like the white armour with the blue shading. As are your bases, a nice urban feel to minis is something that I like adding to my models as well.

A lot of stuff at the workstation, including a Chris Ryan book! Hmmm... SAS style IG? Such gents would undoubtably be in the service of the inquisition.

Looking forward to seeing how DKs come togther.

06-02-2007, 18:32
Not just one, I have all his books, well all his fiction ones anyway, and all but one of Andy McNabs ones! Bit of an SAS junkie lol.

Was contemplating white armour on my DK as well, but I don't think it would go to well with the red coats. I don't want them to be very bright you see, quite dark and "hard" is what I would like.

06-02-2007, 18:37
You could take elements from the waffen SS uniforms of WWII. The DK after all are modelled on WWI german soldiers after all.

A quick trawl on the internet might come up with some other WWI uniforms.

06-02-2007, 18:46
yeah, my flatmate immedietly said Waffen SS! as soon as I told him what I was buying.

There may be pics of models awaiting paint later this evening, though I feel sure you all know what they look like, but I would feel better posting a pic relevant to what I am doing lol!!!!

Wolf Scout Ewan
06-02-2007, 23:02
I really like your INQ m8! The white armour looks good!

06-02-2007, 23:13
sounds like a good plan. On a funny note my friends and i have noticed that loks servo skull looks like he's holding toilet roll :P

07-02-2007, 00:05
Yeh everyone says that, a GW staff guy the other day was calling him Andrex lol. Konrad, do you ever go into GW Edinburgh?

On an update note, I am currently painting the Sgt, so hopefully get some pics up tomorrow at somepoint, so keep an eye out for that. There isn't much point in showing him just now, as hes only red and black and silver at the moment. But tomorrow!! If anyone has done any sort of Inq Stormtroopers before, please feel free to give any tips on certain things they should definetly have etc.


07-02-2007, 01:41
Awesome idea, and one i would be sorely tempted to copy if i had the funds.

Things you need on INQ stormies:
- White Inq symbols
- Purity seals

I'm sure others will be able to tell you more.

Look forward to progress.



07-02-2007, 04:44
That is a seet idea. I can just picture the DK guys all robed in red throwing down some inquisitorial justice.

Commissar Molotov
07-02-2007, 05:14
I'm very interested in this thread; I've recently gotten a pack of the Grenadiers, and I'm also looking to use them as Storm Troopers. Someone suggested a dark red for their greatcoats, but I wasn't sure. I'm very interested in seeing how you make them look.

07-02-2007, 13:05
Sorry for the delay, but here is an update!

Have made a start on the Sgt and his base.

@Sheep, the squad has a flamer in it anyway, so will use that and the grenade launcher, just because its soo cool, very like the old M79 the US army used before it introduced the M203. I am just going to freehand Inq symbols, my GS skills are not very good and I can't make small enough ones out of plasticard, I tried!!
Onto the pics!

Sgt front
Sgt back

C&C is welcome, though bear in mind these are WIP and nothing is quite finished yet, evn the coat.

07-02-2007, 13:09
love the red!

god octo
07-02-2007, 17:24
the red does suite them very well. Well done.

07-02-2007, 17:51
Looks like it should turn out rather well.

07-02-2007, 19:02
Nice work on the red there. Shame that the Inquisition smbols didn;t work but I see that a purity seal thing has turned up on the breastplate. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

oh, BTW, do you have an army for this to go with or are you just dojng 1 squad for the sake of it? :p

07-02-2007, 19:54
The red looks sweet mate :) looking forward to seeing him finished.

07-02-2007, 21:39
Wow, that red is gorgeous.

Care to tell me how you did it? :D

07-02-2007, 22:11
I thought the red would be darker, but it looks ok. Looking forward to the finished result.

08-02-2007, 07:49
liking hows it's going. And yes i do go to GW Edinburgh. There quite alot :P

dave is the best
08-02-2007, 08:37
Thats looking really good. How did you do the red?


08-02-2007, 08:46
Good stuff. Doing some work on an inquisitor and some stormtroopers myself. I'm curious to see how yours turn out. WIP pic is looking good!

Cannoness Radegunda
08-02-2007, 12:31
Looking good

Have you seen the FW Etched Brass =I= symbols?

There are plenty on there that are small enough to fit nicely on armour plates. I've converted a couple of Enforcers for a DH retinue using them

They are a bit fiddly and you do get super glue all over your hands but they are much neater and flatter/in scale than using GS.

Having said that, you could easily cut them from very thin plasticard but the brass bends nicely over shaped plates

Keep up the good work

08-02-2007, 15:36
Al get pic updates later when I get back from uni.

Yeah I did think the other day bout the brass etch symbols, and that may be an option that is easy and looks good.

I am just doing one squad for the sake of it, but who knows if more may appear later in time.

I will post a tutorial on the red when I get home and it is finished, can't quite remember the now how I did it!!

08-02-2007, 16:01
They are looking stunning so far, the inquisitor loks realy nice and so does the red on the Kreig modles. Tho i do have 1 small niggle and thats the plasma glow, from what i no about light souces you need to blend it into the base colour of what surface its affecting and it doesnt look like you have done that. Sorry to point it out but i think abit more practice on the glows and youll have it in no time.

Keep it up its looking realy good so far.


08-02-2007, 19:41
Yeah I know its a bit off, this is the first time I have tried it, so any tips on how to go about it would be appreciated. Its only for this one weapon, but I don't want to ruin it.

There may not be an update this evening as I have a report for uni to do before tomorrow, so we will see how things go.

12-02-2007, 15:33
Sorry for the lack of updates, I was away home for the weekend house sitting. Painting will resume this evening when I return from uni. And I will post the finished Sgt as soon as he is done.

I can give you a run down of the red for now though.

Undercoat - Chaos Black
Then layers of red gore in a mix of maybe about 75/25 water
Then a wash of watered down scorched brown.
Then thin layers of blood red/red gore mix on the more raised parts.
Then a final highlight of blood red.

On the Sgt I need to go and neaten up some parts, the paint wasn't watered down enough in some parts and there is brush marks there.


12-02-2007, 22:05
Finally here is something for you to look at, the 1st finished Inquisitorial Stormtrooper. You may have guessed I am a fairly slow painter, and have got a lot of uni work on just now, but I always check on here, so comments are appreciated.

Sgt Front
Sgt Back
Sgt Side

C & C are welcome.

12-02-2007, 22:10
I guess I'll join in the chorus, Red looks great!

I really like the scratched paint around the chain of the chainsword suggesting that it was actually in combat not a showcase item.

cheers keep up the good work

Rogue 7
12-02-2007, 23:22
I'd darken the mask- It looks far too bright to fit in with the rest of the model. Perhaps a very light brown drybrush, just to take the edge off of it?

It looks great either way.

12-02-2007, 23:44
I always wanted a white mask on them, not sure what else would look good. maybe a grey drybrush may sort it out a bit. They will at somepoint in the future have INQ symbols on them, probably the brass etch ones from FW, though this will have to wait til I have the money for them.

Will be undercoating the rest tomorrow.

Asi the Red
13-02-2007, 01:54
Hey ya'.

Ah, I see I'm not the only one who likes the idea of using Kreig troops as Inq ST's.
Yours are excellent. The Plasma Pistol on the most recent picture looks much better than the first one I think.
Oh yeah, and the red looks Sweet!

