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11-02-2007, 15:38
For UK members only. I am getting fed up with Tiscali and their poor excuse for a service. When my bandwidth is restricted during peak hours I cannot play javabowl. So any recommendations for ISP from the rest of you?

Please, no AOL.

And that goes for Wanadon't as well.

Autobot HQ
11-02-2007, 15:57
I'm going to be on Sky in a couple of weeks, as I need digital TV and my phoneline also, so made sense to get the lot in one go.

11-02-2007, 16:09
Tiscali are without a doubt the worst excuse for an isp I've ever dealt with. We moved to namesco ourselves, 60GB per month limit (Excluding 1am to 6am) for I think 25.00 per month we're paying, decent if you do a lot of downloading. (Flatmate gets close to the limit rather often). Never had any speed or latency issues, 40~80ms and seen upwards of 700kB/sec on the odd thing I have downloaded myself. Had a problem with disconnects and they were great, a few calls and they found the problem was my own router that needed a firmware upgrade. (After doing their own tests and getting BT to do some rather promptly)

Previously I would have recommended Demon internet, been with them for about 8 or 9 years back home and for a time they had no download limits. Brilliant service, think I had to ring them twice in all those years and always sorted fast. (Uk call centre :)). Have heard they have gone a bit of the rails lately, think someone bought them? In any case still no problems as of yet.

11-02-2007, 17:03
I've never had any troubles with ntl (phone net and tv package) but I don't do a huge amount of downloading, just general net surfing and gaming.

18-02-2007, 10:27
I'll second youkiebar on NTL. It's even better when your not paying the bill. Me and my brother are online fairly constantly and haven't had a problem. Download speeds are a bit slow when we are both hammering it but other than that no complaints here. I would have repplied earlier but I've been on holiday (I'll try and keep the Threadomancy to a minimum)..

18-02-2007, 11:35
I'm on BT and no problems except that the exchange is a fair bit away. It's even coping with increased downloading now.

18-02-2007, 13:20
This is a totally inappropriate topic for this forum. If you feel the need to discuss ISP's take it to PM or open a thread in random musings.

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