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Autobot HQ
12-02-2007, 20:09

The Official Exhibition Match Thread:

Please, post your reports on any Exhibition matches you play. You don't have to, but it'll be fun to have them in a place where we can all see what might of been, and just have a fun game. An example is given below

President Elect of Warseer Blood Bowl

Autobot HQ
12-02-2007, 20:14
In their first semi-official outing, the NZS played the NZQ in what can only be decribed as a bloodbath. With only one player left on the pitch at the end of this 3-0 victory, he can count himself lucky he had Ironman. In fairness, the NZS had appauling luck with the chainsaws failing and wild animal running ... well, wild. Also, a very hungry minotaur tried to eat a halfling three successive times, desperate to sate his hunger. With very little to stop the devestating NZQ offence, who to be honest are built not to beat but eradicate stunty teams, the NZS did well just turning up.

Deng Ham played really well for what he had, and held me off scoring a 4th with the one man he had left so full marks for him in a make-the-best-of-it situation.

Now he's had his warm up and the stuffing knocked out of him in an Exhibition match, is Deng Ham ready for the Stunty Weapon Masters Tournament? Only time will tell.


17-02-2007, 10:34
New Zaggarand Steaks vs Tenpole Mecca WS

The chaos Halflings cheated. After a poor first half the head coach with his team of technicians went to see why the mechavermin were not performing and what went wrong with the Deathroller.

Sugar was found in the fuel tank of the Deathroller and the Athlon chip in the mechavermin had been replaced with a sega megadrive. It was impossible to get a replacement before the start of the next half but with quick thinking the greyseer coach dug out a copy of SPeedball II brutal delux, stuck that in the mechavermin and off they went smashing the halfling foe.

But alas too late as the halfling team had the upper hand with more players and the ability to handle the ball, something which the skaven slaves just could not comprehend.

End result 2 - 1 to the New Zaggarand Steaks

17-02-2007, 13:31
Tenpole Mecha WS (http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=1562146) Vs Lilliputian Malefactors (http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=1562146)

And we have had a complete bloodbath. The skaven looked to have the upper hand early on, before even the end of the first quarter they had scored a touchdown, badly hurt one halfing and killed another outright!

However this was the peak of their game, the ref started the streak of terrible luck by ejecting both of their weapon bearing players. After this, despite minotaurs constantly standing and roaring, with the help of some chainsaws the Chaos haflings started to butcher the little ratmen, leaving none on the pitch at the end of the half and scoring their own touchdown.

With no more than two players on the pitch, and occasionally none, throughout the second half the result was never in question, ending 3-1. However the sneaky rats did some serious damage, killing three of the haflings in total by the end crippling the Lilliputian Malefactors for their next match having sustained four deaths in just two games.

18-03-2007, 00:17
NZQ vs WarSeer
The grudge match. Last time they faced each other, NZQ were a starting team and the big bad WarSeers tore them apart in one of the few matches ever to inflict significant injuries on the Chaos Dwarfs. The loss of the league management position has hit Yorkie and his team hard since then, but Sylass and Yorkie himself remain two of the best players in the entire league and tonight the WarSeers were determined to fight their way back to the top. They were further encouraged when opposition coach Iscariot staggered onto the pitch before the match drunk, yelling out his team's theme song whilst wearing a green top hat. Whether this will lead to a scandal or not remains to be seen. After refs subdued him, the match was ready to begin.

The WarSeers kicked off, giving the ball straight to a Dwarf, who ran for the cover of his teammates in centre pitch whilst the rest of the Quakes squared up to the Elves. In return the WarSeers charged straight ahead, Yorkie's knuckledusters combining with his manly strength to seriously injure Grashnak, who we are told will be missing his next game. The Dark Elves confidently moved in for the kill but underestimated the Quakes' development since last time and were promptly slaughtered. Towards the end of the first half the WarSeers were losing 1-0 and down to just four players, with all others (including Yorkiebar and Brimstone) knocked out or badly hurt. None recovered until the end of the match.

Sylass, Crube, tzeentchgiant and athamas were outnumbered almost three to one, and decided their best course of action was to play the crowd. They couldn't win, but they could impress, and they did so spectacularly. Whilst TG and athamas engaged the entire opposing team, Sylass began signing autographs for fans and without looking round tossed the ball straight through the seething mob into athamas' waiting hands. In fact he was so good that athamas had a half-chance to equalise, though he was brought down by two dwarfs just before the first half ended.

The second half began with a kick from NZQ, which landed near the WarSeer's endzone. This was no great problem to Sylass of course, who strolled over, picked it up and casually tossed it fifty yards down the pitch to athamas, who was waiting on the halfway line. He again charged into the dwarfs' lines solo, but was brought down quickly. Now the four heroes really began to impress though. Each one was surrounded by the opposition and knocked over every turn, but they still stood up and took the blows and even managed some astonishing dodges, runs and blocks to keep the ball safe. Particularly noticeable was Sylass's assault on triple T, so furious that the NZQ star stepped back in fear.

Unfortunately, despite some truly amazing play, the brave four were brought down too often to score and in the closing moments of the game the NZQ made some good passes and scored their second TD.

After the game Yorkie was still unconscious and unable to comment, but Iscariot mumbled something along the lines of:
"that was a good game, anyone who can hang with it and make us take all 8 turns to score is a, is a thing, you know, the oppoposite of a bad player"

Autobot HQ
18-03-2007, 00:57
The bravery of the elves was not in question tonight in the Thunderdome, but perhaps their intelligence should of been, as they squared up for a fight with the well rested and returning power that is the NZQ - The New Zaggarund Quakes.

In his slight inhebriated state, CEO Iscariot was quickly ejected and subdued by the referee and support staff before the match got underway, leaving their control fully in the hands of Offensive Head Coach Thor Thunderstorm, and without Iscariots calm head, predicable results followed. The WarSeers played the first kick short, landing in the hands of Chaos Dwarf Ghundi, who quickly ... well, as quick as a dwarf can anyway ... made his way into the centre of the Chaos Dwarf line, who swiftly formed up around the carrier and prepared to drag it up field. However, the elves still believing they were playing the same rookie amatures from before, brought the fight right to the NZQ, which was exactly what they wanted and found themselves quickly pounded into the ground. Before the end of the first half, the NZQ were up one touchdown, and the WarSeers were down seven men...

In the second half, with every player on the bench refusing to take the pitch against the Quakes again, only four opponents met the Chaos Dwarves on the field, and although they put on a great display of aerodynamic ball handling and passes, they were all swiftly brought down and kept down for the rest of the half, and despite a last minute surge to break free for a touchdown by the Dark Elves, they were once again brought down and beaten, allowing Hul' Kogan, Bull Centaur, to score the final touchdown, ending the game 2-0 in favour of the returning NZQ.

Interviews with the winning team are expected to take place sometime tomorrow with WSTV, but Coach Iscariot was heard to mumble, between vomiting and slurring:

"That was a good game, anyone who can hang with us and make us take all game to score is .. erm, that thing that isn't bad ... I dunno, someone who plays ... oh I'm gunna be sick move MOVE!"