13-02-2007, 01:59
Hey that looks great.

The red really suits the model, suprisingly.

Try a little free hand. You know you want too.

An INQ symbol painted on the back, half on either side of the split in the coat would look ace.

Keep it up.



13-02-2007, 07:34
looking good man

13-02-2007, 12:23
That's excellent, and follow Sheep's advice, for he is wise.


13-02-2007, 12:52
Yeah I tried a freehand INQ symbol on the left shinpad, but the gold didn't stand out from the silver too well, and I wasn't sure how to make it not look so flat and boring.

Yeah I decided to go with the blue on the plasma pistol rather than the green, since I knew I could paint that!!

I am just about to undercoat the rest of the squad now.

13-02-2007, 12:54
Hes looks good mate ,and the bases works well with the mini :) How many squads do you have to paint ?

13-02-2007, 13:09
Just this one, its kind of a one off because I can sort of thing. Though I bout some Death cult assassins, a deamonhost and a missionary the other day to add to my Inquisitor, so slowly I may make this into a small Deamonhunters force, we shall see!!

13-02-2007, 17:17
The finished IDK looks great. I look forward to a unit pic.

13-02-2007, 17:31
Nice, very nice. I'd ahve to agree that the mask looks a bit bright. Not sure how you could change it though.

13-02-2007, 18:40
I was a bit shocked to see a bright red Kreig trooper after seeing all the browns, greens and greys floating around. To be honest it works really well and you've made an excellent job of it! Brilliant stuff, I'm really impressed mate! :)

13-02-2007, 19:49

ZOMG!!11! Red, that's like so tubular!


Very cool, I'm surprised how well this turned out, I thought it was gonna look ugly...that's why I didn't say anything until now...you have converted an unbeliever.

-peace out

13-02-2007, 22:35
@Scrubout: woot! Some good came of this!

Thanks for all your comments folks, unfortuneatly I am still a slow painter, but I did put the first layer of red on the next trooper and all the arms of the rest. I got a little sidetracked by undercoating my daemonhost and then beating my flatmate into the ground at the vets night at the local GW as well. I shall go now and do some more on the trooper, if your lucky I may post a WIP.

Cheers again and keep your comments coming, they do help!!

13-02-2007, 23:59
Right, just to prove I am not sitting on my ass doing nothing, here is this evenings progress so far.

Trooper WIP
Daemonhost WIP

15-02-2007, 19:08
Right another update.

The trooper is almost finished, just detailing to do, and to stick him to his base.

The daemonhosts skin is done, and now painting up the leather banding on it.

Some feedback would be appreciated, cheers in advance.

15-02-2007, 19:35
Looking good with the demonhost, love that model!

15-02-2007, 19:38
Looking good, how'd you achieve the colour of the flamer end (where the fire goes whoosh and shoots out?...I can't think right now...*drools*)?

-peace out

15-02-2007, 19:44
To be honest it isn't finished!! I only realised when you said that, that on the comp here the model looks like the end is burned and weathered! I may just keep it as is now. I would have given it a bit of a brown inking, but will leave it. To answer your question, it was done by just a black paint wash over boltgun metal, simple as that.

Got coursework to do for tomorrow, so may not get any painting done tonight, but if I do I will update any majo progress I make.

16-02-2007, 02:57
Another update for you lot out there.

Finished flamer trooper with the Sgt.

Some c and c please!!

16-02-2007, 03:04
thats really nice workif you want any C then, perhaps the highlights could be a little thinner, noteably on the flamer fella's shinguard at the top, aside from that it's lovely stuff, i love you're red. personally i've discovered Vallejo (took the easy route) anyway, keep up the good work :)


16-02-2007, 03:25
Ooo, and you said you were a slow painter? I saw minimal progress early today and then a finished product, you ain't half bad.

-peace out

Angel Robertson
16-02-2007, 12:12
Sweet!! I know what i want to do for my next army now, daemonhunters with DKOK as INQ stormstoopers!


16-02-2007, 12:33
Yay, I've inspired someone, I can now go and live peacefully in the country!! lol

@ Schoolcormorant, Yeah I noticed that the highlight there is a bit thick, will get round to sorting it at somepoint.

Right well I am done in Uni for the day, so might try and get some more of the Daemonhost painted. In between webtests, and me having to go back to the parents house tonight. So I will see what I can do.

Cheers for the comments, keep them coming.

16-02-2007, 18:30
Excellent Shrike. THe skin on the daemon-host is great :D

16-02-2007, 19:11
One to watch Shrike, loving the colour scheme

Angel Robertson
16-02-2007, 19:12
Are you just doing one unit of DK? Or will you add another so you have two units of INQ stormtroopers?


16-02-2007, 21:58
@ Angel Roberston, At the moment its just a one off thing, because I wanted too, but if and when I get the money I may get another squad and then yes I may use them as a small gaming army too, but at the moment they are just for fun!!

Cheers for the comments, they are appreciated.

16-02-2007, 22:24
i may rip this idea :D they look great by the way and i love the sergeant

18-02-2007, 14:43
Here is some Krieg stuff I've worked on in the last couple of months, let me know what you think...Thank you

Colonel Stagler
18-02-2007, 18:24
Gorgons and Krieg FTW!
The red on the stormies works well. I think it looks quite mechanicus like. If you trimmed the robes in white cog tooth and then painted half of the skull mask black like the mechanicus symbol, they would make perfect elite tech guard.

18-02-2007, 20:29
Yetti... WOW! That's about all I can say... just, WOW!

19-02-2007, 13:39
They are nice Yetti.

Have been away all weekend, so thats why there is little progress. And my pc is on the blink as well, so there may be only a few updates over the next few days. I am painting, and when I can I will post picture updates, until then however I apologise.

Thanks for the comments

19-02-2007, 15:33
Thank you both for the kind words, I'll post somemore pics a little latter today, my latest project is entitled "Krieg Train of Iron"...I'll get some pics of that in the rough up also...Thank you all again...

20-02-2007, 11:41
@Yetti. Only thing is, if you don't mind, this is my log, so if you could post your stuff in your own log, ta!!

Sorry for lack of updates, pc is very much dead just now, so can't upload any pics!

20-02-2007, 12:08
I think the Kriegs taking over!! ;)

Great work so far Shrike, at least when your PC's working, we'll be pic heavy!!

Wolf Scout Ewan
20-02-2007, 15:23
I wasnt sure about the red Kav but its freaking lovely!

20-02-2007, 15:23
Really nice well done I (like everyone else it seems!?) love the red and your layering the only thing that doesn't sit right with me is the shinyness of their helmets.... maybe a bit of toning down.....? But it is only a matter of taste!

Keep up the good work!

Malchek ;)

21-02-2007, 15:48
The helmets are painted with the same paint mix as the rest of the armour, so its possibly just because of their shape that the light is reflecting in a funny way.

I figured my phones (thats what I take my pics on) memory card fits into my flatmates laptop, so may be able to post up a few pics later today, providing he hasnt taken his laptop home with him!!

Thanks for all your kind words, they help alot, keep them coming.

The guy I am painting just now is the grenade launcher guy, had half an idea to have his launcher "open" as if he is going to reload it, since the Kreig 'nade launchers are single shot.
A bit like that.

21-02-2007, 17:02
Noice. Looking forward to seeing the results of this little plan.

