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06-02-2007, 18:21
In the rule book it says that the missile launcher's ammo roll is 'auto'
whats that mean, auto fail or auto pass?


Lord Humongous
06-02-2007, 20:11
Auto fail. All "ammo- auto" weapons are considered to fail any ammo test they are required to make.

07-02-2007, 01:17
You still roll a D6 to see if they explode. On a 1 they do.

07-02-2007, 06:02
And it might hurt a lot if you blast a krak in your face!

10th clancannach rangers
07-02-2007, 15:42
If you have a missle launcher with frag and krak missiles, would they both run out or only 1 at a time?

07-02-2007, 15:57
That's a tricky question... If the wpn explodes you cannot, obviusley, use it again. But if you just run out of ammo/fails an ammo roll, we've always played as that you can use the other ammo. The rules says that the weapon runs out of ammo or jams or something alike, but it may be defined in the rules (quite som time ago i read it last).

07-02-2007, 18:04
I've not played this edition, but in the previous rules if you ran out of ammo, you ran out of all types of ammo and couldn't use the weapon fo the rest of the game.

Lord Humongous
07-02-2007, 19:25
A failed ammo tests means the WEAPON can't be used for the rest of the game.

The LRB specifically mentions (on p 45) that when the grenade launcher is out of ammo, the launcher can't be used, nor can the type of grenade you were firing, but the other sorts of grenades can be.

It could be argued that this applies to the rocket launcher, but rockets aren't much use on their own; grenades are. If for some reason you carried two rocket launchers as well as multiple types of rocket ammo, I suppose it might be worth taking under consideration.

07-02-2007, 23:54
Don't forget the rule stating you can't have 2 Heavy Weapons on one model. Missile Launchers are over priced and unreliable. For the cost of the Launcher and Frags you can get a Heavy Bolter which is more reliable!!! And you still have change to buy a backup Lasgun.

Lord Humongous
08-02-2007, 00:45
That's why I said "if for some reason". It would not only be illegal, it would be stupid.

However, the same logic might apply if you carried 2+ shotguns and all the optional shotgun shells.

08-02-2007, 19:03
Thanks for the replies, id better model a basic weapon on my heavy if i am using the laucher :D

Just another missle laucher question, do krak missles scatter if they miss?

08-02-2007, 19:04
If normal missiles scatter, then they do.

08-02-2007, 19:08
I'm going to agree with Vat. The rules say that the Grenade version still scatters so I guess the missile would too. It would have to scatter directly on to a model to hit it though.

08-02-2007, 23:57
Only template weapons scatter, I'm fairly sure krak grenades and missiles don't have a template. They don't scatter. Frag and Gas do.

09-02-2007, 00:13
Krak Grenade rules say they scatter despite not being a template weapon.

09-02-2007, 05:58
But the question is if krak missiles scatter, I'd say they do (although it's almost impossible to hit something with a scattering krak). But if the rules don't say so for krak missiles, then obviously they don't

Bubble Ghost
09-02-2007, 09:21
Krak missiles didn't scatter in 2nd ed 40K, while the grenades did - which isn't a rock solid endorsement but it is a useful precedent, seeing as Necromunda lifted most stuff like this straight from that game. They're hardly likely to have made it more complicated in the transition from the first release of Necromunda to the current one, so I wouldn't have thought krak missiles are supposed to scatter. I don't know why they would anyway - grenades travel in an arc so will still land somewhere near the target point, while a missed rocket is going to go streaking off into the distance somewhere. I like to think the template ones scattering represents them hitting a stray bit of scenery, for which the scattering mechanic is nice simple approximation, but that's unlikely to result in someone being caught in a krak 'blast'.

10-02-2007, 04:39
Heh, you're right, when i looked in the grenade rules it said all grenades scatter. Not much hope of hitting anything with a krak grenade when it does scatter though.

Lord Humongous
10-02-2007, 06:08
Actually, I've seen it happen. We had one guy in our camapaign who went hog wild with Krak grenades (took them on like 4 of guys for his first game) and he got in a fight with a scavvey gang that tried to come at him across a bridge...

It was pretty ugly. Gave me new respect for Krak grenades.

Anatole Marius
11-05-2007, 15:18
Sorry to say this guys but basic and heavy weapons count as two handed, that means you can't have both on the same model, yet you can carry as many pistols as you like.

11-05-2007, 15:33
Sorry to say this guys but basic and heavy weapons count as two handed, that means you can't have both on the same model, yet you can carry as many pistols as you like.

