View Full Version : Best air defence?

Bravery exists
08-02-2007, 22:40
what is the best air defence?

i think the heavy flak cannons are quite good being able to strike up to the same level as the maximum bombing level and being able to shoot more from far away

but then the hydra and flak wagon are also good for having more shots

what about the firestorm and the skyray?

09-02-2007, 03:27
Each has their benefits. The Firestorm is scary at close range and to a decent altitude. The Sky Ray is a solid platform, at first glance it is not exceptional, but can reach the same altitude has the Heavy Flak gun, is more likely to hit at closer proximity, but has a limit on the Ammo.

Best overall in my opinion... depends on what you are defending and what you are defending against. The best to take down Transports trying to land troops - one of the Sabre AA platforms, for high altitude - the Manticore.

For best all round - Hyperios, half the points of the Manticore, threats most of the air, more likely to do damage than the Sky Ray, has 6 shots, and the possibility of extra damage. Biggest failing is the ammo restriction.

10-02-2007, 10:31
i like the look of the manticore, as it can deal a great amount of damage in a short time, though it would definitely need support as it would run out very quickly.

14-02-2007, 16:53
It depends a lot on if you are playing with the ammunitions rule or not. If you are, then the manticore is at a disadvantage, due to only having four shots. This means that, on average, you may only get one shot in throughout the entire game, as a 6 is needed to hit (2/3 chance). That may mean then that the points you put in are for nothing. In my opinion, the Flak weapon sare best (both IG and Ork) due to better firing at long range (as I find ground support not only useful for taking down enemy fighters, but also for limiting their movement when they daren't risk it)