Dave out.

21-02-2007, 19:45
Yeah me too, I like the disclaimer Dave. And yes I am on your laptop lol, don't worry no breakage shall occur!!

21-02-2007, 20:25
i think you need to change your avatar to krieg imperial law

Colonel Stagler
21-02-2007, 20:54
absolutely, non compliance with imperial law leads to execution :p

21-02-2007, 22:07
Ok then, I will, though it will have to wait til my comp is fixed, all my pics are on there and its dead!! Hopefully have it fixed within a week though.

21-02-2007, 22:17
Hopefully, lol. Yeah dude, change thine avatar to a photo of the sergeant.

Dave out.

21-02-2007, 22:58
I tried the grenade launcher conversion earlier, i cut it in half just forward of the rounded end, and then reattached it at an open angle, ther is a small pin just visible, but its essential and when painted will just look like part of the opening mechanism. It looks quite good, and may just require a bit of reposing on the left arm, to make it look a bit more realistic.

22-02-2007, 23:08
Good news folks, my pc is fixed!!! Alas our internet is not, and I am away all weekend, but when I get back on Sunday I will attempt to get a pic or two of the converted nade launcher.

02-03-2007, 14:35
Right on my flatmates laptop, and I have some progress for anyone that cares.

Here is the finished Grenade Launcher DK. His grenade launcher has been converted to look like its open for reloading and he has a new nade in his other hand, with the spend one on the base.

C and C are appreciated.


Cheers for looking.

The Laughing God
02-03-2007, 14:55
They look awesome! The red looks really good on them.
The gernade launcher is great, looks really cool.

02-03-2007, 15:11
looking great there shrike!

02-03-2007, 15:23
Sorry that the pics aren't the best, they were taken a bit different to the ones before. Study week next week, so I feel sure that there will be a bit of painting at least done!!

Our net won't be fixed anytime soon, so please scuse the lack of updates, I can update from uni, but not with pics.

Cheers for the comments, keep them coming!

02-03-2007, 15:25
That launcher guy does look cool. May have to steal that idea for a Necromunda Shotgunner... Yoink! :D

02-03-2007, 16:29
Here is the Daemonhost I am painting just now, still pretty much WIP, but its getting there.
C and C appreciated.

02-03-2007, 17:27
Both good :)

I have to say however that the white on the grenadiers is a bit glaring and a bit flat. It's ok on the mask but the things on the belt (whatever they are :)) don;t look too good IMO

03-03-2007, 10:07
Yeah they are spare grenades, they only look bright because the flash will have caught them, they aren't so bad in real life.

For all of you out there who think I should now have a Kreig avatar, I tried, but all my DK pics are too big, even when I cropped one to just the Sgts head. So sorry, Jes Goodwin will have to stay!! lol

03-03-2007, 10:14
The grenadier with the grenade launcher looks very good in my opinion, and realistic. Though shouldn't there be two different kinds of coloured grenades/small shells - ie, one highly explosive (krak) and one splinter (frag)?


05-03-2007, 00:26
Well yeah there could be, but I couldn't think of what other colours to paint the other ones. Have a week off uni next week so will get some painting done between "studying".

05-03-2007, 00:29
The Daemonhost looks sweet mate :) I love the skin tones ,looking forward to seeing more :)

05-03-2007, 02:41
Nice job with the grenadier reloading the grenade launcher.

-peace out

Still learning
05-03-2007, 06:07
great converstion Kshrike, mind if i use it too??

ALso for the Daemon host, might i suggest a wash of purple ink, that would look kool

06-03-2007, 12:40
He had a wash of catachan green, but its not so noticable anymore, its very subtle.

@Deadleyheadley. Cheers, I am now hoping this will turn itself into a small Daemonhunters army, finally any army from me thats not power armoured!! Was tinkering with an army list last night, so will finalise it and post it up here. Alas since there is a daemonhost, I cannot use Grey Knights, but hey it just gives me more excuse to get more DK grenadiers as Inq Stormtroopers!!

Will get some painting done later when I get back from Uni, and may try and steal my flatmates USB stick so I can update with some pictures tomorrow for you all!!

Cheers for looking and thanks for the comments, they show me that my painting isn't as bad as I think!!

06-03-2007, 15:18
Looking good, I particularly like the reloading Grenadier. :)

06-03-2007, 17:52
So sorry, Jes Goodwin will have to stay!! lol

Oh so that's who your avatar is! For some strange reason I assumed it might be you. :)

07-03-2007, 11:21
I can see why you would think it was me, since it is a random person you obviously didn't know who he was! But no its not me, its Jes Goodwin the designer of good 'ol Space Marines, among other things.

Had a bit of a beer session last night and played dawn of war so needless to say no painting, or more importantly at the moment, no studying got done!!

07-03-2007, 16:34
Fair enough. Wish more people would keep my log going lol.

Here ya go! I do kinda agree with the issue of whiteness of the grenades but as you said, the lighting is screwing with it.

BTW, beer nights don't really get in the way of painting unless you are out of the flat! You can still paint at home while drinking. :D

08-03-2007, 12:51
Yeah I know you can, I would, chose not too lol. Highmarshaldave won't though for some reason, so we sat drinking and watching films and he painted.

Studying is taking up more of my time than I first thought, but I will update as soon as I have anything worth showing you!

16-03-2007, 16:22
Right, sorry no updates with pictures. I have finished the Daemonhost, and have basecoated two more DK. Studying took up more of my time than I first thought, so didn't get much done, though as of about 6.00 this evening I am on my month long easter hols!! And will be painting up the rest of the DK squad, my Missionary, and my two Death Cult Assassins. I haven't had the internet to post pics up either, but I am away home for easter, so can post pics more often, honest! Please don't lose faith, there shall be more eye candy within the next few days!!

17-03-2007, 05:32
Just see that you do mister! :p

I dunno, these kids with their exams... I remember when I was in Uni and we spent all day down the pub... Brewing And Distilling rocked! Heriot Watt has the best courses! :D

17-03-2007, 22:55
Were you in the same year as Rob from GW Catferret?

Heriot-Watt is awesome. Yeah I would spend more time in the pub, but my flatmates are always skint, and other mates live on campus still, losers.

Too tired to paint tonight, stayed up to watch the F1 last night, and will do the same tonight, so no painting til next week, will try get pics of my Daemonhost up shortly though.

17-03-2007, 23:07
Shrike! It's your fault highmarshaldive can't upload his project log, therefore I command you to entertain us in the mean time...please? :p

-peace out

18-03-2007, 00:13
Yeah I will, just going to take some pics now for you! Need to find a lamp and a spare plug first...

And yes it's my fault he can't update his log, but hey its my phone, kinda need it, not leaving him with it! My log is better anyways lol,;)

18-03-2007, 00:22
Righteo, sorry for the double post, but here is a picture update, yes believe it or not, its true!!

Here are pics of the finished Daemonhost. Hope you like, c and c welcome.


18-03-2007, 00:33
Dang, you actually posted something, now I gotta give feedback. Here I was just taunting you. And Shrike, your log will be better than highmarshaldave's if you start posting more DKoK! :p

It looks very nice and I can't really give you any "you can improve it by doing this to it" sort of feedback so I'll leave it at that.

-peace out

18-03-2007, 04:09
Were you in the same year as Rob from GW Catferret?