Whaa? So you say that I cannot equip my heavy bolter dude with a back up lasgun? Put short, wrong.

I can, however, get along with that they cannot operate both at the same time.

11-05-2007, 18:48
Sorry to say this guys but basic and heavy weapons count as two handed, that means you can't have both on the same model, yet you can carry as many pistols as you like.

Nope, that's wrong. This isn't 4th Ed WH40k.

Whilst it is true that heavy and basic weapons count as two-handed, that only means that you can never get the extra attack in CC even if you have two CC weapons as well.

However, aside from being limited to only one heavy weapon, you can still carry as many of any other weapon as you like. Necro FAQ, top of page 4.

The only limitations that I am aware of are WYSIWYG rules. In those instances, all weapons must be shown on the model. Holsters can be allowed to hold any pistol without modelling it and grenades and ammo don't even need to be modelled at all. Equipment doesn't need to be modelled either, but if it isn't then some situations forbid you from using it.
__________________________________________________ _____________

As for ammo and jamming, Tomothy is right; "Auto" ammo rolls always fail first time, but you still need to roll a dice to see if it explodes too.

If a weapon fails an ammo roll for any reason, neither it or the ammo can be used again.

For weapons like grenade launchers where the ammo can be thrown by hand instead of fired, the FAQ says;

Q: If my fighter is armed with a Grenade Launcher and has Grenades, can I also throw Grenades?
A: Yes, but this is a little tricky. So, by the Ammunition Check Rules on page 21 of the ORB if you run out of ammunition with Grenades you only run out of those types of Grenades. This will hold true for thrown grenades, but when you run out of ammunition by failing an ammunition check with a Grenade Launcher not only are you out of those types of grenades, but also cannot use the Grenade Launcher further.

Scattering rules only apply to blast template weapons and to hand-thrown grenades.
Missile launchers that miss when firing krak therefore don't scatter. Grenades that are fired are treated differently to when they are thrown by hand anyway. When fired, they are treated like a conventional weapon; one that has no blast marker if firing krak.

Whatever the hell you arm your models with though; they only have one opportunity to fire in each turn. Usually this means firing once with one weapon, but weapon rules, skills and mutations may allow you to fire more that once or to fire two weapons in one turn.

Anatole Marius
01-06-2007, 09:59
The rules do state that Basic, Special and heavy weapons are designed to be fired in two hands. but one to carry them. pistols and h2h weapons can be holstered. Thus carry those weapons if you wish, but cannot fire them lol.

01-06-2007, 13:37
You know what? I was under the misguided impression that if you carried a Basic Weapon or larger that it prevented you using skills like Gunfighter too. But the rules really do just say you can't use 2 weapons in H2H. All these years I just hadn't realised.

01-06-2007, 14:53
my group has a house rule, that if the basic/special weapon had a holster or strap modeled on it it, you could use two cc weapons. This lets you use the models that have such equipment eg. orlock ganger with club, stubgun and lasgun in holster on his back.

01-06-2007, 14:54
Sorry to say this guys but basic and heavy weapons count as two handed, that means you can't have both on the same model, yet you can carry as many pistols as you like.

Sorry to say Anatole but thats completely wrong, the following is taken from the Necromunda Rulebook, page 78.

"A fighter can carry only one heavy weapon eg, he can carry a heavy stubber or a lascannon, but not both. He can have any number of other weapons. The model is always assumed to be using the weapon depicted in his hands unless the player declares otherwise. Remember, additional weapons must be identifiable on the model itself."

I've highlighted the key points above in orange. However to summarise a model can only carry one heavy weapon, however they can carry as many other weapons as they like. Consequently, I could have a ganger with two boltguns, a lasgun, a shotgun with various ammunition and two autopistols. All those weapons would need to be represented on the model however, and additionally he would not gain the +1 attack for being armed with two single handed weapons [the autopistols] as he also carries several two-handed weapons.

Hope that clears things,

16-06-2007, 14:17
so you people dont recommand using a missile launcher?

this is abit of a shame as I'v started up a Orlock gang and was most lookin forward to firering rockets at my oponunts redemptionists

16-06-2007, 21:36
Well, it's not that I don't recommend it, rather that it is a very overpriced weapon that is particularly unreliable and affords the firer very few experience points for using it.

If you want to use it, and can stump up the creds for it, go right ahead. I think it's blast template is fairly effective, and if you don't fire it too often, you won't find the "auto" ammo roll too much of a handicap. Just don't expect your heavy to advance very much using it.