View Full Version : Estimate the start time

12-02-2007, 00:39
Can we start the main warseer season in two weeks. I think my orcs qualify for the South Confederacy. Here we come dixie!

Autobot HQ
12-02-2007, 07:19
March 1st is looking like the start date at this point :)

Deng Ham
12-02-2007, 14:13
So what's the rules on WBBL temas play until then?

As many games we'd like within the 1 in 3 coach rule, that gain SPP. And of course as many unregistrerd games as wanted.

12-02-2007, 14:43
Seems so. Would have liked to see friendlies removed from the main league entirely (despite the fact it gives me an advantage working from home and playing a lot) but I'm happy enough to go along with the concensus as well. :)

Glad things are sorted and we know where we stand at least. Bring on March 1st.