Yeah. Same course too. Shared a flat with him for a coupla years as well. Twas also me who set him up with his missus. I am responsible for so many things...

That Daemonhost is looking pretty darn sweet Shrike. I feel that the scroll thing round its ankle could do with either being darkened. or having some brown-lining down round it. It blends in with the leg a little too much at the moment.

18-03-2007, 14:52
Yeah I thought that at the time that the purity seals might be a bit similar in colour to the skin. In all honesty its not quite as bad in real life and you can tell them apart.
Cheers for the comments, keep them coming.

18-03-2007, 14:56
Bringing it together quite well. I can't use them unfortunately now I've chosen to have GK, saying that Deamonhosts scare the opposition senseless down at WHW when I've seen them used!

18-03-2007, 15:35
Nice Daemonhost :)

The skin tone looks wonderfully otherworldly and goes well witht eh muted brass of the shackles.

Now what's happened to the DK? :p

18-03-2007, 15:43
They are sitting here next to me, one or two of them are base coated and I will maybe try and get some more done later, and then get some pics up for you.

Other than the purity seals blending a bit with the body, is there any other things you think I could do to make it better?

18-03-2007, 19:52
And yes it's my fault he can't update his log, but hey its my phone, kinda need it, not leaving him with it! My log is better anyways lol,;)

Rawr! Itz awn, ******!

Quite like the outcome of that model; many hard hours have paid off, lol. Pentagram turne out well (after showing you how to do one. . .) but I think it needs some text around it; and possibly some other random bits of writing on the oter leg/**** cheeks. Keep at it anywho man. Laters.

Dave out.

21-03-2007, 22:36
I return to you good people of warseer with an update, and an update with pictures no less. Nothing exciting, but it shows I am doing something, just very slowly. Here are the next 2 DK, red is almost done, metal just needs highlighted, and then details need done, and their arms glued on of course. Will maybe try to get them finished after work tomorrow.



22-03-2007, 01:06
Any progress is good progress! I'll be checking back tomorrow to either harass you or applaud you.

-peace out

27-03-2007, 13:40
Sorry for the lack of updates, I did some work on the two DK last night, but didn't quite get them finished, I can't complete them until I have bought more superglue anyway. And the bases need made yet, please keep checking back as hopefully there will be some pics within the next few days.

27-03-2007, 13:49
keep up the good work kayvaan!

27-03-2007, 14:26
Right here we go, another update, this is as finished as these guys will be until I can get some more superglue. But painting wise they are done, bases can't be done til I get glue either. But here for your viewing pleasure is some more DK Inq Stormtroopers.


Cheers for looking, comments welcome as usual, encouragement to get them done helps too!!

27-03-2007, 20:06
Those Korps are looking great. Just a question though, how much of an **** is it to get the cabling on the hellguns glued?

El Diablo

27-03-2007, 20:10
Just checked out your models again after quite a while. Nice to see that your log hasn't dropped off the face of warseer like so many do.

Excellent work on the bound daemon, the base was a nice touch. Looking forward to seeing all your units photographed together.

27-03-2007, 21:06
@El Diablo: To be honest I don't know yet, these are the 1st two hellgun armed models I have done, and as you can see they aren't glued yet, The cables are all bent differently, so they might not be too bad, as long as you have the arms in the right place.

@OrlyggJafnakol: Yeah they will all be on urban, tiled bases, some will have little bits of wall etc, just to add a little to each base.

May start painting the next 2 tonight, probably won't bother with pics though,

Comments still welcome!!

28-03-2007, 04:08
No pics?! P-shaw! And the Lord did say unto Moses, "Give us some pics you lazy gobstyke". And there was much rejoicing...

Man, you're worse than me for updating!

BTW, I don't know if I have actually met you in person yet...

29-03-2007, 21:08
I saw you in GW a few weeks ago.

And I was sitting near you at Conflict last year with Highmarshaldave, at the time when you won your painting award. Don't know if I spoke to you though.....

At the gfs just now, so no painting is happening, will do some over the weekend between sleeping after long hours at work, ahh 12 hour shifts, most unimpressed.

Anyways will update when I can.

31-05-2007, 15:24
Right, now I know most people will have forgotten about this log, but believe me I haven't! Still no internet at the flat, hence no updates, but I have been working! I have two more, yes a whole two! DK Stormtroopers finished. So only 3 to go! I have finally got the Inq. Brass etch stuff from FW to actually make my ST's Inquisitorial.... Also bought some Gk to go with, and one of them is almost done. There are a few more random models to add to the army too.

So when I get back to the flat later I will photograph all and sundry that is on my desk and let you lot out there have a good look see!

Updates later, honest this time!!

And oo, I believe this is my 1000th post, go me!

31-05-2007, 20:32
Right as promised before here is my update.

DK squad as it stands
Random DK
Same DK showing Inq symbol
Death Cult Assassins, WIP

More in next post

31-05-2007, 20:35
More pics
One of my GK's
Same GK, diff angle
Funky FW Dread torso

Questions, comments criticism all welcome!!!

31-05-2007, 20:45
Nice looking work Shrike :)
The Grey Knight could do with some blacklining around the ankle joints though me-thinks.

31-05-2007, 20:56
The DK look cool :) Its good to see that the log hadn't died and that you have been very busy painting :) Looking forward to see what you do with the Dread

31-05-2007, 22:26
A nice and different take on Krieg.
I must ask, where did you get the plasma pistol for the Sergeant?
As far as I know, the squad comes with a Hellpistol (If I remember the name)

01-06-2007, 00:34
Those Kreig are looking really good mate:) I love the red especially ( as I'm sure you know :rolleyes:)

cheers, the spam man :cheese:

01-06-2007, 02:28
Pics won't load up! Blast you feeble Shrike! I blameth thee! Actually I blame Dave. Yeah, that'll do. :D

01-06-2007, 10:49
The pics should load up Catferret, its just a normal Photobucket account, maybe its your pc........

@Machinepriest, the plasma pistol is from the FW Cadian upgrade set, I broke the Hellpistol (oops) and so stole that one from my flatmate.

@Arhalien, Yeah I agree, although I forgot to mention that the GK is also WIP still, so there is no highlighting or shading on the red yet. When he is done I will post pics up.

@Deadley, Yeah I need to strip the paint off my old Salamanders Dread so I can get the arms, legs and powerplant from it to stick on my GK one. I have heard that Fairy Power Spray works well for this? Any tips on plastic stripping for cheap???/

Cheers for all your comments, I hand in the last of my Uni work for a while today so might get some progress done later today, and get pics up probably on monday of any progress.

More comments are welcome though!!

01-06-2007, 11:21
It's looking great. I love the colour scheme.

Why is that Dread torso such a poor quality? what happened to it? Or is it on purpose?

01-06-2007, 13:36
What do you mean Wikear? Its not painted if thats what you mean, thats how it comes from Forgeworld, lovely resin. No its not painted yet, and its textured anyway, which is why it looks rough.

01-06-2007, 14:12
Kayvaan, I'll have to second Wikear's comment in regards to the Dread. I see air bubbles, an uneven finish and the resin's detail seems a bit melted- for lack of a better description.

Did you get this second hand? Or, direct from FW? I'm not trying to alarm you. It could just be glare reflecting back from the mold release that FW uses.

