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13-02-2007, 10:38
Ok this came up theother day.
What happens when a model that is "down" is charged?
Does he get up as if he were pinned?
Does he get killed instantly?
Is this move not actually avaliable?
None of the above;)

Thanks for any who answer

13-02-2007, 12:08
A down model isn't able to defend himself in hand to hand so gets no attacks.
Theoretically the attacker gets to attack a number of times acording to the difference in WS plus his attack dice roll(s), though in practice people mark one wounding hit for the attacker and take the model OOA.

13-02-2007, 12:20
Uh no. The rules say if a down fighter is engaged in hth he is taken out of action immediately. Wounding hits aren't scored for injuring down fighters (except under the new rules and only if you get a flesh wound, which is only possible from shooting).

Lord Humongous
13-02-2007, 17:51
This is one of the things that makes HtH combat a worthwhile tactic. Anybody you put wounds on is almost certain to go out of action. Also, if you are advancing on the enemy, any of his downed fighters are at a much higher risk of going OOA. People will often keep fighitn with a few guys down, because hey, they might get back up. But if you take a few out of action, and are gonna do it again the next turn- well, if they don't bottle, they should.