Anyways, the DK look really nice in that scheme. Very menacing w/ the white skull and red coats. The brass details are a nice touch as well. The bases look cool too. They are just so smooth that they would benefit from some more texture. Or, maybe an edge high light?

01-06-2007, 15:44
Yeah, that's exactly what I mean no-use4a-name... it looks like the mold was terrible overused or it melted or sth. I know that being perfect is not always the best way to look in wh40k world, but... that's a little bit too much...

although with good paint and loads of weather and damage effect it will go along together quite well I think

I hope...

01-06-2007, 22:19
I agree in the pics it looks odd, but I haven't washed it yet, so its very shiny with mould release. Its supposed to be textured and in real life it is, will be fine once painted.

Right well this evening I have been converting up myself a Force Halberd for my Dread. Although this takes the form of the powerfist holding a large force halberd like the GK have.

Here are some WIP's of the halberd

I will post up some more pics in the next post.

01-06-2007, 22:20
And here is the GK from the earlier post finished.


Please comment, thanks

02-06-2007, 01:54
Like the red and silver GK. Not so sure about the Dread arm though. You need a proper "hand" to hold a weapon IMHO.

02-06-2007, 04:21
loved the way the DK looked in INQ colors. the greatcoats really suited the theme of the army. Also liking your alternate GK scheme. keep up the great work.

Cadian 21st
03-06-2007, 05:42
- The DK are really ace. Love the colours, and the icons are well placed. The Assassins are nice too, as is the GK, but the Grens take all the spotlight :D.

04-06-2007, 14:45
Thanks for all the positive comments guys, they help me want to paint more.. The GK Justicar is underway painting wise.

I decided that instead of ripping apart my old dread and stripping it I would order the few bits I need off of Battlewagon Bitz. so I did. When they get here, I will get pics up.

What is your reaction to the Dread powerfist holding the Force Halberd, bearing in mind its just rough just now? Also I am not overly great with GS, so either any tips on how to model more defined fingers on the current PF, or something else would be appreciated.


05-06-2007, 00:38
The metal Venerable Dread has a sprue of "fingers". 2 on a sprue. Replace the basic ones with them because they are longer.

06-06-2007, 13:39
Does anyone have any of the metal venerable dread fingers? I don't fancy buying an entire ven dread for the fingers, unless you can buy that sprue from the online store? But even then its a bit expensive for 5 fingers.

Started to put some paint on the Dreadnought torso the other night, may put some pics up if my flatmate will let me use his laptop.


06-06-2007, 17:36
Hey haven't checked out your thread for a long while. Really impressed with your GKs. Excellent colour scheme. I have always thought the GW scheme was too silver and bland but with the addition of a deep scarlet you have really lifted them up!

06-06-2007, 18:12

Here be the sprue you need (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=9947010132111&orignav=9)

07-06-2007, 18:58
Thanks catferret, that is what I am looking for. Alas I have no money just now, but when I do I will get some of those, so the Dread CCW will go on hold for now!

Now I have another update for you all, nothing special but just some other stuff I am working on.

Here is a WIP GK Justicar
Dread Torso, very WIP
Gun Servitor for Inquisitor Retinue (I know he looks luminous, been sorted now)

Cnt'd in next post.

07-06-2007, 18:59
More pics...

Priest for Inq Retinue

Comments and critique as usual!


07-06-2007, 18:59
i'm liking that red a lot, nice scheme :)


11-06-2007, 14:03
Cheers SC. Not been any progress as of late, was back at the gfs for the weekend. I am studying just now as well, so don't expect too many pic updates over the next week or so, although my last exam is a week tomorrow and so should be updates around then.

Anyone got any simple ways of doing source lighting? I want to try it out on the brazier atop the Priests staff, but I am unsure how to go about it.


12-06-2007, 14:16
As was said before not much progress has been made on the painting front but I have pretty much finished the skin on the gun servitor, so he is no longer
luminous! I have also included some pics of my SW Rune Priest as I am incredibly proud of him and would like to see what you think of him please!!


Rune Priest

Close up of his eyes.


Thanks for looking.

12-06-2007, 15:07
Ooooh! Somebody bin eating radioactive cookies! :D

That looks pretty darn nice KS. Twould be an honour to kill him as the Chaos worshipping scum that he is! lol

One question, is the back of his foot meant to look muddy or did you accidentally catch it when drybrushing the base?

12-06-2007, 17:02
Cheers Catferret, and he's not Chaos worshipping scum, I have never used him in a game and if I did, he would be part of my loyal SW army. They are supposed to be dusty/muddy but I see now that it didn't turn out so well, may go back and drybrush them properly.

12-06-2007, 17:08
The SW looks sweet mate , after seeing him you should be paint some more wolfs ;)

12-06-2007, 18:52
I brought my SW army over from home a few weeks ago, but not sure if I will paint them up again. Some are done, but others need finished. Ran out of Codex Grey as well lol, some excuse huh. I do have Grimnar sitting here painted, could maybe put pics up of him?? Hes not as good as the RP though, well I don't think so.

12-06-2007, 20:38
Great rune priest Shryke :D
I also think that's the best pic you;ve taken of a model so far; keep doing that! ;)

Art Is Resistance
12-06-2007, 20:48
Very nice, neat paintwork - I'll just say that if you water your paints a little more - they'll look even better!

The red works on the GK - red gore or scab red?

13-06-2007, 01:49
Cheers Catferret, and he's not Chaos worshipping scum...

But he's a Space Wolf. Of course he's a Chaos Heretic... :p

13-06-2007, 06:27
you have good reason to be proud of the rune priest, he's painted beautifully. love the glowing eyes and the fur is just superb. i always have trouble painting fur myself.

14-06-2007, 16:30
The red is red gore, many layers until the black undercoat is covered, then a bit of magenta ink to finally get those recesses, then more red gore, and a final highlight of blood red, pretty easy really.

@Titan136, cheers, I think the eyes were an accident because I couldn't get the eyes done normally so did some light blue round pure white eyes to show some "glowiness". And the fur is simple, just drybrush up from a darker brown to a lighter one.

Cheers for all the comments, they help alot. As I said before I have exams just now so painting is kinda non-existant although my Dreadnought legs arrived yesterday so they are on the base, he is standing on a wee daemon! I will maybe try getting some pics of that.

Cheers again.

14-06-2007, 22:17
Good army - only comment is to use thinner paints, it ruins the paintjob that you do.


15-06-2007, 12:46
Yeah I am a bit lazy though and so often can't b bothered with the many coats that thin paint requires. I do water down the red gore a bit however, though not always as its quite thin anyway.

Please keep the comments coming.

15-06-2007, 12:59
Nah red is fine, it's usually the other stuff, like black and metallics. They just appear a bit rushed and blotchy. Red is in fact probably the better quality of paintjob on your mini because they look, quite heavy, and really 'great coat' like.


28-06-2007, 17:29
I have any update for you!! Here is the completed Justicar for my 1st GK squad. At the moment I am painting the Incinerator GK for the same squad. Will post some pics in the coming days of the jegs of my Dreadnough and the progress of the Dread as a whole so far.

I am also about to start painting my mates new Jump Chaplain for him as well, so will chuck some pics of that on here when I can and when its at a state worth looking at!!
Here are the pics.

Shoulder pad detail

Comments are welcome!!

28-06-2007, 18:17
nicely done, like the contrast in colour, not dissimiliar to mine

28-06-2007, 20:43
It really is a case in the project logs that if you blink you miss it - that rune priest is smart, very nicely done, and I plan to steal the eye thing mwaha

29-06-2007, 04:21
What color red did you use? Im painting my Steel Legions red.

29-06-2007, 23:32
Its just red gore, there is a wash of Magenta Ink in there just to help with coverage, because red gore is a b**** to paint over black smoothly, so the layer of ink helps.

Thanks Asmodai, they were kind of an accident since I couldn't paint his eyes now matter how hard I tried, and so ended up doing that because it was easier and looked cool.

02-07-2007, 06:32

Why do you have to be so talented ? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa *cries*

Makes me jealous!

04-07-2007, 22:44
Thanks Hallowed are the Ori, never been called talented before! Thanks

Painting the Incinerator GK the now, sorry theres been no updates, but I don't have internet at the flat, but as of tomorrow I will be back home and so have internet again!! So painting will resume as will updates, fingers crossed.

Cheers for the comments, please keep them coming as they do make me want to paint more, and that means more updates for your greedy little eyes!!

06-07-2007, 11:03
Right I said I would update when I got home, and so I am, while we have a bit of useful daylight (weather is crap in Scotland the now)

Here is the WIP Incinerator GK. I tried a diff method for the red this time, I put the Red Gore over a basecoat of Foundation Mechrite Red, seems to have worked well and doesn't look any different to the other GKs so they are still tied together, but it was much easier to paint. The rest of the method was the same, it just took fewer layers of Red Gore.


Comments always welcomed!!!

06-07-2007, 11:18
Blue ink is a little to much, need to water it down, apart from that, great!

06-07-2007, 11:20
Yeah in the pic it looks really dark, but in RL the lines are fairly thin and well in the shadows, but the flash brought them out, but in future I will water it down more, cheers Jase.

06-07-2007, 13:10
I like your colour scheme for your grey knights, looks nice.

Love the bases too.

09-07-2007, 10:59
Cheers Hallowed_are_the_ori, the bases are just plasticard cut to the size of the base, then cut into tiles and glued on, with the odd patch of sand to break it up a bit, then drybrushed from shadow grey, through the greys up to space wolves grey, with a brown ink wash into the recesses, to darken them down.

Not been doing much painting, I am currently painting my bedroom just now, and have a million and one things to do around the house since the parents are away, but it shouldn't take long to get the current WIP GK done, and then I will post up pics. I think I will finish the GK squad then the last few DK, then the characters I have, such as the Death Cult Assassins, finish the Priest, Gun servitor etc.

Cheers for looking

27-07-2007, 20:56
Sorry for the lack in updates, but I have been busy with work, painting my room, and was for a while just not in a painting mood. But this very evening I picked up my paintbrush and finished off the Incinerator GK, I am very proud of how the scorching round the muzzle has come out. And there is also a group shot of the GK together as they stand thus far. I may get a pic of all that I have finished so far, but we shall see, depends if people want to see one or not!!

Please give some feedback on this guy.


Cheers for looking.

27-07-2007, 21:29
looks very good mate, remember the blue ink isn't a shading tone, it's just a 'filter'. you want a very thin wash, say 1 part ink to 6 parts water, all over the armour, then highlight :)

i like the red, looks noice!


27-07-2007, 21:42
Cheers SC, yeah it is thin, but seems to pool in the recesses, in RL they look pretty good IMO.

At the moment I am painting up one of my deathcult assassins, pics within the next few days.

30-07-2007, 16:12
Hey there folks, here is the Assassin update I promised.

Tis still WIP, but its coming on nicely, hope to get it finished and the other started by the end of the week. Base wise I wanted something a little more interesting than the plain urban tiles, so I think I will have this one at least leaping from a wall, or the sort, what do you think? I am open to ideas on that front.


Cheers for looking

30-07-2007, 16:15
:eek: Shrike is back!

Definitely needs to be leaping off something. Wall should work.

30-07-2007, 16:28
Yeah I was thinking a bit of broken wall would work well, it can't be much since she will only be on a 25mm base.

I am still open to other ideas though....

30-07-2007, 16:31
small pile of slate? drill right through?

lovely work, the shading round her legs is particulary good :)


30-07-2007, 16:39
Ta SC, I am pretty chuffed that I managed to get some decent shading between the boots and legs. So do you think that the legs are red enough as is? I was going to do a light highlight on the more raised areas anyway, but I like it pretty much as is, has a good leather look about it in RL.

Always keen for ideas..

30-07-2007, 17:08
you could do, a very thin watered down layer, it's too rounded a surface for any sort of sharp highlight :)


30-07-2007, 17:14
Yeah, I was thinking maybe a watered down Red Gore/Blood Red mix on the very uppermost areas, knees, tops of thighs, ass-cheeks etc lol.

Base will have to go on hold until tomorrow night when I get back to my flat to nick some COD bits from my flatmate for the bases of these two (yes there is another one).

30-07-2007, 18:58
i cant believe i havent commented on this fantastic log... *slaps self*

Big fan of the =][= DKOK, the red is very nice. Wish i could get that nice rich colour with my reds. Also that is one of the best looking Demon Hosts i have ever seen, i need to get round to painting mine and if it turns out half as good as yours i will be happy as. Im liking the death cult as im kinda painting one at the moment (on and off due to tale of 40k painters) same sort of colours as well. The red looks nice, and the shading adds some very nice depth to the mini. I agree that she would look sweet jumping off a wall or lamp post. I know it isnt finished but dont forget to paint flesh into the tears on her pants, its a pain in the **** and very fiddly (took me three goes to get it looking half decent) but makes her look 1000 times better and far more realistic.

other than that keep up the damn fine work and i hope i will be back to see more coolness soon!

30-07-2007, 23:15
Cheers for the kind words ss_cherubael. The red isn't really that hard to do. What I find works well to get a good deep "dirty" red is give it a good wash of watered down Scorched Brown, that seems to shade deep red well.
The Daemonhost was fun to paint, since I mostly paint Space Marines, I wanted a change, so bought the DK squad, but wanted them to be a bit diff, and that led on to buying some GK, and a few other Daemonhunter models.

Here is the more or less finished Death Cult Assassin, as previously mentioned base will get done in due time, as I don't have the bits just now. I may go back to try putting flesh in the rips, but the black looks ok for now I think. Its not varnished yet, so can still make slight changes.

I would like some feedback on the sword though, I was trying to get a sort of "energised" look going with the blues, but not sure how well its worked if anyone has any good tips on how to do this please share, or pics of examples.

Onto the pics then....


Closer views


Again feedback is welcome!!!

31-07-2007, 01:50

Keep up the good work

31-07-2007, 14:53
At the moment I am trying to get my Missionary finished, I have been painting him for months, and want to get him done. There may well be pics of him later.

I just realised that there is a lot of red in this army!! Red DK, red GK, Red missionary, red assassin....

Anymore comments on the Assassin, will help me when I am painting the 2nd one to know what worked well, and what didn't?

31-07-2007, 15:53
cool, death cult assasins!:)

keep up the good work.

31-07-2007, 22:04
Right well I have been painting like a ****** today trying to get this damn Missionary finished, and hooorrahh, I have done it.!!!! I am proud of the freehand on the banner, think it looks awesome. The grey highlight looks rough in the pics, but from eye view in RL it looks fine, pretty effective, so don't be put off by that.

Onto the pics then..


Banner detail


Enjoy, comments are always welcome.

01-08-2007, 08:45
arh, my favourite priest! Only figure I've spent more than a week painting!

01-08-2007, 10:49
Well, funny you should say that Jase, but I think I spent the most time on this model out of all the models I have ever painted, not through choice but because of all the funny little bits of detail on him. And then having to correct mistakes, and then correct again, was a bit of a nightmare, though I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

I am painting the Plasma Cannon toting Servitor just now, pics later. I am trying source lighting on it for the 1st time, so please let me know when I get the pics up whether it looks ok, if not any pointers on how to make it better would be good!!!

01-08-2007, 11:08

There you go, I found working outwards worked best, seeing all the detail work is (luckily) on the outside.

01-08-2007, 11:23
Yeah, nice work Jase. Once I get this servitor finished then thats the Inquisitors retinue all done so far. I will post up some pics of the complete retinue when it is done. I aim to convert myself an Acolyte of some sort as and when I can, although I need a Gaurdsmen as a base, and don't have any, and I am not buying a box of them for one or 2 guys.

01-08-2007, 11:47
send me your address, I've got some spare on a sprue, all you need is the legs and torso I guess?

01-08-2007, 12:03
Yeah pretty much Jase, I can fashion arms from various things. But yeah a few legs and torsos if you have them would be fantastic. Will PM you with addy.

01-08-2007, 13:35
Well I think I am getting the hang of this updating thing!! And combined with the fact I have got my painting mojo back, means more painting will be done!! I have work over the next 4 days, so updates may be slim, but keep checking back you never know what may pop up!

Here is the finished Gun Servitor, and then a group shot of the Inq and his so far retinue, tis only small, but I am seriously considering using the floating rogue psyker off FW for a Mystic, so when funds allow it, I shall purchase one of those.


Group Shot


I would like some feedback on the plasma glow, I think it looks quite good, looks good from eye level, but would like some feedback on it anyways!!


01-08-2007, 14:09
Very cool mate, the plasma glow looks nice! i should try that out sometime...

Yeah i think youve pulled it off well from what i can see in the pictures.

Im also a fan of your confessor (Uriah Jacobs mini), i wish i had have got my hands on him before they pulled him from the shelves as he looks like a nice mini to paint.

01-08-2007, 14:48
You sure you can't get him anymore, I only bought him a few months back, it was after I started this log that I got him from a GW. Mind you maybe they pulled him from the shelves in diff countries...

Cheers for the kind words.

01-08-2007, 17:21
Its still available on mail order I believe

02-08-2007, 14:52
Thanks for that i must go and check that out, i know they pulled alot of stuff from the shelves here in Aus pretty recently as they wanted to put more LOTR and Marines stuff out as it sell and everything else dosent seem to or some fething excuse like that.

02-08-2007, 17:01
Right, I am in a bit of a dilemma, what to paint next. Here is a list of things that need done, and I shall do whichever gets the most responses.

3 Inquisition Death Korps to finish the squad
2 GK to finish the squad
1 Death Cult Assassin
GK Dreadnought
Jump Chaplain (Dark Angels)
Raven Gaurd Devastator Squad
Finish the markings on the other RG Dev squad
RG Dreadnought

Your choice!!!!

02-08-2007, 17:07
Finish the DKK Squad definitely they look awesome already keep up the good work!

02-08-2007, 17:07
Finish either the DK or GK squad. No heroes or vehicles until your troops are done mister!

02-08-2007, 17:23
The group shot looks sweet :) I vote of the Chaplin ;) or more DK

02-08-2007, 17:31
At the moment more DK is winning, and then whatever has most votes after that I will do next. Will get some WIP pics up of whatever I end up doing later on. Keep voting though"!

Asi the Red
02-08-2007, 23:58
Hey ya'.

Still looking good Shrike, my vote's for the DKoK to finish then the GK troops to finish. After that I'd like to see the GK dreadnaught, but that's likely to be a bit down the road.

03-08-2007, 04:08
just to be different im going to say finish the death korp...

or do the other assassin as im a big fan of your first one

04-08-2007, 00:22
Well, DK it is next. I have made up the bases for them, and they are undercoated. Unfortuneatly I am working until Sunday, and so wont get any pic updates for you until at least then, but I doubt I will have the time to do much painting, keep checking back though!!

04-08-2007, 02:34
Nice subtle base on the Inquisitor

04-08-2007, 15:59
I love the priest with shotgun/standard! keep up the good work:)

cheers, the spam man

05-08-2007, 23:39
Right well, sorry no more progress on the DK other than the bases are made up. This is due to the shifts I have pulled at work, and I don't get a day off until Weds. I am just glad I wasnt working til late last night, otherwise wouldn't have been home til 4 in the morning, oh well the job pays for the beer. Will update as soon as I have anything to show you!!

06-08-2007, 22:29
Right I have a word update for you, ready? Here it is.....I have put the 1st coat of red gore on the DK greatcoats!! Ah well its a bit of progress, best I could do after work, and before I lost my painting mojo for the evening. Anywho please keep checking back as there will be a pic update sometime honest!

08-08-2007, 16:42
more,more pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-08-2007, 22:25
Theres not much to show to be honest, I have put a 2nd coat of red gore on the DK, thats about it. I am however at the moment finishing off my Raven Guard Dev squad as they were guilting me into it, since they are so nearly done. I can put pics of them up for you if you wish?

08-08-2007, 23:12
Well I went and took some pics. First is the WIP of the last 3 DK. After that are some pics of the Dev squad, thought I would stick them on here for your critique!

Well here are the pics....


Dev squad, still WIP, but getting there.


Kill markings.. not bad considering hes played in 2 games. And that is tank kills, not even APCs, but proper tanks.

Cnt'd in next post

08-08-2007, 23:13
Close up of the Sgts head, quite proud of him.

Thats it for now, comments as always!! Specially to help me get the DK done, they are kinda wearing on me a bit now.


13-08-2007, 19:59
Right I have a useful update for you. Here is a pic of the new workspace, since I am at home now I though I would post my workspace here. I also have a pic of the finished Death Cult Assassin ala base. Also included is a pic of my WIP Acolyte.

Onto the pics. Some feedback on the Assassin would be good, and also on the acolyte so far, this is probably the most I have tried to use GS to change parts of a model.




Acolyte WIP


Will maybe stick the workspace pic in another post, its not that important.

Comments as always!!

13-08-2007, 20:01
The face on the sergeant loks great, and I really like the base on the Assassin :)

13-08-2007, 21:58
Looking good man. Not seen you in Gw in a while.

13-08-2007, 22:16
Hey Konrad. Yeah Uni finished so I went home for the summer, its easier coz I work over here in Fife. Don't you worry I will start going to the Vets night again at the end of September when I move back over to Edi. You going to Games Day? I am heading down with some mates, so may bump into you.

13-08-2007, 23:00
Hey Shrikey! You travelling on GW bus to GD? Or are you avoiding all the kids? I'm taking the bus coz it's less effort. I'd better leave my crowbar at home...

The face on your Devvie Sgt looks pretty good, as does the death wench's sword.

How did you do the bionic leg on the Acolyte? Random roddy/tubey bits?

14-08-2007, 16:00
Nah not bussing it, only decided to go the other day so there probs isnt coach tickets left, so I am driving down with some mates.

The leg is a Necron leg from the knee down with two bits of paperclip added as extra mechanical gubbins. I feel it needs something a little more though, like some pipe or something, though not got anything to use for that, I don't have any guitar wire or anything, though now I think about it, my mate maybe does.

Quick question about Vallejo paints. What are the closest colours to Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Bleached Bone and Graveyard Earth? Just so I get the right ones!!


14-08-2007, 16:58
There be loadsa coach tickets left.

Get a bit of piping from a plastic heavy flamer or something.

I don't use Vallejo so I can't help there, sorry.

14-08-2007, 17:11
Yeah, but driving is more fun, and then I can work to my own timetable, don't have to rely on anyone else, and I haven't been on a long journey since I started driving!!

Again the question regarding the paints still stands......

14-08-2007, 23:46
Nah not going to Games Day. Saving all me cash for the 40k Heat 1 G.t

15-08-2007, 00:15
Theres not much to show to be honest, I have put a 2nd coat of red gore on the DK, thats about it. I am however at the moment finishing off my Raven Guard Dev squad as they were guilting me into it, since they are so nearly done. I can put pics of them up for you if you wish?

You lie:D I see more pics

15-08-2007, 18:34
At the time, there wasn't any pics, however there is now. So no, it wasn't a lie lol, just an untruth!! The last 3 DK are so tantalisingly close to being finished its unreal, all that needs done is their bases, and then stuck together. Once this is done I shall varnish them, and get pics out to you lot for your viewing pleasure, then if I have time this eve, I shall start my 2nd assassin, the base is made but not painted, so will show you that as well. So until later I bid you adios! Though comments on so far posted stuff are most welcome!!

15-08-2007, 19:30
Nice Deathcult there. Any chance of a group shot update?

15-08-2007, 20:40
I will do that for you, and post up the finished DK pics too, will get it done soon honest, I have been in the woods helping my little bro build mountain bike jumps for the last few hours.

Stay posted!!

15-08-2007, 23:26
Right well finally the Inquisitorial Death Korps Grenadiers this log started with are finished!! To be honest the last few I didn't enjoy so much, the painting was ok, but these models I find fairly hard to put together. And the power cables for the hellguns are a pain in the **** quite frankly to put on, and so on about 4 of them I substituted them with wire instead. But they are done now, so please give me some feedback on them, as it would be appreciated since I put a fair bit of effort into them.

Also is the so far group shot that was requested. Next on the agenda is the 2nd Death Cult assassin, then after that is the last 2 GK, then the GK Dreadnought.

Anywho enough waffling, onto the pics!!

Last 3 DK

Death Cults base WIP

Group Shot of my Daemonhunters force so far!

And thats it for now, will keep updating with what I am doing, so keep checking back and giving me your views!!!

16-08-2007, 03:00
Hey good to see those Death Korp finished mate, congrats!

Im loving the death cult, especially the base, very nice. And the group shot is very cool, looks like your going to have a very nice army at the end of all of this.
Keep up the good work.

16-08-2007, 09:34
great job so far =)
I really like the death cult base and the raven guard sergeant

keep up the good work. the army is starting to shape

16-08-2007, 09:40
those bases and the cultists are top notch
i must say i'm also a fan of the reds you've done on the krieg themselves.

one comment though, the skin seems a bit.. yellow to me, what colours are you using?


16-08-2007, 11:03
The skin on the Raven Guard? Its umm, now what was it! lol, Its a basecaot of Graveyard Earth, then Bronzed Flesh over that, then it varies here you see between models, I don't have a set way of doing it, but basically it uses Elf Flesh and Bleached Bone, sometimes a bit of Skull White thrown in for final highlights. In real life they look almost tanned, or slightly "dirty" rather than yellow, my pics are taken on a mobile phone so thats why the colours sometimes look a little odd.

Thanks for all your kind comments. Yeah with the Death Cult Assassin, I wanted something more than a flat, tiled 25mm base for her, especially with the pose shes in, so thats where the idea for her leaping off the wall onto some poor unsuspecting heretic's back came from. The 2nd one will be mounted on the pin in the semi-arch way, as if shes dancing through it.

17-08-2007, 10:44
Hey, work has been progressing on the 2nd Assassin, I may put pics up before I head to work, if I get round to it.

I need some confirmation on something still though, and that is what Vallejo paints match closest to Graveyard Earth, Codex Grey, Fortress Grey and Bleached Bone because I need these paints, and was going to try the Vallejo set. But I want to make sure I get the closest matches to the Citedel paints, cheers!!

ginger space marine
17-08-2007, 13:08
Your Dev's are cool :), gotta love the plastic kit. I've got one knocking around in a box somewhere :)
Your Inq' stuff is cool too, am liking the use of DK grenadiers :)

17-08-2007, 14:09
Cheers GSM.

Here is a WIP of the 2nd assassin, and her base.




Comments as usual are welcome!!

Wont get much more done today since I have to leave for work soon, but keep posted and I can update you with what I am doing, even if there is a lack of pics.

And again any info on Vallejo paints matching GW's ones is most welcome.

17-08-2007, 14:22
Here you go Kayvaan:
eBay Shop - The Bunker: Vallejo Paints Brushes Information (http://stores.ebay.com.au/The-Bunker/Vallejo-Paints-Brushes-Information.html)

Scroll down a bit, there is a paint colour list, says what paints match what between Vallejo and GW.

Hope this helps...

17-08-2007, 23:04
Yeah, thats perfect HatO, cheers man. I am working tomorrow then off to the gfs for the night, so there wont be any painting done until Sunday night at the earliest, and even that depends on my shifts for next week, if anyone has anymore comments to add, feel free, they make me feel good and that my painting is of any sort of decent standard.

Slaaneshi Slave
18-08-2007, 01:41
These look great, its good to see people doing the glorious forces of His Inquisition. :D

19-08-2007, 23:04
Well good news, well for me anyways. Got most of this week coming off work, and nothing else to do other than paint!! So this week I will try to get the Assassin finished, and maybe the other 2 GK's. So keep posted for updates!!

20-08-2007, 02:08
It's all good Kayvaan, i got a heap of Vallejo colours coming in the mail, i'll tell you what i think of them and what not!

20-08-2007, 06:13
Looking good on the DC wip, the red is nice mate.
As for the Vallejo paints: ive been using them for a while now and i think they are great, they match up with the GW paints pretty well (not 100% but near enough) and they have far more pigment in them so they cover alot better and you dont seem to get the consistency problems with them that some times plagues GW paints. The only thing i dont like about them are the metallics for some reason they are way too thick and if you water them down they separate out into metalic flakes and water pretty much.

20-08-2007, 11:37
Oh right, cheers for the advice, I wasn't aiming to get any metallics this time anyway, and so might just stick to GW metallics, but could do with some Vallejo reds which would make painting the GK easier etc, less layers of the Red Gore. I tried to order them last night, but my order was declined for some reason, so will try again today. Well I have work at 3 today so may not get anything done between now and then, but I will have a bash, and post up the progress before work for you!!

20-08-2007, 14:47
Yeah maybe use that Mechrite Red from the foundation range, THEN use the Vallejo reds, that'd work maybe?